Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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AHHH HAA-- the thing is they don't have a 'ship' and maybe get irritated because of that fact.. don't let it get you down.. GSR are the only CANNON on CSI

Ok hi again...where did all these new people come from...
So anyways this is probably be the last post I make before the show starts, anyways just poped in to let you guys know me and my lists didnt abandon you.

So: Lists
Ok my lists rock and I am not whereing any socks(happy Eggy?)
OMG! CSI premires one day beofre my birthday. The writers had better have Sara live or it may be the worst birhtday ever.

Go Team So!!!!!!!!!!!
That is a nice video AlwaysGSR, hope the Mods don't get you too hard for putting in a link.
Speaking of videos I just finished the season four installment of "CSI The Best GSR of...", very angsty season, I used a Jason Aldean song called Why that I think goes well with the GSR pain of season four. I'm looking forward to looking at some happier clips.
Lets all hope for lots of happy GSR clips for season eight.
I couldn't get the YouTube to come up.. damm, what it is.. tell me, oh well, I'm sure it's great, and maybe you should ask the Mods, if this is OK :eek: don't want to you to get in any hot water!


I was able to see it.. WOW!!! AMAZING.. BREATHTAKING.. **THANK'S BUNCHES** ;)
Mr. Rambo and I need to have words: the thing hatched? WTF? How can u introduce a plot point like that and let it go? There better be a reference to the damn thing!!!
Hey guys! Quick reminder...there's a thread pinned at the top of the forum for YouTube videos. It can be found here .

Let's keep the videos in there. ;)
1CSIMfan said:
Hey guys! Quick reminder...there's a thread pinned at the top of the forum for YouTube videos. It can be found here .

Let's keep the videos in there. ;)
Cool, a special place for videos. I love making GSR videos. If you don't have a new episode to watch, make your own! :lol:
Oh oh, this is a little short. I better add that I'm staying away from spoilers having to do with episode particulars very well. If it looks like it might be about Sara's fate I look & if it turns out to be specific about an episode I click it away as fast as I can. I don't want to be spoiled except about the Geeks great love affair.
This is what people have been saying about my posts on the Season 8 Spoilers thread. I am so friggen pissed that they bash us then deny it.

EricaSJ said:


AlwaysGSR12 said:
Thats why I hate Grillows fans. They always read too much into the spoilers they want to come true. Fairytales don't always have a happy ending. I think GSR is not coming to a close, rather a standstill. It makes less sense to go through all that, and even having Grissom admit he loves her last season to end it so horribly like the way you guys are saying it will. I agree, alot of the stories you see on fanfiction are GSR, I was just on that site and the first seven were GSR, the rest just team stories. It is def. not why ratings went down. Believe what you want, I'm ending this with I'm just going to see what happens. Now I have to go to my GSR safe haven because there I can bash other ships like you bash ours here.

PS: Sorry this really didn't have anything to do with spoilers, I just had to defend myself.



Uhoh. Lookie who's trying to generalize things.

Did someone bash GSR in this thread? I must be blind.



No you're not Erica, people seem not to notice this thread is about spoilers, not bashing shipps, stupidity anyway...
Always, we're not allowed to discuss other ships in here... Though, I see you're trying to take the conversation elsewhere, we're really not supposed to generalize about members of other ships.

That said, there is a general hostility at times towards our ship in other parts of the board, and that's something one must accept when stepping out of the haven of our little GSR hole. I rarely leave here to venture to other parts of the board, except when I feel I have something valuable to add to the conversation.

If you think someone is BASHING, report it to a mod. That's the best way to handle it. So, that way, you won't be among the ones reprimanded when a mod catches on on their own.

I am one of the biggest Geek Love fans out there, and most people in the general section of the board who are regulars know that. But, the best way to voice frustration is to a mod. :)

Trust me, I've gotten my hand slapped a few times... just passing on my lessons. :)
Your right Alyssa.... Always is just very passionate, and I understand her frustrations. I feel them as well, but being's I'm an old timer, here and chronologically, It's hard and extremly upsetting, when one goes to post on say, the Spoiler thread, and you have to read all that other **stuff** so your correct it's better to stay here and talk about our couple and let them do their thing whatever that might be or however they may feel, it stiil doesn't change that GSR are the only romantic couple [excluding Warrrick and wifey] which we never see :confused:that are on our show


. . .Which is why I love you guys! We don't argue, we know GSR is the awesomestest thing ever. After the second page of the spoiler thread still bashing GSR I gave up. I just hope someone still goes there to bring us spoilers hehehe.

WOO! Fallen Idols is on this weeeeeek. Sorry, I need to start sleeping regularly. :) Love you guys, love GSR.

GSR rocks my greenstone!
Go Team SO!!!
This is one of the reasons why spoiler free is so much better :)

People bashing GSR don't really bother me because they'll never destroy (or sink?) our ship.

We're stupidly optimistic and we're one of the most active shipper threads, despite the slight problem of that red mustang :rolleyes:

Go team SO!
Hey guys! ::waves:: seems I haven't posted in a while....that little thing called life got in the way. :rolleyes: School is almost out, then I have like, two weeks, and then I go back. So...I have a little time to hang out...

A lot has happened in the last week.

I got a new tattoo! :D. I was gonna get one that says "GSR forever" But...yeah. :lol: People would go "WTF? Is that?" Nothing...just...nothing. You wouldn't understand. :lol:

Remember how I told you guys I got my dad that fugly hat that Grissom has? Well...he wore it the other day...and the sunglasses...AND the shirt. He SERIOUSLY looked like Grissom. And I took a picture...and here it is...

My dad and "That 'Grissom Look'"...

:lol:. I wasn't lying.

This is why I hate the summer. Everyone is so busy and anyone hardly posts on here. BRING BACK THE GSR! ::pounds on table:: NOW!

I guess I really don't have anything else to say...

Hope everyone is having a great summer and I hope everyone comes back for the premiere!

Oh! One more thing! One of my videos got nominated for a CSI Music Video Award! I think on YTDaW but I'm not sure. It's under TommyKimFan and the name of the video is "Haunted" so...check it out if you haven't. It's a good song and it's GSR. ;)

Alright...Imma make like a banana and split.

Go Team SO!
Hurray for GSR for rocking my new tattoo! :)
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