Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

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The scene with Hawkes and Flack this week was fantastic! I would love to see more of their interactions and far, far less of Lindsay.
Wouldn't it be great if sceen time were awarded based on merit, rather than potential for cliched romance? It's a crime to see both Hill and Eddie under-utilized while some total non-talent gets loads of screen time simply because she can be paired with a hottie.
Dont know if you guys know it or not, our man won not one but two NAACP award for his book. Pics are at getty images, looked right nice if I may say so myself. By the way, one of the pics he's posing with a woman who has the EXACT same smile as Hill/Sheldon, I think its his mom.
Sweet!!! :D :D :D Oh, that's awesome for Hill--I'm so glad to see he's getting recognition for his book.
I couldn't find the photo you referenced,ebonygirl but I did find this one on wireimage.com. He looks so happy. What an amazing achievement! Congrats Hill!

Thank you all for the info on Hill Harper. I did get a chance to see a beautiful picture of his mom and him on www.viewimages.com!!! I can just imagine how very proud she is of her son :)!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH...WELL DESERVED - MR. HILL HARPER!!! ;)
What in the world is going on here. No entries since March 5th! We have really fallen off. We need to post every day, if nothing more than WE LOVE HAWKES!!
I've been watching a lot of my season one DVDs lately. Yesterday I watched "Hush". I loved the part where Hawkes showed up at the crime scene with a spatula! :lol:
^ That *is* unfortunate. Hill's talents are completey overlooked in this show. Even his big moments of the season were upstaged by Carmine. loved the view in "Here's To You, Mrs. Azreal," but c'mon, that distracted the viewer from a key piece of Hawkes' character development.
This is really unfortunate. We cant even keep the thread burning up, cause there is nothing new. I totally agree there is no character development, and thats a shame. I faithfully watch another show on Wed nights (just before CSI NY) and I love the way ALL the characters are getting enough screen time. In a short time most of the main characters have been developed and they all get good screen time. Back to the subject at hand however, is there a way to get the attention of the writers and say: HEY, YOU VIEWING PUBLIC WANTS MORE HAWKES!!!
Tishme3, now where do I know that name from? Hmmm, are you regularly at another board. If its you, girl ya'll crack me up, for real. It might be slow here, but not over there. Loves me some Hawkes too, but I aint' tryin to get cut.LOL
Hello Ebonygirl, (cut...)...that's funny! Ya know it might be safer there...like a play pen! :D ...and uh, yes, there's no hidin' from you, huh? ...might need to change my name! Let's see...HHarperMe2 sounds like a plan! You think he'll know!?! Hmm, lovin' us some Dr. Hawkes...any & everywhere!!! :cool:
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