Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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GSR_Sara_Gil, that was beautifully put.

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Guys, I know you're excited about the new episode tonight but the rules still need to be followed in here. At least three lines of on topic posting please. Short little one liners are not following the rules. Countdowns and squeeing need to have on topic conversation included.

Also, keep in mind to continue to use the spoilers boxes for episode 1 until it has aired in the entire US. That's 1am EST on Friday, September 28th.


ETA: Also, fan videos need to be posted in the Fan Video Thread, not in here.
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Alrighty boys and girls, our final countdown for our Save Sara episode of CSI:GSR (that's my new title for the Las Vegas one, like it?) is...

12 minutes!!!!!

My husband is making me a big bowl of mint choc. chip ice cream, the boys have been put to bed, the big screen is all warmed up and I get the remote. Life is Good :lol:

Enjoy everyone and I'll see ya when it's over

Go Team SO!!
Sara Will Live Cause I Say So!!
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6 minutes!!!

I just watched Living Doll again...and I can't handle all this tension- and I get this feeling that TPTB will definitely drag it out for more episodes'

I'm gonna go watch the episode and not write on here til the episode's over
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Oh. My. God.


When did you two become.. intimate? Sara: "Two Years Ago." Gil: "9 years ago."

I am so glad I was in a seperate room, because I started jumping around the room and OHMYGOD'ing.


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OMG SHE'S ALIVE SHE'S ALIVE SHE'S ALIVE SHE'S ALIVE!!!! YAY FOR TPTB!!!! But I guess we can't celebrate too soon because with our luck she'll probably leave the show anyway because Ecklie's an ass and will fire one or both of them because of their relationship. SHE'S ALIVE!!! Wow, that sneak peak gave me goosebumps...I really hope that neither one of them will leave the show after they've gone through all this. Am I a terrible person for laughing at certain parts of this episode? Like when she and Natalie were fighting in the car and when the wolf came up to the car and stuff- it was just kind of unbelievable. Anyway, overall she's alive and that's what matters!
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OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i cant it 8 yet?? dude, this sucks, i am so moving to friggen new hampshire or something....

GSR rocks my world.
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SHE"S ALIVE AND WE'RE GETTING A TIMELINE!!!!!! And if Grissom is defining intimate the same way the rest of the sane community does, and he says nine years, am i miscalculating or would that be a whole year before he called her to vegas? we are just starting the 8th season, right? But he probably is just defining it differently than she is. or maybe he's saying nine years was the FIRST time, and then they lost touch or whatever and the relationship started back up two years ago, like sarah said.

I loved when they pulled in the chalk scene. It was sweet. I was like "I LOVE THAT SCENE" and "why are they showing it? Are they trying to say that' s when the relationship started, cause if it is, WOW, that was like three years before most of us thought it was!

And I really should go to be now cause I have school in the morning. But i shall return! College won't kill me!
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I need your help. I missed the promo for next week!!! :( can anyone link it or pm me with a link or post it on youtube or something? I can't post my reaction to this episode until 1 am so I'm not going to say anything except for this:


That is all for now.
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Out of lurking again...

Sara lives! Sara lives! Sara lives! SQUEE! *doing the stupid dance* I'm so happy that it all turned out this way. Now I can't wait to see this episode, I hope I'll be able to download it this weekend. Now I'll try to get some sleep because it's 5AM in the mornig here and I'm awake from 3AM. I know I'm crazy!
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such perfect GSRness
it was perfect...wonderful. the chalk scene made me squee. my heart was racing the whole time. encouraging sara "you go girl, keep going" she was great, getting herself out. i cried so much. comforting grissom...he was great too. there weren't many lines, just great acting. loved the lil clues she left and how they found her w/ the mirror. "i'm going with her" and then she woke up to see his name tag...they locked eyes, only had eyes for each other....oh my god "Hello, Gilber" fantabulous. when she says two years ago, does that mean the beginning of season six? alright... i thin kmaybe griss defines it differently, intimacy that is. can't wait for the timeline. can't wait another week. good god i'm already going crazy. my hands are still shaking....watching it again. GO GSR!! thank God she's alive!
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I loved when they pulled in the chalk scene too...and when they showed sara on the elevator talking to grissom and she answers the phone "Gilbert?" *swoon*. It was cool that they showed a lot of Sara in the car- they didn't do that when Nick was abducted. She was so effing smart to take the car mirror with her! And watching her fall and get back up over and over was really intense. I also really liked the way Sara was relating to Natalie in the car- talking about foster care and losing their fathers...I thought it was very well done

As for the rest of the season, I'm really worried about how this will turn out. I mean, Sara looked fairly cheerful in the clips they showed from next week, but I think this whole thing is going to have a negative impact on the show. I really can't see things going back to normal now, as much as we may want them to. I know we've had 7 great seasons, but I kind of wish that this last one could have been normal, with some GSR splashed in (including a kiss) like last season. I don't know, my thoughts are all over the place, I'm happy she's alive but scared for the future of the show
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GSRfanatic25 said:

GSR_SARA_GIL i loved what you said. i saved it to my computer, lol, i do that sometimes, in my special csi folder. you put it wonderfully about their relationship and teh actors and the wrtiers and the show, and eveyrhitng. thank you
and i agree w/ everything you said! lol.

Thank you so much! Glad someone agrees. That is what comes out when you read a lot you look at all the angles, plus i have read so many interviews about CSI and GSR.

She lived thank God, although i did not think they would kill her. Now to what i have been more worried about all summer I want them to use Sara more and not just GSR. I want her to truly deal with her past particularly her mother. This is the door open to the CSI writers. They can explore all of Sara and have happy GSR. I mainly want this because i have been sick of Marg and her boob show every episode. No offense, but i want happy GSR and i want they doing the geek-mind meld in the field again. I want my team but with a little more Sara. Sara and Jorja just rock!!! She was so great in this episode!!! Emmy matierial! Again the writers are slowly bringing it full circle. CSI writers more Sara period. After this great episode there should be no dout in anyone's mind that Jorja is the ethereal breathing heart and soul of CSI. Wihtout her dedication adn talent the show will go under. So dont let a new girl take the spotlight away form teh best CSI, GSR, or Jorja Fox. She Liveeeeeeeedddddddd!!!!!
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