H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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wow, i leave for a little and you guys go to town! a new thread and all, and since i wasnt here when it opened i get to welcome it now, so YAY! i love the title by the way ;)

if anyone could PM me any of the spoilers that have been going around, good or bad, that would be great cause i have been totally out of the loop for a while now

anyways, so on to ship stuff, catching up was a nightmare, lol, you guys talked about so much

one thing i would like to comment on is the connections y'all were making with some of jane austen's works and i nearly feel back in my chair becuase she i my favorite author ever and thats so cool that you guys were comparing some of the realtionships with DuCaine, the one thing was that somebody said they saw DuCaine as more of Brandon and Marianne in S&S than as Lizzy and Darcy in P&P

although i do see the resemblence between S&S and DuCaine, i would lean to saying that DuCaine is more like Lizzy and Darcy because i see it as lizzy is a lot more like cal, being independent and smart and she also talks about how she will never get married because she doesnt think that she could find the right guy, i see that a lot in cal cause she has dated people, but i have never seen them as serious and i think that cal has simply had too many bad expierences with men, i.e. her father, hagen, that stupid fed guy(forgot his name), that other loser that came in this season, so, to me, it feels like she cant trust men because all the ones her life have let her down, but she met horatio and it is almost like he is too good to be true so she cant go into anything more than friendship because she doesnt want to take the chance that someone as good as H could turn out like the other men in her life, so i see the parallel to lizzy cause she doesnt think there is a man in the world she could love

then there is H and darcy, darcy is a lot more pride than H, but they both have the sort of aloof nature, and basically for the same reason, their good opinions once lost are lost forever, they both have just seen too much to really trust the world or anyone in it

as for them together, H doesnt want to admit his feelings for cal to her because he has seen what it has done to other women and he doesnt want to risk losing cal, it is almost like they love each other so much that they would rather spend their whole lives as friends, knowing that the other will always be around, than risk a realtionship when it could ruin what they have and they wouldnt even be friends, for this aspect i see them a lot as emma and knightly in Emma because she prays that they would at least be just friends forever, if nothing more, almost fine, but she would rather have friends than nothing if that is they way it would have to be

well there is my jane austen rant about DuCaine, see y'all later, i dont know how much ill be on here
Anyone see Adam R's interview where he mentioned possible C/E romance? H better get his butt in gear and tell Eric "Hands off" lol Oh and did you see the new spoilers for teh finale? I hope it brings us much H/C :)
Hiya Mel, yeah I seen it too. I think we should all have a talk with the producers and soon. Just the thought of them together ruins my poetic muse. LOL.

*Runs away to start new poem on E/C*
Yeah- just the thought of Eric and Cal-- oh NO!--- but DuCaine Yes- Perfect!-- we have got to get those post cards out and whatever else we need- so TPTB can rectify this messy situation by Season6's start- I mean- there are only a few shows left for this season- who knows they may already have been written and filmed-- BUT we CAN make a difference in Season 6- at least get the frinedship back and maybe even some DuCaine moments-- I know the Ned(natalia and Eric) fans hate this as much as we do-- so we gottawrite in and let them know we miss H&C scenes---
Also- i STILL believe we are " endgame"- I just watched Lost Son-- and it was so obvious how MUCH H needed Cal- he even asked her to " c'mere" when he pulled her into a hug- H NEVER initates any interactions with a woman-- NOT even Marisol whom he married-----so I think we STILL have lots of hope-- maybe they are doing Eric/Cal because when it runs its course and they stay friends THEN we can STILL have our DuCaine--(maybe Eric and Cal will BITH realize that both their hearts just belong to others- wouldn't THAT be heavenly!
New poem over at the fanfic poetry section, and I posted some of my fanfics over at the Yahoo group, but I don't know whether they've been approved or not.
Regarding the spoiler about Adam's interview, that makes me a little nervous, but I know we'll prevail in the end.
My CSI_Grissom's back! *tackles* I've missed you hun!

CaRWash_Cutie -- LMAO. Great prank hun!

Cova don't feel so bad, Mo does that to me too, :lol:

I agree...H would make some kid very lucky if he were ever to become a father. I could see him now, dropping his child off at school in the Hummer, making sure Horatio Jr. has his lunch money and his backpack or a school project...

I agree, he'd make a great dad.

I didn't see the spoiler finale, do tell!.. But Eric's mine damnit!.. anyways, H better get off his ass and tell Cal how he feels before she goes bye bye
And the kid'd definately have a pair of mini-shades lolol Can't you see it when he's older and the kid's growing up?
H: I now pass on to you, my son, the sacred Shades of Justice...always use them only for good and wear them as well as I did


*tackles Lynn from behind* Hey, you, what about me? Admit it, you missed me too, you know you did.
Cova don't feel so bad, Mo does that to me too
Hey now, hey...I don't do it on purpose and you know that honey!! come on now!

Awww H as a daddy...he'd be such a good daddy! And a kid with shades and red hair, okay that is SOOO totally cute! I love that picture! :D

Melly hey hon! Where've you been babe, we've missed you around here! :D

Yup H should make his move already...he's gotta go after his girl, enough sitting on his butt... ;)
Can you imagine..?A DuCaine kid would be a genius and an amazingly beautiful kid!..[who will inherit(?)an addiction to shades and a couple of them from his father!] :lol: ;)

..about the curse,since you all covered for me all I have to say is that curse or no curse we know they won't last long and they'll be together..They better be!

I was watching the first episodes 0f season 2!...Good moments!!..Calleigh was happier and cute..and we got some nice moments.. :)

Come on H don't let Eric do that!?[or Lynn will get a bit angry at Cal for taking him from her!! :lol: ;)]..I really need to go see the spoilers !
Page 6!!! Hooray for us!! :D

Welcome back, CSI_Grissom!! Long time no see!! :)

@ lurvingmyhoratio: Loved that poem, well done again!! :)

@ Lynn: How are you? Great to see you! They're all coming back!! :D

About the spoilers, I have the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach, seriously... it's not showing yet, but I'm petrified!! :eek: Time is running out for Horatio, I can feel it!! He has to make the move now, or he'll lose Calleigh to his friend!! :( It's all hesistation and analysing on H's part... but we don't know if Calleigh still harbours those feelings for Horatio... she still does, it's obvious when they're together, but I fear we are almost out of time. These lyrics from Madonna's 'Hung Up' definitely ring true right now!!:

I can't keep on waiting for you,
I know that you're still hesitating,
Don't cry for me, 'cos I'll find my way,
You'll wake up one day,
But it'll be too late...

Let's get our postcards to the writers as fast as possible, before it is too late!! *makes mental note to but envelopes and several stamps, then runs off to type up latest fic quickly* This one will make you fall out of your chair!! :devil:

Here's an update for CSI: DuCaine, which is an 'Open Water' aftermath... you know, when the 'proposal' happened... *nervously ducks behind chair* I was so emotional writing this one, hope it shows... ;)

Raed me, you know you want to...

And to cheer you up, here's another blatant 'Calleigh eyes closed' pic, this time from 'Dead Woman Walking':

Cal: *He's bringing sexy back, oh yeah! Only Horatio can make science sexy...*

Good times... we'll get them back, mark my words! *finds strength in the numbers of people who love and support this ship*

Hey EVERYONE .....long time, no post but I have been lurking. All the manips, poems, partial fanfics, etc have been great....I hope everyone is making postcards too, I have been hard at work to get everything ready for a big postcard campaign post this weekend so stay tuned.

As far as the Season Finale - here is what I read :

May 14: A plane carrying Horatio and a suspected criminal crashes in the Everglades.

This better start some SERIOUS thinking on Calleigh's part !!

If you heard any high-pitch screams of pure terror, Tracy....that was me! :eek: :D

Oh my lord...... HORATIO CANNOT BE IN THAT PLANE!!!! :lol: He just can't....... but I mean, if it takes him getting injured or whatever....... then thats a risk I guess we (esp. me, like queen lust after him) and obviously TPTB :mad: :p are willing to take?
@BulletGirl - I thought I heard something. ;)

I agree....but people have been clamoring for Horatio to get hurt saying he is too perfect, too invincible. Obviously, he isn't going to die. But, maybe this will signal a change back to the Horatio of old, like Season 1 and 2....and I am all for that. And, if we get bedside vigils by Calleigh....all the better.
OMG thinking about Cal and Eric makes me wanna cry. :( Anyway maybe if H is in that plane that crashes and he gets hurt Cal will relise that she loves H. XD. Therefore we'll have DuCaine again. Hopefully.
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