Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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12 hours 44 min (EST). I live in Florida, so that is my countdown. Should I do all the timezones? :lol:

I hope they don't drag it out, but I don't think that they will. They haven't ever had a three parter before so I hope they don't start now. I don't think that I'd make it through another week like this one. SHE'D BETTER BE ALIVE IN 13 HOURS OR LESS. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. :)

Go Gil!! Save Sara!!
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

BrookeSidle said:
im pacific time, but since i live in canada i get it at 8 instead of 9.
OMG! brookeSidle I live in canada too (Alberta)OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!!! ONLY 13 HOURS HERE!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! eeww. i have to do the terry fox run at school today :( boring. omg i every thursday at school i turn to the back of my binder and start a count down and cross off every half an hour. OMG whenever theres a GSR moment on CSI my mom is getting SQUEE!! haha. none o my friends like CSI except my Science teacher, BUT GUESS WHAT HE SADI THE OTHER DAY!?! Hes like "i love CSI" and im going 'Sweeeet' then hes like "the only thing i dont like about it is that damn broad whos using Grissom." i wanted to Whop his ass. and yah i agree i think they will find the car and she wont be there and it will be a WTF? moment and they will Find her in dead doll but we wont actually see if shes alright until A La Cart. :eek:
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omg mkay i have never read that fanfic with the rocking chair thing in it..i dont think we can post fanfics over Pg-13 on here socan somebody please send me a link at PLEASE!!!as fast as you can lol
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

I e-mailed you the link. My e-mail is the same as my username.

I'm not really good with French however doesn't a la carte translate roughly to 'At the Cart/Car'?
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SockGlue, "a la carte" means "from the menu." Look! Taking French in high school, college, and grad school does have a practical use! (Of course, there should be a grave accent above the first a, but I can't manage to do it on this PC. Different codes from my Mac.)

I am dying with anxiety about the premiere tonight, but am extremely happy that it is almost here! And I am still spoiler free! *preens self*

I'm feeling fairly certain that Sara will make it through alive, but I think finding her is going to be a long, agonized process. I'm also pretty certain that everything will be resolved in this episode and that Sara's fate will not still be an open question at the end of tonight's episode. (Eeeeee! I just said tonight's episode! It's really here!)

All of your posts describing how people you know misunderstand or fail to appreciate Sara really strike a chord with me. But they also reveal something about why we like Sara and why we find her relationship with Grissom so convincing. Not everyone sees Sara's value because she is so introverted and self-contained. She doesn't call attention to herself with her dress or the way she wears her hair. Yet, she is, for those who are willing to look, beautiful, intelligent, dedicated, and passionate. Grissom, who as a man of science is fond of looking and fond of discovery, has been able to see in her what perhaps some men and women, whose notions of what is attractive stop at the surface, cannot. And isn't that why so many of us identify with Sara and find Sara and Grissom's relationship captivating? Isn't it because we, too, want someone to stop and look at us, and see that, despite our inattention to clothing or our stubbornly curly or straight or otherwise unchic hair, that we are attractive and worthy to be loved?

*Returns to lurking*
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First of all SockGlue, Welcome :D And NEVER feel stupid. On here, we're all friends, right girls? We help each other out, that's what we do. I know I've done some dumb things on here, esp. when I was the newbie, and everyone was very helpful.

Secondly, I would like to remind everyone that we have LESS THAN 10 HOURS TO GO!!!! WHOO HOOO!!
Go Gil, Go Sara, Go Team, Save Sara!!!!

And lastly, I just want to say on behave of all our TV's out there that I want us all to remember to watch nicely tonight. This means no throwing remotes, no yelling, no screaming, at the TV. The poor things never did anything to us but give us our beloved GSR. They take all the abuse, so remember, hate Natalie, but love your TV ;).

Go GSR!!
GSR rocks my flat screen tv!
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Hey guys, I got a bit of a shock this morning in the paper. I was expecting to find a nice article about Dead Doll in the entertainment section & found a BIG A** article about Grey's Anatomy instead & if it depicts Seattle truely. I'd forgotten it takes place in Seattle & am now a little embarrassed about living here. Bummer.

For all you fan fic addicts (like me:)) I satyed up 'till 3AM reading ones by smacky30 called Because I love You & How to Marry an Entemologist. Really well written, less smut than Casa but I think more in character for our geeks.

Only 12 hours left now onthe west coast. Whoopy!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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Wow, so many posts. I haven't been on because I'm trying to catch up on here and get through my schoolwork.

I'm getting really loopy about what's to come and my roomates are starting to figure out what an obsessive dork I am. Just hearing you guys talk about the premiere makes me hyperventilate and get goosebumps. I swear, right now I am shaking so badly I might burst out crying. I feel so psychotic right now I'm thinking of skipping my class today.

There has to be a cure to this anxious disease. Oh, wait, there is one. It's called GSR!!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

I need my medicine NOW! [foaming at the mouth]

GSR rocks my Chuck Taylors.

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Hey Desertwind, I was just watching Living Doll while I processed it onto a DVD & was wondering about something that you might be able to help with. It looks like Sara was snatched fron the Showcase Theatre parking garage. Isn't it really in Vegas, just north of the MGM? Why would they shoot scenes there instead of somewhere in Cal. where they do most of there filming? And in the Dead Doll promos Catherine is at the parking garage crime scene so they must have filmed that on location. Aren't they in Vegas faor the first time this season this week? So when did they film the stuff we see tonight?

And why was Sara there? And how did Natalie know she would be there? I want some answers, I wonder if I'll find out in 9 HOURS & 40 MINUTES?!!!!!!
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dude, 4 hours 42 minutes...that's crazy?
casa is a long read but i can't get enough of it, i'm at halloween right now, dying for thanksgiving.
...i can't believe it's tonite
and bengali, though i know basically what's going to happen, i can't promise there won't be throwing of random objects. we're making brownies for the occasion (yeah, we're dorks, it's the best we can do) so i might throw them if something prmomts me. the remote is possible becuase no one else is getting it...we'll see though
i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait
i'm so hyper and excited and anxious...
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It is about 11 pm here so...that makes it about 6 hours until it airs. I think...My brain is not working very well.

SaraSidleRules8, what a jerk! :mad: Evil boss. Seriously, I would probably have killed him with one look (since I can't slap him, he is the boss after all.) of pure hatred.

Well, at least he'll loose 50 bucks XD.

*deep breath* I'm for once lost on words. I can only say: Thank God/Allah/Buddha/TPTB/etc! Where did you find that? It feelt extreamly good knowing, since I have been worried all da. I think even my belly ache is letting up a bit on me. Does this mean that she....lives? I'm a bit in denial, though it is probably just from shock. Whew. We are not dead yet!

Hope you all will enjoy your CSI-night and that it will come out like the S7 premiere with lots of squees over veggie burgers! (Ah, the memories.)

And one last cry of "Go Team So!" and "Go GSR!"!
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I dont think so, David Rambo and Carol Mendolsohn, stated "that everything will be revealed, and all loose ends will be tied up", in the season premier :eek: and WELCOME SockGlue
glad your here with all of us GSR maniacs :D counting down the hours now, I'm so full of nervous anxiety, but am trying to stay positive.. SARA LIVES

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i KNOW that i cannot Promise that i wont throw everything in arms reach at the TV. :p. mkay i want to say this but dont know how, so here goes...i LOVE sara, she is my favorite character and i love GSR. but...i really like Natalie!!!! lol shes an awesome character i love that psychotic characteristic about her. OMG we have been waiting for this for 4 1/2 MONTHS!!! but now its finally doesnt seem real. i CAN NOT believe that we will actaully see what happens, it just feels fake i even threw up today cause i was soooo ecxited!!! and in response to somebody elses post before...when i get room mates im coming on this forum to look for them, cause i am totally a GSR dork i cannot get enough!!!!
Countdown For Calgary Alberta (Canada) is only 4 1/2 HOURS!!!(Same Amount Of Months That We've Been Waiting...CREEPY!) O M F G !!! SPAZZZZ!!
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