Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

Funny how little things can bring people out of the woodwork.
I was ten minutes late for the episode, which made me sad, but I gotta say that it wasn't as amazing as I was hoping. Not spoiling anything, just saying.

I was watching with my GSR obsessed little brother, and he screamed when the promo started up. I was like, OMG. I thought it was a perfect 'Grissom' proposal; the bugs, the funny outfits, the random question popping. I don't foresee Sara declining him at all, and I'd much rather her leave, if she did, this way. On good terms and finally tied to Gil. Hopefully she doesn't leave, of course, which would probably make it hilarious to watch Ecklie wonder about the marriage. Wondering just how he was not invited to the wedding. Grissom = Mr. M-word.

Agreeing with Shipwrecked, though. Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse. Though, you gotta give Coldplay credit for The Scientist. Beautiful song. First one I learned to play on the guitar...

Later people!

- Andy // Toasty
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

OHMYGAHHHH! I just saw it on Youtube and...WOOOOO! Honestly, I always thought I was anti-marriage but after seeing that like, .5 second clip of Grissom "proposing", I'm totally sold. Or maybe I'm just jazzed up from the fact that Grissom actually said the words. I'm so jazzed I'm even willing to bring out the spirit fingers, baby.

Hey guys, haven't been here in a while but I saw the promo and HAD to come visit and share my thoughts.

I missethed youz!
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I haven't been so happy since Harm said, "Let's get married" on the first preview for the JAG finale. I have, on the bright side, stopped hyperventilating and am now only slightly dizzy from lack of oxygen. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ok, done now!
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it reminded me of the scene in pnn "since when are you interested in beauty?" "since I met you" he said it w/out thought, which means it comes from the heart...and the look on her face is great...i hope it's not a joke or something, i'll kick some major ass if it is. totally hand, nonchalant, unremarkable but soo remarkable in that fact! i love it and i can't wait another week to find out the whole deal....wooooooooo

and i'm am so GD tired of these freaking bashers on this site. what the hell is wrong w/ them. all they can talk about is how gsr is ruining the show and they hate it and it's stupid. wake up and smell the's a part of the works
sara hasn't got father issues, she's got "i'm totally in love with him " issues
grissom isn't settling, sara's made him a better man, a happier man
are people really that oblivious and cold hearted and mean and stupid that they can't see it and they have to bitch about it
i about can't stand this site any more :mad:

looking forward to next wekk :)
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Long Version of the promo for 8x04.

The moment all GSR fans have been waiting for? i can't believe they've put this in a real promo! i can't tell how much i love TPTB right now. i think it's a very nice gesture towards all of us in here. thanks TPTB!

truly i think Sara will need a little bit of time to think about it. first i can see her going *are you serious?* but then, i believe we might get a yes still in this episode, since it's something that has been already said to change her whole life. and i wouldn't exclude the kiss happening. i mean, if Jorja leaves, which is more than probable, they have to give it to us in the next 4 eps. but since this episode has been named to be the one that all GSR fans have been waiting for ... maybe, just maybe, they will finally kiss each other! i don't know if they are going to make an all-the way hardcore GSR ep and give us both a marriage proposal and a kiss in one ep, or (which is IMO more possible) give it to us later. but this *moment we've been all waiting for* is making me go crazy and think we might get it next week.
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This weeks episode was just meh. Wasn't great. Didn't suck. Sound about right to everyone else? Slightly warmer then luke warm - like the water in the pot before it boils. Speaking of water in a pot and oh my the bubbles:

GSR, FTW. I've been spending so much time this last two weeks being so f-ing mad at CBS and TPTB that I haven't been able to fully enjoy the GSR. Well shit. I picked the wrong time to go down an anger riddled blissful ignorace path. Because boy howdy, I do NOT want to be angry while watching next weeks episode. For better for worse, you can't get more canon then an almost might be an actual wedding proposal. You know? Do I still fully believe that TPTB are doing this in hopes of calming some frayed nerves over JF leaving? Hell yeah I do. Will I allow my nerves to be calmed? Hell yeah. For one hour. Next week. xD I will watch and I will love (reguardless of her answer.. you really think she'd say no? And reguardless of whether or not it's a real proposal) I can let go of my anger for one hour. I have no problem with that. But they screw this up and they'll be on my shit list FOREVER. I WILL boycott CBS. So there. And they made reference to a fan created ship name. Heh. That's funny. And so great. But so very funny. I watched, rewound, rewatched, laughed, then *squee* I felt all fangirlish for the first time in two weeks. Yay.

Pink or Blue? Doesn't sound like such an 'wtf' thing after all. However - I'm holding my stance on NO BABIES. At least not on screen. Yes.

Now I'm going to go call someone that is going to be really annoyed that I'm all GSR gushy again. Go me.
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OMG!! Did I just hear Gris "propose"? I don't care why or where or when...I heard "we" and "should get married" come from Griss's mouth....WOW!! I just, I had to pop in and comment...cuz like...WOW!!!!
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Oh my gosh I am so happy right now. That episode was wonderful. I loved Sara she was awesome and the scene with Grissom and Sara was perfect. I can't wait until next week it looks really great.

Next week looks really good. Grissom basically asks sara to marry him. Could it get any better than that. I know Sara is going to say yes. thj at is what she has been waiting for for her whole life. even if she says no I will be happy, you can ask someone to marry you m,ore than once.l if she says no, grissom can ask her later on.
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! They did the whole music video thing! Oh my god, "Maybe we should get married". My jaw dropped down to the the floor! I'm so excited!
You know what sucks? On CTV they had different scenes, so I only saw the "Maybe we should get married" and not the music video thing. Then I came on here and watched the one on youtube. I'm so excited right now! I don't think I'll live until next week! I'll prolly have a heart attack and die tomorrow! I actually screamed "Oh my god!" when I first saw the scenes, now my sis is mad because she wasnt watching it and now she knows something big happened. I don't care, the scenes were worth a little anger! :D He'll change her life forever! Actually I think the way that was said was odd, he's already changed her life forever like 10 times. Oh well, I really can't see her saying no, unless it's like, she doesn't believe in marriage. Meh, she wouldn't say no, even if thats the case. Which I don't think it is. I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! SQUEEEEE

that was wierd, I couldn't put it all in one :confused:

That episode was all right... creepy when they were watching the 'exorcism'. I thought the one GS scene that was in it was random and weird. When he had the beehive. It looked sort of like she was thinking "You're not taking that home are you? I don't want that in the house."
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Holy crap! The promo for next week was better than the episode. How will we make it 'till next week?But seriously, the ep was pretty good. I really like Sara as a teacher. And she went looking for Gilbert after her shift. And next week with the bees must be at home....SQUEEE
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I think I just shattered all the mirrors in my house with my squeeing.

Holy. Cow. This could be absolutely precious or heartbreaking (depending on Sara's answer). But, really, you'd think a proposal would be the one time we'd get a freaking kiss, and they put them in head to toe bee suits and veils! Are TPTB trying to kill me??? When are we going to get a kiss? Frankly, a kiss, for me, would be more earth-shatteringly awesome than a marriage proposal, accepted or not.
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WELL, after 8 freakin' years, finally :eek: and that would be the way he'd do it, not the old tradtional "will you marry me" he just assumes, that she'll say yes, and won't she though? I'm so relived and very happy and relaxed ;) it's been along time coming.. can't wait, and I'm still holding out that Jorja will stay till the May sweeps

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At first I was very excited and jumping up and down. Then I was horrified because I realize this is how they will have her leave :eek:. She will say no because of some stupid reason that will be out of character but the TPTB will think appropriate. Sara will leave because things will become uncomfortable. Once she leaves they will bring in someone else who the TPTB will claim is Grissom soulmate and everyone approves up :mad:. This is exactly that happened on GA when they wanted to get rid of an actor. I will never forgive TPTB who taking what would be our greatest moment as a cheap way of getting rid of a Sara. :mad: They better go through with it or they will lose a lot of fans, particularlly me . :( We need to be catious about getting to excited about this and remember that we don't know if JF is going to be back anytime past Novemeber. We might have a ER moment or this might be the end. Caution would be rise
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