Grissom & Sara #31 : Yes. Let's Do It.

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i dont think im going to mind thia episode beacause i am a huge hodges fan lmao i love him and his critical ways. but i deffinatly want them to mention sara at least. OMG they delayed the shipments of CSI S/7 have been delayed so i dont get it until the 27 :(
Guys, I don't mean to be a b***h, but not everyone on this board has seen the promo for this week, because we don't want to. I know tonight's show is on soon, but when it's over can you PLEASE put all talk of the new episodes in spoiler boxes? I don't know how many more episodes we're going to have until the WGA strike catches up, but I for one would like to enjoy them without knowing who's doing what until I get to see it.

Thanks and I hope I didn't offend anyone.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!
I'm officially spoiler free... LMFAO.. Sorry, horrible sense of humor, but now that GSR isn't the forefront of every ep for me I'm not too interested in spoilers anymore... sad I know!

I almost forgot CSI was even on today. I think I might watch just to see the teams reaction and because I love funny CSI. Won't be the same without our girl though. She'll be back, and I'll be right there SF and all so I can be shocked as all hell when her face walks back through the door :D Go Team SO!!

I went to Wal-Mart today to buy a PS3, walked around the movie section just lookin around and BAM! CSI S7 jumped into my cart.. Strangest thing ever! It knew right where it belonged; next to my warm and fuzzy heart!!! LoL..

Ok, I'm off to watch Ending Happy for the 5 billionth time. Stay strong you guys, and in the words of our beloved Sara... "Keep the faith!"
Ya know, watching tonight, it occurs to me how Grissom FINALLY understands Sara. Case in point-
"It's not what she wants." "I want her to be happy."
Cue some SERIOUS sobbing on my part!
yup, "Wedges" is definitely the new GSR angst relationship. "You are the dumbest smart guy I know." Sound like a familiar scenario?

Later- sniff- Grissom said "first blush."
-"The, uh, subject of your talk."-Sara
most definatley, they are a good funny couple. GSR is more serious, well, not really serious, but..... i guess u get wut i mean.
OK, I caught a brief moment w/ Cat telling him to go after her. *sniffle* ... and the sad look on Grissom's face. Damn it Gil, listen to Cat! Go after her and shag some sense into her. How long can he hold it together before he cracks? ARGH! Who else reached out to him? I'm refusing to really watch or give much of a damn until Sara returns.
But, "That's not what she wants." I think he's right. Wow. did I just say that Grissom is right about Sara? Sorry, still getting used to the idea, wonderful as it is!! WOOOHOO! Anyway, he's doing what she wants him to do, even though he doesn't like it.
Well, incase Grissom hasn't noticed, Sara has obviously LOST HER FRIGGIN' MIND and may not be capable of knowing what she wants or needs. Go after her Grissom!!! OMG, my heart broke for him AGAIN. I didn't watch the entire episode, just caught the part with him and Cat in the hall. He looked like he needed a big hug and a good cry. Ofcourse that could be me emoting. *sniffle*
Wow, there are so many GSR bashers in the spoiler thread for this episode. I've decided I'm no longer reading their comments and will only post my own here for all you wonderful, nice, sane people! :)

I surprisingly liked this episode. I liked the funny stuff with the CSI's acting different (Nick's crying, Brass' love for Hodges and Bobby's shoulders, etc.). I also liked the parts where they tried to help lead the case (Nick with the bomb cap, etc.). I also liked David's scenes with the sexual trauma, and Wendy on the autopsy table was hilarious! As for the GSR references, I was only mildly impressed. I liked that Brass knows everything that has happened and that Sara did call Grissom. If she had left him high and dry I would have had to slap her :lol: However, I wasn't impressed that we only saw angsty Grissom. I wanted a little more sad, depressed Grissom and I also wanted some sort of resolution with the few seconds of Grissom with Greg in the hallway. Other than that I thought it was pretty good, but I miss Jorja terribly! :( My heart felt like it had been ripped out when she wasn't in the credits. :( Anyway, I wonder if CSI will actually create a game similar to Hodges' and market it?
hellogilbert said:
But, "That's not what she wants." I think he's right. Wow. did I just say that Grissom is right about Sara? Sorry, still getting used to the idea, wonderful as it is!! WOOOHOO! Anyway, he's doing what she wants him to do, even though he doesn't like it.

A LOT of people are Grissom bashing at YTDAW, saying that he shoulder have gone after her. I can't say I agree. These are Sara's demons. Sure, he's been her comfort and her should to cry on, but he can't help her bury her ghosts.

People are also complaining about the amount of Grissom reaction that wasn't there. I can see more coming in future episodes, though.
I have a question, were there scenes from the next ep on CBS? There weren't any on CTV and I meant to check but I was doing homework and forgot.

I sort of liked it... at first. I liked that there was a reference to GSR and Sara in the very beginning, and that it continued throughout. I liked the humour, I actually laughed. I liked that things Grissom said; "I want her to be happy" and "that's not what she wants", it was good that he was respecting her wishes to do this alone. I'm glad that they've talked and that we found out where she is.

I didn't like the credits, it felt like there was a huge hole in the middle. I didn't really like the whole wedges thing (sorry, but I just don't like it.) And I did not like the last scene with Hodges saying that she left and you can't stop people when they want to move on. I had to try hard not to cry. He made it sound like she was moving on from Grissom forever, like she was over him or something. And we know that's not true.

So yeah, I have some pretty mixed feelings on this ep.

GSR FOREVER!!! (I just feel the need to say that every now and then.)
No, BrookeSidle, No promo's. I think we have a week or two of reruns coming.

I pretty much liked the episode.

No Jorja in the credits sucked.

I was surprised TPTB didn't drop GSR like a hot potato. Pleasantly surprised. I hope the Greg "Whatever" remark leads to a bit of a blowup with Grissom so we can learn through Greg a little more of whats going on. I thought in one scene when Grissom was walking down the hall he looked quite sad. I hope they keep throwing us bones until Jorja comes back.
i actually loved this episode. NO RONNIE shes a b***h. wheres Sofia?? lol did she like ditch us too?? i loiked the referances to sara, i like that we know where she is now, although we kinda knew shed go back to San Fansico right? yah we have one week of repeats because Cockroaches doesnt air until December 6/07. :(
i usually wouldnt have a prolem with repeats but next thursday ill have already bought the season sooo..damn lol.
if anybody has some icons of this episode, would you mind linking??
i actually loved that episode, i like that they mentioned sara and managed to make us feel better about it but we kind of guessed she'd be in San Fransico right?? i loved hodges lol Buxom wendy thats the second refernace hes made to loveing her boobs. if anyody has any icons of this episode, would you mind linking??
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