H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Awww, EyeHeartH...sounds like the makings of a new fanfic to me ;)

Nice work, LMH. Perfect description of our perfect couple. :D

And where is this DuCaine facebook I keep hearing about? I wanna join too!!! ***jumps up and down*** :D

TGIF Ladies!!! DuCaine Forever!!! :)
What's up girls?? *bounces in happily* :)

I'm going to French college on Wednesday for 3 weeks!! Yay! :) I'll miss the thread and all of you, but hopefuly with 'la langue d'amour',(the language of love) I'll come up with some great romantic ideas!! :D

Here is a thought that I had today when I was practising French verbs: remember when Gomez Addams always kissed Morticia's arm when she spoke French?? Well, imagine that if every time Cal spoke Spanish, Horatio did that!! Here's a scenario at a restaurant:

Cal: Esto es una tan maravillosa noche, Horatio mi amor.
H: Calleigh, that's Spanish!! *starts kissing up her arm*
Cal: Horatio, stop! There are people watching!
H: *stops* Oh... you know, I don't care! Le amo...*starts kissing her again*

Spanish translations:
Cal: It is such a wonderful night, Horatio my love.
H: I love you.

:lol: So funny!! :) The attraction is so obvious, the champagne bottle's cork would pop!! :lol: And the roles reversed would be funny as well! :lol:

I have begun to realise something, only very recently: every time I watched S4 or S5, it always seemed I was waiting for Calleigh to pop up behind Horatio with new evidence, or for Horatio to walk into firearms to ask about bullets. Isn't that strange? The hope that they'd walk around a corner and bump into each other was overwhelming. 'After work' was always my theory, but the lab's not that big, is it? They'd have to run into each other once in a while,even if it's not 'on camera'. They've had conversations, secret ones, private ones... ;) :devil: The sheer optismisn that I have amazes me, because if I didn't have hope, I'd be somewhere bawling!! :lol: And all the fanfiction keeps me from going round the bend!! :) 'The glass is half full'. :D

EyeHeartH, your Facebook group is great!! :) And check out LMH's LJ too!! :) And I loved your anagram poem for DuCaine, Luving!! Simply beautiful!! :D

Here are 2 pics from 'Grand Prix, which proves that Horatio and Calleigh needn't communicate by words alone.:

Don't lie...

Heee!! :)

Back tomorrow!! Au revoir!!
Wow, Em that sounds so cool :cool: But I'll miss you!!! :( Hope you have a wonderful time though... :D And that storyline sounds great too... ;)

And I'm going to go over to facebook and join EyeHeartH!!! Thanks for the link!!! And your welcome for the idea...can't wait to read it... ;)

I just posted a new vid on youtube, dedicated to my awesome Angel sisters. It's called "It's All About Soul" and is DuCaine love from Horatio's perspective. Hope y'all like it!!! FB is always appreciated!!! :D

DuCaine Forever Baby!!! :devil:

H.A. :)
Yay for joining Facebook!!! Join the party!!!
I've already posted the fic with your idea, which reminds me to attribute the idea of using my dream from you.
hey great to know there is yet another great DuCaine mvid on you-tube--- i love all the fics and all the great pics you gals are amking keep it up- keep the dream alive- teehee
Nice work, LMH. Perfect description of our perfect couple.

And check out LMH's LJ too!! And I loved your anagram poem for DuCaine, Luving!! Simply beautiful!!

Aww, thanks Emer and H.A.

As I'm sure you all know Horatio's Angels is complete, and I'll be doing a sequel when Emer gets back. You can find it on FF.Net.

Anyway's not much longer before S6.

@ Emer, have fun... and remember our conversation...*Behave* LOL :lol: :lol:

Seeya....DuCaine Forever
'Bonsoir, mes amis!' Or, 'Good evening, my friends!' :D Just practising!! :lol: :)

Ohh, LMH, I could never even think of being bad!! And I can look forward to coming home to more 'Horatio's Angels'!! :D I'll be a good little girl. :) Or will H spank me?? ;) :devil:

The waiting for S6 is nerve-wracking!! :p I'm watching clips and videos to stay calm in case the worse case scenario happens!! But I'll be forever devoted to a couple that is 'destined for love'. *looks lovingly at Luving's avator* Gorgeaus!! :D

I was just thinking that if Horatio and Calleigh ever had an arguement, it would be something so emotional and tense and explosive the whole lab would start shaking!! I will always remember 'Under the Influence' and that disagreement. It was small, not much shouting or anything, but it was still pretty heated. Calleigh looked ready to go into attack mode!! :eek: And Horatio knew inside, 'I shouldn't p*** Calleigh off, or else...' yet he was able to use his authority to diffuse the situation, but she was still so mad!! But you know what the best part about arguements between passionate people?? The making up!! *sighs at tender scene at the end of 'Under the Influence'*
Hopefully, whatever happened between H and Cal, whatever unseen rift, will be resolved and they will 'kiss and make-up', :) And the bigger the arguement, the better the chances of making up are!! :) :D And the better the chances of... I won't say it. *eyes the meter* You know what I mean!! ;)

With the postcards, petition, and constant feedback to CBS, I'm sure we've been heard. There'll be improvement, you'll see... or else, I'll weep... :D :lol: I won't. I'll be pretty p***ed-off, and then we'll revolt!! :devil: *evil laughter*

Here's a pic! From the ever brilliant, 'Kill Zone'!!

Arriving at the scene... check out the sunnies!!

'A bientôt!'
starbuckhan!!! ***runs and tackles with big hug*** :D

Great to see you here!!! It's our little bit of DuCaine heaven here at talkCSI :D I need to get my page setup at facebook...so many DuCaine projects, so little time!!! :)

And LMH you know I can't wait for the Horatio's Angels sequel...my heart flutters at the possiblities... :devil: :devil: :devil:

And Em I agree that all of our poems and vids and postcards have got to be having some kind of effect on TPTB...I've started trying to post more stuff over at the CBS DuCaine wiki, thinkin they might be looking at that more often too...We Will Prevail!!! :p :D :lol: :rolleyes:

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :devil: :devil: :devil:
Hello All.

Glad people are still vouching for this ship. I for one am all for it. Just wanted to let ya'll know that they'll be airing Season 4 of CSI Miami in Asia. Yeah I know, we're back dated. Mwahaha!

Anyway, stay lovestoned with this ship always ya'll!

Take care. :)

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