Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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That's a good question on who wrote these IloveBilly HMMM> I wonder if that's posted anywhere?...and you're collage is fantastic, you should go post it on the FAN-ART GSR collages.. go for it ;)

this collage was made for my friend!!i will tell her!!!
i'm looking in many places and i don't find who wrote!!
i want David Rambo ;)episode!!!
Yeah, what's up with not mentioning Sara or Gris? Are they for certain not going to appear in this ep? OO OO, hot GSR action in the hospital. Hehehehe! Do you guys know how many epis they'll film before the premiere airs?? Isn't it usually like 3 or 4? Maybe they're purposely leaving them out of everything to make us wonder?

Soooo. Hi everyone else, how ya doin'? Anyone know where I can get some crime scene tape without it being illegal? I was serious about taking over my locker by constructing a shrine. . . :)

I hope we get a hospital make out scene..ok maybe not make out scene. At least some angsty freaked out Gris. that'd be hot... mmmmmm

GSR rocks my plagioclase feldspar!

Go Team SO!!!!!!!!
I totally skipped past those spoilers. I am so proud of myself.

I might have to disappear for a bit after September. I don't want to get too spoiled. Damn England's lack of S8 until January.

Go Team SO!
Peterson and Fox love GSR and have fought for it for years. They will not let it end badly!!!!
They have both said they will only leave CSI if they characters leave together and are happy.
I could see Grissom teaching or writing a book about forensics like in so many fanfics and I could see Sara maybe going to the FBI cause she kicks butt!! They will live together and be happy!

Fox has also said numerous times that she loves being on CSI, loves the people she works with, and loves playing Sara. She has actually said her favorite thing about CSI is that she gets to play someone who is stronger, braver, and way smarter than her. Fox has said she finds Sara fascinating.

Fox has said about GSR that she loves it, but at the end of Season 5 that the ball was in Grissom's court not Sara's! Although after Committed...
I really believe they started dating after Committed because the whole season prior to that Gil had been their for Sara on a level never before witnessed.
There was too much emotion in Committed for Sara and Gil not to at least start dating.
Then we got the "trigger scene" in Grave Danger. They are both private people and they were too intimate and open, not to dating at that point.
Plus both Billy and Jorja have said they played all of season 6 as if Sara and Gil were already in a relationship and dating each other.
There is a lot of evidence as well all the awkward moments in the early episodes spoke to me of people who had just moved in together or at least spent a lot of time at each other's houses.

So keep the faith in Billy and Jorja cause they rock!

Go Team SO!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Herzeleid, they did get mention on the second episode. Here is a spoiler, if you want to see.

Sara and Grissom working on the non-case investigation. It non-case, I don't know what that mean.

Sound like Catherine back to Swing shift and her partner is Vivian Lee. I don't know Sara stay with Catherine or just work with her on the swing shift then she go back to nightshift or something. I hope this is not break up the teams again. Do they ever learn it didn't work in fifth season? What make them think they are going to work now?
i I want my original team getting the screentime not more lab rats!
If they do not use Sara for more than GSR I will be mad even though I love GSR.
Sara Sidle deserves better as does the amazing Jorja Fox.
I want more about Sara and her fascinating character this year thank you very much!
IF they break the team and give new girl more screentime i will be pissed. I want more Sara and Grissom working together thank you very much and i want the original team not some new girl who has not been with the viewers. i love Sara and if she does not work more on CASES i will be mad. i love when Griss and her work cases or when she works them with Warrick i want my team not lab rats or new people i want Sara's past and more of her complex character

Go Team SO!!!!!!!!
I have to agree with you about Sara. We need more Sara, she hasn't have screen time for a while now. I like to see her past, especially her mother and why she snapped like that and why she killed Sara's father. I want to see more of Nick, Grissom, Sara, Warrick on the show. I have see enough of Catherine and Greg.
Amen to that
more Sara Grissom Warrick and Nick
I think they used Catherine and Greg more than enough the last two years.
And i dont want a new person taking all the screentime either.
::looks around room, whistling::

I'll bet the "non-case" is Gris in the hospital visiting or taking care of her at home. Hell, it could be Gris' punishment being explored. I hope for the prior...angsty hospital GSR. mmm

I think we saw that coming though. If Gris is to remain supervisor they have to split them up. It'd be interesting to see this new girl, as long as Sara's alive. Seems to me she's going to be alive and well if shes in a normal case-based epi. Any thoughts?

Yep. There it is. GSR. Love. What more could you ask for?

GSR rocks my hornblende!
Go Team SO!!
About GSR.
I think they should just make Catherine supervisor of nightshift. So that the team can stay together. Then we get all the GSR interaction and the team interaction we want.
Plus i am selfish when it comes to Sara and GSR. I want more Sara she is the most complex character on the show and no new character is ever going to top her. Grissom is the next most complex. So yay I want my GSR and Sara having more to do. Jorja Fox is just such a wonderful actress (i think she is the best on TV) ((I hate the Emmy's for not ever giving her an award po-po on them)) :mad:

Go Team SO!!!!!!!!!!

PS does anyone think they may have filmed Living Doll both parts last season
like how they did the Season 6 two parter and Grave Danger?
That they are jsut do this to test the FANS loyalty to our CSI Team because ratings were down for all TV this last season and they were competing with GA??
KEEP THE FATIH.. I'm not going to sweat it anymore, useless, and nerve-wracking..when I got the new TV Guide, I actually cried
and Mr. Auseillo can 'bite me' :mad: so I'm not going to let this upset me any more.. whatever will be will be!! so to help pump us up, and stay positive, here's some pictures for us all to remember when

"SLAL" S/1

I think everything will work out in the end and everyone will be happy, or learn to be happy (*huhmm* non GSR fans)and that we will finally get our GSR kiss :devil:
Sorry that its been a bit busy here and i haven't gotten back to you sooner. Let me see if I can answer your questions for you.- The cocoon is still in Grissom's office, though the butterfly within it emerged long ago (something I wish we'd had time in the Season 7 finale to show).- At this time, there are no plans for Melinda Clarke to return, though there are no plans NOT to have her return, either.Thanks again for writing, and for your support of the show. David Rambo
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