Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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i couldn't believe i actually laughed during this ep. when i saw the promo last week i was pissed there was no mention of sara and her departure. the brief mentions were very welcome. i'm glad they didn't drop it completely. loved the cath griss of the rare times i liked cath. rick didn't get his two cents in,
i loved how the rest of the team kind of comforted our lonely geek in their own way, except greg, poor greggo. i really felt for griss and his tons of doubles and his sad paranoia about being comforted. "it's not what she wants" "i want her to be happy"
i'm glad they said that sara was visiting her mother in san francisco, at least they had some sort of continuance in her storyline.
there was definitely a sara shaped hole in the ep, and there will be till she's back
i'm glad our geeks are communicating, it broke my heart last week that griss might not get to talk to her AT ALL while she was gone. that would be devastating to me!

geek love will hold strong, will prevail, and will make it through this storm.
gsr forever!!
So, they have spoken a few times? :)

Grissoom looked heart broken. :( He wants her to be happy.
How can they be happy without each other? :( Poor Grissom. Working doubles. That's all he does. :( No happiness, no life, just work and more work. :(

I know Griss is giving her what she thinks she wants... but I don't think Sara is any state of mind to even know what she wants or what is good for her at the moment. I think she's just reacting to the pain, not thinking clearly. GO AFTER HER GRISSOM!
I don't feel bad for Grissom I feel bad for Sara. In the end Grissom just never quite seems to love her enough. At first not enough to risk his career, then not enough to stay when he was upset, the whole lady heather scene, not enough to insist she stay on nights with her friends because she was hurt, not enough to force the issue of why she was so upset, and not enough to leave with her. In the end I think Sara knew he would never leave with her.
I think Grissom loves her. He is just a poor communicator. He admitted long ago that he wasn't good with people. He's a scientist who is learning to be a man. Sara brought light and love to his life. I hope that he goes after her.
that episode was so cute, he does love her so much and she loves him ALOT he truely is her "one and only" shes only ever really loved him, i love the way they talk to each other compaired to the other CSI's/Lab Techs...its like intimate!
I agree with dirtylabrat, nice name by the way. Grissom is not a people person, like Sara is. Grissom love her as she love him. I don't understand last episode, Good Luck and Good bye, Why did Grissom go after her when he knew something is wrong? He saw her in the two way window, she building up angry and everything.

I know Sara will be back and she will be back for Grissom. I just read other board. They are still engage. I wondering how Bruno doing after Sara left. Did he whimpering for Sara to come back? I do not like the dog name Hank, why would they name their dog after Sara's ex-boyfriend? I wouldn't name the dog after him.
I think Grissom got hank when Sara was dating Hank. They are both dirty dogs, but atleast Grissom could neuter his Hank. *snip snip* Hank the dog is much cuter.

Does anyone think we are going to see a Grissom and Greggo arguement? I think Greg is really pissed with Grissom. I ship GSR, but I love me some Greggo and how much he loves Sara. Maybe Greggo can talk some sense into Griss, to go after her and shag some sense into the girl. Don't just stand their with your mouth open, catching flies. GO AFTER HER YOU SOCIALLY CHALLENGED GEEK!

Keep in mind, Grissom probably has never had to fight for someone he loves, because he has never been inlove before. He probably gives up because he doesn't know what else to do. I think he is paralyzed with fear of hurting her more, and just a desire to give her anything she thinks she wants because he loves her.

*sigh* I miss Sara. :(
Grissom loves her enough! I believe he loves her a hell of a lot, he was willing to move to swing for her! He asked her to marry him! He didn't stop her when she kissed him in the middle of that hall in front of Hodges! He does love her, he just believes that she wants to do it alone! All right, rant over.

I pretty much agree with dirtylabrat except I don't think he should go after her. She'll come back when she's ready to come back, which will hopefully be soon. I miss her. Damn it Jorja, why'd you have to leave?! :( :( :( :(

I even watched a bit of unbearable today, though I don't like that ep. I turned it on and saw Sara and just couldn't look away. I had one of those wanting to slap Grissom moments in both the scene where Sara comes to talk to Grissom and he and Sofia are sitting all close in the breakroom, talking and laughing and in the end scene where he asks Sofia to dinner. I don't get it, he can go to dinner with Sofia but not Sara? Maybe he was losing his eyesight too...

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Sofia, I just hate Gofia.
I think Hodges idolizes Grissom while he has a crush on Wendy. I also think the writer's may put in a little love triangle between Hodges, Wendy, and Henry. He kept complimenting her when she died in the last episode. :lol:
Maybe a little bit of a man crush. I think Griss is what Hodges aspires to be. And maybe some of Grissom's insecurities are reflected in Hodge's personality. (minus the kiss ass part) Neither one are good with people... I think Hodges is almost people phobic... and we all know about Grissom is better with his bugs. Sara dragged him kicking and screaming from his geek shell. Now he's all exposed, and probably scared out of his mind without her. He's working doubles, so obviously he doesn't want to go home, or stop and think about how much it hurts. Poor Bruno/Hank. :(

Has anyone noticed how scared Grissom looked when he proposed? He looked terrified.
Yes, to both of you, GSRLUVER and dirtylabrat. Hodges has a mancrush on our lovely Grissom. I'm almost positive that Hodges has installed a secret passageway in the cooler to his Grissom shrine, where he plays with his little voodoo dolls made to look like the two of them, in which Grissom praises his name like it's Easter Sunday. [hehe...what a riot it'd be if that actually happened!]

And yes, he does see Wendy as a love interest, but IMO, that ship was burned down before it was built...sorry, I personally just cannot picture it.

So, has it been established that Grissom and Sara are still engaged? I've heard some things, and I'm not sure if they should be put in a spoiler box or not, so I'll just keep quiet for the time being...
Was it established? How? I didn't watch the entire last episode... did I miss something?

w/ Hodges, I always got the impression that we were being shown a glimpse into what Grissom's world might be like without Sara. Hodges is a social misfit. He couldn't even hire a prostitute without it turning into a catastrophe. He wants to fit in but has no clue how to be himself of be cool. He tries to compliment Wendy, but it always comes out as an insult. Think about how Grissom hurt Sara all those years, and half the time he was clueless why she was hurt or pissed off. And when Hodges explained how Geeks have a lot of free time on their hands... i thought of Grissom working doubles. :( Oh Sara, please come back to us. Grissom will be lost without you. She's the only one who understand him.
Hi everyone! I am brand new here and I just wanted to say Hello and add that I am a GSR FREAK and I am keeping the faith that they will be together again very soon.
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