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Wild's Equipment Van Catches Fire in Scotiabank Place Parking Lot

The equipment van for the Minnesota Wild caught on fire this afternoon in the parking lot of Scotiabank Place in Ottawa prior to the Wild's game against the Senators on Saturday.

The fire began at approximately 2:30pm eastern as the van was backing into Scotiabank place. Firefighters remained on the scene for about 40 minutes. Police say that there were no injuries however a significant amount of the equipment inside was destroyed. Police are still investigating the cause of the blaze.

According to the Twitter feed of the Minnesota Wild (twitter/mnwild), the team is taking inventory to determine the extent of the damage. According to a report by The Canadian Press, all of goaltender Nicolas Backstrom's equipment was destroyed. It appears as though at least some of the Wild players are now left without any skates, sticks or equipment and will need to purchase completely new equipment before tomorrow's game.

The Wild are now in touch with the National Hockey League to determine what options they may have.


I really hope they are able to find more equipment by tomorrow night. It would really suck if they had to forfeit because of this...
WOO HOO! Sens beat the Rangers 2-0!

It was great. We outplayed the Rangers most of the game. Plus, our backup's BACKUP was in. Mike Brodeur (No relation to Marty as far as we know). He's played 2 games in the NHL so far and he's won both. Now he has his first NHL shootout. He's a good goalie and I'm hoping that in a few years he'll be playing up here as a backup or maybe a number 1.

Only thing is, we need a new goalie coach 'cause we just fired ours :p

Anyway, we just snapped a five game losing streak and I'm in a good mood. GO SENS GO!

Oh, darn the Leafs won...That just made me sad a bit.
Hi there everyone! I am a huge New York Islanders fan. I love the game, but have not been following too much in recent years because for a while I did not have cable and now that I have it again, they do not always show all of the games :(. I used to know all of the players names, numbers, stats, and was even lucky enough to go to many games (including play off games). Pat LaFontaine (who wrote back to me when I wrote him a fan letter, yay), Randy Wood, and Steve Thomas are some of my favorites. :)
Hey gregfan3. Nice to see more hockey fans here :)

Well, anyway, today is Hockey Day In Canada. It's basically an annual event where all six Canadian hockey teams play against each other and CBC has all the games on.

The first game is already over. It was Canadiens vs. Senators. It was a great game. The Sens were winning 1-0 after the first. Then they both scored once in the second, so it was 2-1. Then Montreal tied the game on a late powerplay in the third. The game went to overtime where Fisher scored a beautiful goal to win it for the Sens :D This gives the Sens a record 9-game winning streak. I'm hoping they'll keep it up.

Next game is Canucks vs Leafs. It's not on for a few hours though. Go Canucks Go!

After that, it's the Battle of Alberta. Yeah, it's Oilers vs Flames. That should be a good game.

It's a good day for hockey here.
The Toronto Make Beleafs have been at the trading table today. They made two trades with the Calgary Flames and Anaheim Mighty Ducks. I don't follow hockey but when you live in the Toronto area you have no choice but to know whats going on :rolleyes:

Anyways the players that are going to Calgary and hopefully a better team are

  • Forward Matt Stajan
  • Forward Niklas Hagman
  • Forward Jamal Mayers
  • Defender Ian White
and to the lowly Make Beleafs come

  • Dion Phaneuf
  • Forward Fredrik Sjostrom
  • Youngster Keith Aulie
The lucky Make Beleafs that are going to the Mighty Ducks are

  • Goalie Vesa Toskala
  • Forward Jason Blake
and the poor sob coming to the Make Beleafs is goalie J.S. Giguere. Hopefully he can do better than the guys currently attempting to stop the pucks from going into the net.
^^ Hee, here has been big headlines in sportssections about Hagman moving to Calgary but erm..did someone metion Toskala? I feel bad for him, he is great goalia but has been in sucky team :p

As for rumors, the say OJ (Olli Jokinen) will transfer from Flames to Rangers.

Teehee, perhaps Ducks just wanted to get rid of Gigure, who costs them quite a lot.

And wtf Leafs do with Sjöström? Oh yes.. .he has scored 1 goal this season!
I heard about the crazy Leafs trade. They traded 10 players and got 4??? Wow.

The one that really got me was the fact that they have Giguere. Next time I see Don Cherry on the TV, he'll be talking about that I'm sure. He'll be talking about how his beloved Leafs got GIG-AIR (Seriously, that's how he says his name).
Ooooh - Hockey Thread YAY! :beer:

Gosh So Much To Talk About Where Do I Begin..........

NY RANGERS - Games, Trade *Hot Topic* Oilli & Purst, AVERY,LUNDQVIST, KOTES,HIGGY.

Phaneuf & Sjostrom in Toronto made a BIG Debut with a WIN Over De-vils.

I should Start a List Before I Post, LOL:guffaw:

3 - 1 WIN, Would have been 4 - 1 If the Buzzer Didn't Go Off When The Puck Went Into The Empty Net.

Anyway, Good 2 1st Periods, But the Play Got Sloppy For Rangers Late 2nd and 3rd.

Goals By:

Chris Drury(Dreary)

Ryan Callahan

Vinny Prospal

Olli and Brandon Prust Are Both Great So Far. Olli Making a Lot of Good Plays,Makes His Presence Felt.

Obviously Vinny and Gaborik Line is Great - Overall.

Of Course When These Two Teams Get Together - It's ALL About Goalies!!!!

I think King Henrik Showed Up Marty(a.k.a. Fatso). Henrik Lundqvist was Outstanding. Not Allowing any Wholes To Squeeze The Puck Through.

Except 4 1 Unlucky Bounce. Again, He Was Amazing - The Reason Why Rangers Won.

Finally We Win, And Hopefully We Will Take This Confidence Forward...

Bad night for Ottawa Senators fans :( Our eleven game winning streak was broken in a really bad loss.

We lost 5-0. And we weren't playing a good team like the Devils or the Sharks. We lost to the Leafs. THE LEAFS. In Leaf Nation. It was bad. I really don't know how else to describe it.
Well, It's Amazing What a Trade Can Do For a Team. They Get The Players They Need - To Enforce Certain Areas...

Phanef is a physical guy, agressive - Maple Leafs Haven't Really Had That.

Sjostrom - I know Him From NYC, Fast Skater and Great On the PP.

Goalie - Don't Know Much About Him. But he's doing quite well in Toronto.
Bad night for Ottawa Senators fans :( Our eleven game winning streak was broken in a really bad loss.

We lost 5-0. And we weren't playing a good team like the Devils or the Sharks. We lost to the Leafs. THE LEAFS. In Leaf Nation. It was bad. I really don't know how else to describe it.

I'm not surprised the Make Beleafs beat the Senators last night in wake of the tragedy the team is dealing with. I hope that the Olympic Break doesn't hurt the momentum the team has going for them. I'm sure they'll dedicate the rest of the season to Brendan Burke.
I am surprised no one has been commenting on any of the play off games! I am lucky enough to have play off tickets this season so I have been to 2 games so far. Who is everyone rooting for? Go Detroit Red Wings!
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