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LETS GO RANGERS!!! GAME 4 BABY!!! :thumbsup: Here's hoping they keep their lead 'cause so far they're 2-1 (Hey, no harm and foul in hoping right? :D ) DOWN WITH THE CRAPITALS!!!

-sigh- I wish my damn cable got the game coverage--I just gotta watch for the scores--better than nothing I suppose though I sure could use the action to keep my mind off things.

Anyway, I'm still rooting for my NY team (As much as I love the Islanders and have always loved them and seem to root for the underdogs...they are awful...I mean dead last? :brickwall: Tsk...they used to be somewhat better than that...I even went to their games once upon a time and got a puck lol)
But, if the Rangers don't make it. I have very high hopes that the VANCOUVER CANUCKS will. Who literally swept the Blues last night. Whaaatta GAME!!!

Periods and Over time, both teams were exausted. Luongo was on top of his game. Alex Burrows got a LUCKY Winning Goal for Canucks.

I think the fans were a little tired too by the end of that game. :lol: I got a chance go to the Blues/Canucks game last night, and what a great game even if it didn't end the way I was hoping for. I'd say about 90% of us were literally standing for the entire overtime. The energy in the building was just amazing, and I think I had a little buzzing in my ears from the noise at times. Especially in the 2nd period. :D

Even though the Blues did get swept, I think that most fans are really happy at how far they managed to get this season. Looking forward to an even better team next year. (And maybe by then they'll learn how to score on a power play :thumbsup:).

Haven't decided yet who I want to go all the way now that the Blues are out. :)
Wow, lucky You, I wish I can go out there and support either NY team or Vancouver Canucks. I've never been to a live game and I can only imagine how great it could be.

Actually that game was first time in 40 years they swept best out of 7 games!



Chris Drury scores his first goal in the playoffs.

Paul Mara gets a goal, giving Rangers 2-1 lead over Caps.

Avery got 2 stupid penalties making Tortotella Furious, and rightfully so, I might add. Thos penalties can cost games for a team, and Rangers can't afford that.

I'm sure Avery will get an ear full from John Tortorella, I hope Sean listens and not argues. He's a good player when he wants to be - Surprise, Surprise:rolleyes::lol::p.

*Raising a glass* Here's to Rangers Victory! Cheers!:beer:
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Henrik Lundqvist stopped 38 shots tonight as New York took a 3-1 lead over Washington in a 2-1 win!!! :D

Scorers include: Paul Mara and Chris Drury (who recently returned from a mysterious injury) for the Rangers, and Alex Ovechkin for the Capitals. This also marks Drury's 47th career playoff goal.

Lundqvist made some absolutely amazing saves in the game. Also got to give it up to Varlamov, as he made some great saves.

Brandon Dubinsky was excellent on the faceoffs in this game too.

Did you know: When the Rangers are in the playoffs and leading the series 3-1, they have never lost the series. 12 times, never lost. So I guess there's hope for them yet.

Boston won tonight too, so they sweep the series against the Habs. Sorry to all you Montreal fans up there. :)

Also would like to add: even though the Blues lost, I think they truly won. They battled back from injuries all season, really played well there at the end, and somehow managed to make it into the playoffs when no one thought they could. So the Blues may not be advancing in the playoffs, but I think they've earned more respect from the league, the fans, and even the team itself because they proved that they can do the "impossible". Same goes for Columbus.
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Yeah I was cheering as the scores were put up on the nhl site last night since I couldn't actually watch the game--I knew the Rangers would pull through and keep their lead! HA TO ALL OF THOSE WHO DOUBTED THEM IN LAST NIGHT'S GAME!!! :p hehe

Here's hoping they keep it up!

And geez the Devils are really dancing with Carolina, series tied 2-2--win, lose, win, lose on the Devils part. It's a tough one and they've been doing great this season. And as much as I wanna pull for them as well, I'm pinning all my hope and energy on the Rangers being as I'm a native(die-hard) New Yorker :thumbsup: :D

A tough post after a serious loss. I'm fighting through a lot of emotion as I'm typing this post.

This was a serious game for both teams, but the fact that Rangers lost, is just emberassing, in a Washington building.

No puck control, terrible power play, again with the stupid penalties! And Avery wasn't even part of the game tonight. Clearly that message from the coach to player didn't pass on too well. Players were all over the place, no composure, no character. NOTHING.

Washington Capitals were the better team, it was a rightful win. They did everything our crappy team couldn't.

They only players that deserve credit in this game(at least in my opinion) : Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, and Ryan Callahan.

So, as sad I am for saying this: I officially reside a New York Rangers fan. I raise my hockey stick and surrender. Thank You to Rangers for the past 4 years,you guys made some great memories for all fans out there, including me. Its been an honor to be Rangers fan. Also Thanks to hockey players whom I would be proud to call Rangers : #68 Jaromir Jagr (a true example of a great hockey player with a lot of skill and heart) I heaven't had closure after the lock out, so this moment would be as good as any. # 68 you will be missed greatly. #14 Brendan Shanahan, for being a leader for the team, eventhough you never got to wear the "C",and taking care of guys. Martin Straka, never got to know you well, but you got some great moments at the Garden as well. And the rest of the players whom I didn't mention, we had a good run. Thanks!

To the new New York Rangers team: Once again, its been a privelage. I think the younger guys( Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, Fredrik Sjostrom, Nik Zredev) on the team will develop in truly great players, with hard work and commitment. And a few pointers from the coach.

For the veteran players: Continue setting up good examples for the younger players. And of course never stop working hard for those goals. We count on you.

For our goalies: First up, Henrik Lundqvist, you worked hard to get to where you are, you've always played with heart, and have been the backbone for this team. Never Give Up! You have become a goaltender any team would be lucky to have. And If you ever decide to take a break - there's always a chance for you to become a Rockstar.(LOL) You will alwys be my fav player on the Rangers team.

Stephen Valiquette, you have done your fare share of hardwork for this team, though its not as often, it is appriciated. Good luck in the future!

And last, but not least: Coach John Tortorella, In a short time you've been able to turn this team around, literally. Its something that we all have been waiting for. P.S. Please be patient with this team, particularly with certain players.

Good Luck to Rangers in the Playoffs !

So there it is, I'm signing off, New York - I'm Out.
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Well, hopefully the Rangers do well tomorrow. At least they're still winning the series. I'm not really a Rangers fan, but reading you guys' comments has made me like them more. That and they're up against the Caps, and I do not like the Caps very much. Hockey season is one of the only things that makes me happy that I'm not home in DC. Anyway, I'm still coming down from the high from the Pens beating the Flyers. If the Rangers don't make the playoffs, which teams do you guys think you'll be rooting for, if any? Which players do you guys think have stood out, from any team, so far this playoff season? Also, are there still any other Pens fans on this board?

WashPost article on Ovie ('Get Cooking or Taste Defeat')
:wtf: Wow, usually I'm the one threatening to disown the Rangers, but I'm actually quite calm about their last game. Weird....

Anywho, to answer happyharper's questions:
I am a Penguins fan too :) And they totally whooped butt today. I strategically planned my lunch break at work to coincide with the last ten mintues of the game so I could watch it. I was like bouncing all over the break room when they won. Take that Philadelphia! :D

And if the Rangers don't make it (I'm still holding out that they will), I'm for Pittsburgh and Boston.
And Pens go to the next round! Yay!

Oh..Chicago - have they been in playoffs in the past years? I don't remember.. but they seem to do well this time. I never pay attention to that team (same goes with teams such as St. Blues, Tampa, Phoenix)

Aand...the world championships have started! We kicked some Norway's butt :D
Bruins fan here, and sorry to all Habs fans, but I'm glad that Michael Ryder had a big part in putting his former team out. He's a hometown boy here and it was felt when the Canadiens decided not to resign him last summer. On the other hand though, I am kinda glad, for he's done well for himself in Boston and quickly made himself comfortable within the Bruins organization.

As for Avery, I really don't know what to think of him. He has his moments, but to me, it's like whenever he takes a step in the right direction, he ends up taking two back for his simple-mindedness on the ice. It's a shame, cause you can sometimes catch a glimpse of potential in his play. I thought he was suppose to have a fresh outlook on himself, for the game etc.? Ha...okay!

My cousin is a goaltender and I too have had my time playing the position and I can tell you that there is nothing more aggravating then having a player like that in front of you, especially when all you're trying to do is pay attention to the play. But that is just my personal opinion.

My question now is...what is going on with the Sharks? I know they won last night in OT, but on the brink of elimination after such an amazing year, finishing first overall. I guess this just reinforces the statement that playoffs is liking wiping the slate clean and starting fresh.
Bruins fan here, and sorry to all Habs fans, but I'm glad that Michael Ryder had a big part in putting his former team out. He's a hometown boy here and it was felt when the Canadiens decided not to resign him last summer. On the other hand though, I am kinda glad, for he's done well for himself in Boston and quickly made himself comfortable within the Bruins organization.

Another Bruins fan, finally I'm not the only one! :lol:
Ryder has done really well in Boston, and I'm glad that he's fit in down here so easily. I think he can really go far with this team and I hope he hangs around for a long while.

Sean Avery will play really well for a game or two and then he's like a train wreck who does more harm then good. And it usually happens at a time when the team needs him to play at his best, like right now for example.
And doesn't San Jose always play well in the regular season and kind of choke out in the playoffs?

Rangers C Betts knocked out by Brashear high hit :(

NEW YORK (AP)—Rangers forward Blair Betts has been knocked out of Sunday’s playoff game after taking a shot to the head by Washington Capitals enforcer Donald Brashear.

Brashear landed a high, hard hit on Betts 9:54 into Game 6 after the Rangers forward got rid of the puck at center ice. Betts was face down on the ice for several moments and appeared dazed as he was helped to the New York dressing room. No information was released about Betts’ condition, but the Rangers said he wouldn’t return to the game.

Brashear wasn’t penalized for the hit, but was sent to the box for roughing along with Rangers defenseman Paul Mara, who came to Betts’ defense.

---So, who would like to explain to me why no penalty was called on this?
Because that was a cheap hit if I've ever seen one, even the rest of my family (Ovechkin loving sister included) was like "What is this crap?" :shifty:
Brashear had better get in trouble for this or I'm not going to be a happy camper.
Detroit Red Wings fan here...come on..I'm from Michigan of course that's my team...

Though last month I went and saw the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden against the Minnesota Wild that was a freaking blast and I'd do it all over again if I could.
^ Lucky! :D

Caps' Brashear to Have Hearing Over Game 6 Actions

Washington Capitals forward Donald Brashear has a 1pm et hearing with the National Hockey League to discuss his actions in Game 6 against the New York Rangers.

Brashear will face supplemental discipline for both his exchange with New York's Colton Orr in the warm-up prior to the game and his late hit on Rangers forward Blair Betts in the first period.

Sources tell TSN Betts suffered a broken orbital bone from the Brashear hit and is likely done for the playoffs.

The Capitals defeated the Rangers 5-3 on Sunday to force Game 7 on Tuesday.

-- Betts is done for the playoffs? :(
That sound you hear is the Rangers' power killing ability going down the drain...
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