Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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Ummm.. click "edit", it'll take you to the regular posting screen. on the bottomish right side of where the smileys and everything are is a bunch of underlined words, bottom of that list is "Spoiler", then edit to fit. :)
Don't worry about it. Like I said it wasn't anything big, but at least now you know how to use a box :) Oh, our beloved blue boxes!

I figured that's what she meant, just wanted to be sure I didn't miss a new promo lol. I think I watched that one about 50 times.

GSR rocks my (let's go easy) Marble!
Go Team SO!!

--face-- --pillow--
i know, i watched it soo many times, i watch it over and over and over again. loved it. thank you for teaching me, master. now your grasshopper knows one more secret of teh csi forum!

SAVE SARA, for the love of GSR
Adz, either way the season turns out, you're gonna have to watch this promo as soon as the premiere airs. I'm not telling you to NOW - I certainly wish I handn't - but eventually. Because it's gorgeously done. Like hyper active fanvids with incredible editing wonderfully done.
darn. i kinda heard from my friend that it's awesome. she's teasing me so bad and i get so excited it's cruel.
GSRFanatic25, please put that tid-bit in a spoiler box!! AHHH! We must keep Adz safe at all cost. hehe, even though it doesn't seem like much of a spoiler, you'd be surprised.
thank you lots Herzeleid *pats*

where's choco? she's gotta start a new thread soon.
*Sings little Mermaid song from childhood*
:lol: That's odd. I've had that song stuck in my head for days.

...I now have a rather disturbing image of Grissom and Sara sitting in a boat while a bug (as apposed to a crab) sings Kiss the Girl :rolleyes:
Ok, yeah, so I woke up this morning singing Kiss the Girl. I don't think it's disturbing, exactly to picture the boat and the bug, but let's all picture butterflies flying around them and it being a pretty lady bug not an ugly icky bug singing, OK?

Fanfic25 I didn't make my GSR quotes t shirt, I bought it online at cafe press. I am so not that talented. They had lots of GSR stuff there, I just needed something to sleep in for some nice sweet GSR dreams. :)
Only 25 more days and 11 hours and 10 min!! We can do it!
How do you know how many posts are left until the new thread? or is it counted by pages? I'm so new to forums and threads. I was curious.
Boy, you guys have been busy while I was asleep. I haven't got tothe end of the page yet but you guys have to watch this vid.
Kiss The Girl
Yeah the sand dune,wall,old adobe hut. That thing, you saw it, it was crazy driving in the dark to get to his Sara.
How do you know how many posts are left until the new thread? or is it counted by pages? I'm so new to forums and threads. I was curious.
A mod will lock the thread when we reach 1000 posts (my post is 999!)

*Looks around for choco to open the new thread*#

ETA: :lol: That youtube video is awesome. I'd never realised how fitting the song was for them. Makes me want to go watch The Little Mermaid :rolleyes: *digs out collection of Disney videos*.
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