Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

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Awesome! I'm glad we hit thread two, and I'm even happier that Hill has those panties. I wonder where he keeps them? :devil: :lol:
^ I'd like to know that too. I'd also like to know how many pairs he sniffed (most were perfumed ;)) and if he tried any on. :lol:
Oh.My.God. I'd forgotten that I'd sprayed mine with Curious before I shoved it into the envelope all undercover-like at the post office. :lol: I'm embarrassed. Oh, the things we've done for these guys.
Hooray new thread!

You should never be embarrassed at what you do for these men! You're just being a good fangirl, after all. :devil:
I'm sure he had to smell some of them. Congrats on the new thread! Wish I had some pics to post. I don't think we post enough pics around here. ;)
WOOHOO! a NEW THREAD dedicated to one of the most AWESOME people ever!!! :D

:) i have Curious too, although i would have sprayed the panties with Angel Innocent. :devil: :D :lol:
*Has the mental image of Hill with his face buried in the trunk of panties in his dressing room, then standing up and seeing Eddie and Carmine standing there with 'wtf?!' expressions on their faces* :lol: They'd probably ask to take a sniff too. :p

Anyway, I'm glad to see we're on the second thread! Woo hoo Hill! So smart and sweet and sexy and--*passes out*

Two of my favorite pictures of Hill:


You know he smelled the panties!! :lol: He's a man and that's what men do...with their dirty asses. :lol: Man oh Man do I love it too. ;)
I'm wondering where the box is right now...I'd bet money they're in the dressing room. It was done so classy with the beautiful case and all, he could go ahead and make it a decoration. :lol: I actually regret not sending mine in..I was being cheap and decided against sending the La Perla's in. I even had Tuscany Per Donna picked out as the fragrance to spray them with. :D
GoodLittleWench said:
I am betting he keeps them in his dressing room. ET or Access Hollywood should look into that. :devil:
They really should look into that. That would be fantastic! He'd look like such a freaky perv until he explained why/how he came to have a trunk of panties in his dressing room.

Amber - Damn girl, I can't believe you didn't participate because you were being cheap. :lol: No one was kind enough to part with a pair of LaPerla's. I've long maintained that the only way he's scoring a pair of La Perla's off me is if he removes them himself. :devil: You could have sent in any pair you wanted.

As for perfume, as I spritzed mine with Michael Kors I couldn't help but think back to something a college boyfriend once said. He never understood why women would spray anything floral or woodsy or whatnot 'down there'. He claimed that if you really wanna get a man going, bacon and cheddar scent would be far more effective. :lol: Yeah, he was quite the classy catch. :lol:
I would have sprayed mine down with "Miracle" -- sexy AND meaningful. I wasn't on the board at the time, though! Boo...

I bet you're right, I bet they are in the dressing room. I hope he keeps reminding Carmine and Eddie that they don't have any packaged up nicely in a box, and scented, too!
Bacon and cheddar? There's something really wrong with that. I take it this is not the present Mr. MrsGiovinazzo? :lol:
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