Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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PiperGrissom said:
Hi everyone! I am brand new here and I just wanted to say Hello and add that I am a GSR FREAK and I am keeping the faith that they will be together again very soon.

Hello and welcome to the board. Now if only I could find Desert or someone with all the cool GSR pictures to post you something fancy.

I haven't really thought alot about GSR lately. I was looking for a GSR guitar strap, but they don't make those. I did find a Crime Scene guitar strap. So, I guess I'm buying it.

But, thanksgiving was two days ago. And we have been dwelling on the fact that Sara left (which makes this thread slow btw).

We didn't do a thankful-for-gsr thing this year, did we? Well, I just wanted to say, even though it's super late, I am thankful for the GSR kiss. That's all there is to it.

in other words, I have nothing to post about, but there's my excuse.
she showed him a wonderful life...but then she took it away... now he is lost and has nothing :(

Well, I guess I'm thankful that she didn't die. Atleast we have some hope. :(
HI, all my favorite GSR fans,, wheww, company gone, and I'm glad, fun but exhausting.. I haven't been on for days, hope all of you are good ;) I watched that Hodges based ep. last night horrible, stupid, and boring, to much Hodges, and his silly games, didn't get embarassing for the real CSI's.. and others who watched it with me felt the same.. and Hodegs doesn't have a 'man crush' on Grissom, he's just a kiss-ass, and tries to impress him, and I thought how low of Grissom to put himself in a position to actually play Hodges silly games :mad: I knew Brass would be the one who mentioned Sara, and I said so on the 'Kill" thread, and he did. "have you heard from Sara"? "a couple of times" see she's in touch with him
so she's in S.F. visiting her mom, I knew it.. see that's all, she's just wanting to see her mom, and see if she's OK ;) and Nick so sweet trying so hard to not bug him, but "I'm there, if you need to talk" type comment :D and Cath, "go after her", Grissom, "she wouldn't want that", "Cath, "what do you want"? Grissom "I want her to be happy" he doesn't bug her, nor bog her down, and that's cool by me ;)


And big welcome PiperGrissom ;)
Does anyone think that maybe he hasn't heard from Sara? That he lied to get out of more questions? It's obvious that he didn't want the conversation to last long, between any of the people that asked him about Sara. I mean, it just seems like they haven't talked. If they had, I think Grissom would be in a happier mood cause they would most likely be on better terms. The letter was a goodbye letter, meant to say goodbye. A heart-wrenching goodbye. Why would she call him a day later after saying goodbye in such a way?

And isn't her mother in jail? I'd like to see that visit. I'd like to know what questions she'd ask her mom. I'd like to see what Sara says about Grissom to her mom actually.

Mom: So, are you married?
Sara: Uhm, engaged.
Mom: Oh, that's good to hear. To who?
Sara: A co-worker at the lab.
Mom: That's good. What's he like?
Sara: .. He's smart, and .. sweet .. in uh, his own way.
Mom: Aww, he's just the guy for you.

Then I can see the conversation getting a little more emotional, maybe talking about Sara's childhood or something ..
NO, not at all, Grissom is not a liar, if he was, the time to have done that was with Ecklie on the "relationship" issues, he just blurted it out "9 years" and Sara's mom is in San Francisco, he wouldn't have just brought that out off the top of his head :( she loves him, and of course does not want him to worry, so it makes sense that she would call him, but he's tight lipped on what she said, that's all.. no ones business, but his ;)

She will return, and this if a hugh clue to that!
I got the idea that he wasn't honest about talking to her a couple of times because maybe he's embarassed and doesn't know how to deal with it.
He might be embarassed, but he is so honest it's amazing, he might be alot of things, but dis-honesty is not one of them, their trying to dig info. out of him and does he ever talk about anything personal.. NOPE, he's just ignoring what their saying, and tries to change to subject, and also to protect her, he's so not a gossip :rolleyes: this is the perfect lead in back to her return!
You Kill Me is now one of my favorite episodes. It's amazing how they make the GSR so amazing even without her there.

But, obviously somebody *coughsaracough* doesn't have an amazing amount of will-power. Couldn't even get through a week without calling Grissom. I love it. The really dramatic letter, that's like, "I'm gonna make it seem like you won't talk to me again...but don't worry, baby, I'll call you tomorrow."

I love that she's visiting her mother. Hitting that thing directly at the source, so she can come back faster.
I'm sure Sara is full of life talking to her mum.

Laura: So what is that on you're finger?
Sara: It's an engagement ring, mother.
Laura: To whom?
Sara: My boss mother, my boss.
Laura: And you left him?
Sara: I'm going back after you stop talking, mother.
Laura: You know, engagements never end well. You end up married, and then shiz really hits the fan.
Sara: -is gonna kick some jailbait butt-

Or something like that.
I just thought I'd add a bit of idiocy to the conversation. ^^

By the way, I love Grissom's up-turned pimp collar at the beginning of the episode.
The up turned collar... it's like he was trying to hide. Is that a shirt? Is it a jacket? mmm I think I see his bare chest. :p But he looks sad, so it's kind of hard to concentrate on his naked chest.

And Brass... could he get any more awesome?

If Grissom did talk to her... I wonder who called whoM?
They are both in pain. :(

*fingers crossed that he sperminated her before she lost her mind and left* :lol:
She called him??? :D
Oh yeah, she's craving her Bug Man.

I caught part of him talking to Brass... He had spoken to her a couple of times blah blah blah. I didn't know that she called him!!! :D

My heart really wasn't in the last episode. I tried to tune in for any GSR reference. Brass was like a concerned father. I love that guy!
Hey y'all, I couldn't get the afore mentioned phone call out of my head the last couple of days. I've been thinking how cool it would be if we get to see a bit of emailing going on while Jorja is on vacation from CSI. So I decided to write it myself. It's got a little bit of bad language so I can't link it here, but I think I can tell you my username on is Seattlecsifan. It's a very short story so far, called Communications. I'll see about a reply from Grissom tonight.
As for Sara's mom being in jail, I doubt it very highly. I would think that she would have gotten off because of the abuse in the home going on for so long. I would think that the time she served would be long over by now. It's been like what at least fifteen years.

And no, he wasn't lying. Grissom would not be able to lie, especially to Brass, and he has no reason to. Yes, she said goodbye in the letter, but I say goodbye every time I hang up the phone, it doesn't mean anything. She had to go fight the ghosts of her past, so that she could move on to her future. I had to do something like that before I could really be with my husband, and we talked on the phone every night. I just had to put some things behind me first so that I was free and clear to start my new life. She just doesn't want to contaminate the marriage before it even gets started (TY Dr Phil). That is also why he can't go after her right now, either. It might make her come back, but if she still has all that toxic waste in her, she'll just blow again, that is just the way of the world. I say give her the time she needs, then she can come back and start a new life with her one and only. :D
yea, so wuts up with the popped collar thing? grissom has it, i think nick and warrick also had it in the last ep.....Maybe grissom is starting a trend lol
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