Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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She was a prosecutor, worked a couple of cases with H. First introduced in "Crime Wave" (dinner later), "After the Fall" (when H talked about Speed), and out after "Cop Killer" (she first insulted Yelina, then made a deal with a cop killer), all in Season 3. Now she's back, at least in "Inside Out" and "Chain Reaction" , again as a prosecutor and H nemesis, trying Kyle as adult. I assume we'll be seeing her again during the trial. :devil: :devil:
Rebecca was first introduced in the Season 3 episode Hell Night. ;) She handled the case against Ray Jnr.

The H/Rebecca relationship was sprung upon us very quickly! All of a sudden in 'Crime Wave', they were evidently an 'item', arranging a dinner date at the end of the episode. Many fans at the time reacted in a "Whoa! Have we missed something?!" way. :lol:
Oops, sorry. Of course you're right, Lucy . It was "Hell Night" . I knew there was another one, but the mind wasn't grasping it. Thanks! ;)
my mind is slipping I can't remember her being around him in hell night.I remember another emotional Horatio when He went with Marisol to her treat meant and she nodded off and woke up calling out for him and he said. I'm here love".The worst emotion I've ever seen from him was in ep 98 Rio when he found Ray sr. and he died so after and he said "I love you"there was no emotion there I was like :confused: where is the love your brother just died.Even with Kyle he shows he cares but there is still little emotion.
I think that was because he had to go face Riaz shortly after that and I think instead of concentrating his emothings on grief towards Ray...he concentradted it as anger towards Riaz.
inthewind said:
Oops, sorry. Of course you're right, Lucy . It was "Hell Night" . I knew there was another one, but the mind wasn't grasping it. Thanks! ;)
You're welcome! :) I'm okay with episode info when it comes to Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Ask me about Seasons 4, 5 and 6 and things get rather blurry!
Hm. I've been visiting for a little while, but never registered.

I have to agree...I miss the old H, but I still love him no matter what. =P

So, from what I hear, Elizabeth Berkley (sp?) is joining the cast of CSI: Miami as Kyle's mom Julia. This should be interesting....
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OK, so did anyone else scream at the TV last night when H casually got out of the car that was JUST BLOWN UP without a scratch on him - and his sunglasses intact! I mean, enough with the "Super H" crap! I want the H who helped Eugene in "Witness to Murder," the one who looked out for his team and wasn't a loner, the one who actually was a bit fallible and could get injured ... :rolleyes:

It's interesting that this thread is entitled "Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed", and yet H hasn't ever gotten seriously injured (in Miami) despite the insane, extremely dangerous situations he's been put in. But last night was the last straw for me. What is he, Superman? And even Superman has kryptonite ... argggg :mad:

Any thoughts?
^ The thread title name idea, come exactly coz of the lack of human H (no physics or psychic wounding ). Time ago in the end of S5 when we had one old fake spoiler for possible plane crash involve H most of the guys in this forum make jokes that H will go out without any scratch. Also some of the jokes include H on the ground in big blood spot or H die of heart attack coz his shades are broken... So most of use are so tired of this "Super H". And after few years of this ridiculous Miami scripts (S4-6) for me this tv show is just for fun. Coz of this when I see the end scene in the last night epi I just laugh so much. This was very good entertainment and make my day. And what I scream at the TV ?! ... humm something like : 'come one men vaporize H, pls do us a favour' :lol: But we can`t deny that TGTB try theirs best the good guy to win, right?! And they are still stick on the idea that Miami is the best tv show one the Earth. Poor us, what more can we have to handle after the writes strike. :rolleyes:
miamirocks said
And even Superman has kryptonite ... argggg

Maybe if we take his shades from him, he'll be powerless? :D

I completely agree with you guys. I'm tired of 'Super H'. I get that society nowadays might need a 'hero' because of all the crap that's been happening but to patronize the audience with his infallibility makes it seem absolutely contrived.

I'm in the same boat as Pusher--for me this show's just for fun. I think maybe the show takes itself WAY too seriously and ends up making it look like a farce, especially where Horatio's concerned.
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