Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

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Ciao Pilla, I see you're working on your English! Doing great, and speakin' of great, they do have the best pictures of Hill Harper right here on Talk CSI :) Arrivederci
I saw part of Oprah's show today, which was talking about where we go from here after the whole Imus controversy--and one of the women who was guesting on there made me think of Hill. She said something about the prospects for young black men in this country, and it reminded me of Hill's book. I didn't see the entire show, but I know that tomorrow's episode is going to continue the discussion with members of the hip-hop community.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the letters that people were sending about getting Hill on Oprah to talk about his book. Perhaps now is a good time to redouble those efforts. :)
I have a general question about Hawkes and figured, since this is the official Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes thread, this would probably be the best place to post it - I apologize if it has already been asked and answered.

My question is, does anyone know how Hawkes became a detective so quickly? He went from the OCME to being a detective in the span of only a few months. Even though he is brilliant and has the science side down pat, wouldn't he have had to go to police college or something to become a detective?

I realize this is a TV show and anything can happen, but I've been wondering about this since season 2 (and can't remember if it was answered on the show).

PS - I would also love to see Hawkes get more screentime.
I think the police academy takes six months (don't quote me on that :p), so if he did actually become a detective, I suppose he could have done so over the summer, when the time period is fluid (they could pretend it's been longer, I guess). Or maybe he became a CSI on the scientific side of things but didn't actually become a 'detective' until later on? *curious* They never actually said, so it does make you wonder...
You know, I've never heard either Hawkes or Lindsay referred to as a detective. Does that mean something? Could they be at a different level than the others are? Hawkes transferred fields and Lindsay from another state, so I wonder if maybe they're not full detectives yet? Or do they have to be to be CSIs?
I think they are just csis, not cops. I think you have to go through the police academy to be a detective and those two are "civillian csi". That's what I've read at least when reading different forensic books and such. I'm sadly obessed, yes. Sign me up for csi addiction.
Faylinn said:
Anyway, it got me thinking about the letters that people were sending about getting Hill on Oprah to talk about his book. Perhaps now is a good time to redouble those efforts. :)
Good call! That really is a worthwhile effort and something all fans should take a minute to do. Hill has been very generous with this site and his book sends a valuable message. His book is a perfect fit for Oprah and he would make a fantastic guest. A sexy ivy league grad on a noble mission. Doesn't get much better than that.

*runs off to dig up the old thread*
Maybe I just assumed Hawkes was a detective because the other members of the team are - I'm pretty sure Lindsay is one too, as I think I remember her being referred to as Det. Monroe. I also thought I'd seen Hawkes wearing a badge, but then again, civilian CSIs would also likely have badges.

Now I want to go and re-watch parts of my season 2 DVDs to see if Hawkes (and Lindsay) is ever in fact referred to as a detective.
^I'm curious! I'd think if they weren't, it would be underscored a little more by the show, but still...you never know.
I didn't catch it until I was putting out the new magazine but last month's Ebony had "the 150 most influential Black Americans" and I don't think Hill made the top 150 but he was one of the names in the runner-up list. That's good too even though he didn't make the top.
^ Thanks for sharing that. But damn, with all he does, how is he not in the top 150? That's b.s.! He does so much for the black community and is really trying to effect positive change. I'm pissed on his behalf. :lol:
Agreed--he certainly should have been in the top 150! At least he made the runner-up list, but still. He does a lot with the MANifest Your Destiny foundation and other charitable organizations, not to mention his book!

BTW, his book is indeed out in paperback now! I saw it at the bookstore the other week. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is a great time to do so!
^ Very cool that his book is out in paperback now. If any of you were too cheap to buy hardcover, now's your chance to get it.
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