Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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Ya' know, Alyssa your right, I was impulsive, when I chose, and I did like him in other epsiodes, before I got so caught up in 'them ' so the one I picked plus 'a combo' of others' ;)

Question for the fantastic shippers you are, if I wanted to get someone really into GSR, what episode do you think I should have them watch, that won't get the person crazy confused, if you all catch my drift. I've got a few in mind, but I'd like to get expert opinion. :D
Radical618 said:
Question for the fantastic shippers you are, if I wanted to get someone really into GSR, what episode do you think I should have them watch, that won't get the person crazy confused, if you all catch my drift. I've got a few in mind, but I'd like to get expert opinion. :D

Well...I'd definately either say Butterflied or Invisible Evidence. Butterflied is what got ME hooked. Hook, line, and sinker.

Oh! And I'm glad ya'll like my sign. I was thinking about sending the picture to or TV Guide...whaddaya think?

And something else I wanted to add...I was checking out CSI Files and it's kind of weird that the plot details for Miami and NY have been release already. They really are keeping the season premiere on the DL. Gosh I'm getting antsy! Is it September yet?


Only two month to go. I like Seventh season better, but don't get me wrong, I do love the whole season. I like it because Grissom is lighten up and finally realize he love his teams very much and grow into the family to him.

He finally treat Sara better then he does years ago.

You're welcome, alwaysGSR12.
radical I agree with SSR8 Butterflied really struck home. You get that feeling at the end, as they pan out and you see Sara's reflection, of finally knowing what's going on in his mind. First time I saw the ep I remember thinking to myself "God I hope Sara overheard THAT." And when they finally panned out I realized exactly what he said... He loves her. Plain and simple.
Radical618 said:
Question for the fantastic shippers you are, if I wanted to get someone really into GSR, what episode do you think I should have them watch, that won't get the person crazy confused, if you all catch my drift. I've got a few in mind, but I'd like to get expert opinion. :D
I like Sex, Lies & Larvae for an early GSR just forming ep.
Then Scuba Doobie Doo gets a little romance.
Then Play With Fire, Sara takes a chance & gets shot down.
Then Nesting Dolls,Time of Your Death, Way To Go, & your ready for season 7.
Can I pick a certain episode Grissom? lol.

I loved loved loved him in "Laws of Gravity" because he was flirty, funny, sarcastic, stern, all the Grissom goodness.

Execpt for that mountain man beard. That I could have done without.
I'd definetly have to go with Butterflied followed by Nesting Dolls. You get the build-up of Sara/Grissom relationship followed by the best speech in Grissom-history. Then you can bring in Nesting Dolls which proves why Grissom "needs" her despite what Ecklie and Blondie want.
Radical yeah, I'd go with 'BUTTERFLIED', is really shows alot about them. many others too, but for beginners, on them, it kinda of tells it all! plus his riveting speech at the end, so precise, and his acting.. incredible!

The beautiful thing about going with "Butterflied" is that it's the moment WE are affirmed in our belief that Grissom is as crazy about Sara as she is about him.

For years he deflected her approaches or waved them off with a coy smile or a simple flirtatious word, but nothing stuck. When it came to the nitty gritty of initiating something more, he bucked every time. She approached him with an offer of something more, with the invitation to try something new in their relationship, and though he acknowledged something existed between them, he never defined it. He never gave it a name beyond a vague "this."

"Butterflied" is about revealing to the audience and to Grissom just how much Sara matters despite all his attemps to deny it within himself.

I remember, I was unspoiled when the episode aired. I was fresh into the series and had seen season 1 all the way through, and parts of 2 and 3. When "Butterflied" aired, I already knew that Sara had a thing for Grissom, but I was still searching for affirmation that he felt the same way.

After "Butterflied," there wasn't a doubt in my mind. When he approached that crime scene, when he saw the face of the victim and first registered what it reminded him of, you can see the mixed emotions flood across his face. From that moment on, any scene involving Grissom is attached to Sara, because that's all he can see.

When he walks outside, his eyes fixate on her. They lock, but before she can question his unusual gaze, he shifts his eyes to Brass, making her wonder if the moment was intentional, accidental, or all in her head.

Throughout the episode he keeps Sara out of the bathroom, away from the place where the woman actually died. The connection is already too real for him. He doesn't need her standing there, but it already has a hold on him. He sees her in his mind on the bed. He's flustered when she calls, and when she finally sees the victim and realizes what's going on, it hits her hard, too.

Season 4 Sara thought she was going to move on. She had tried asking Grissom out and it didn't work. Yet, here she was, face to face with her doppleganger, the face that sent Grissom into days without sleep, slaving to find out who killed the nurse, as if solving the mystery would somehow release him from the torture. Because, he feels tortured as though it were Sara on that floor, and for the first time in a long time, he's forced to deal with his own demons, and his feelings for the beautiful brunette in the office.

Those final moments, that final confession is one of the most beautiful moments on CSI, still. It's a man, broken and exhausted, worn out from the search, struggling to maintain his cool, and sitting there face to face with the murderer who might as well have gone after Sara as far as Grissom is concerned in this moment.

Grissom sees this man, this murderer, and realizes that he sadly has much in common with this man. They're both older men who fell for younger women, but where the doctor opened his heart and was destroyed by the woman's cold-hearted ease to move on, Grissom remains closed. He tries to keep his heart from opening because he doesn't want to be burned. He openly admits that his own fears keep him from being with the beautiful young person who offered him a new life. He couldn't do it. He was afraid. He let it go, and for the first time, we see that he has regret where Sara's concerned.... but the fear is too great.

And as he confesses just how much she means to him despite his efforts to shut her out, she's watching and listening, and realizing just how broken this man is, but remembering just how much she cares. It hurts to know that fear was all that held him back, but helps her understand the situation, and him, a little more.

At the end of the episode, there should be no question in most people's minds that Grissom learned a lot about himself and his own feelings towards Sara. He could love her. He really could, but he's holding back because he's afraid, so terribly afraid, of it being taken away from him, of it being fleeting. He worries that she'll tire of him and his eccentricities.

Of course, we all know otherwise, but there's something so beautiful about seeing a man so broken down and tortured, and yet the torture opens his heart up enough to pour out a truth for the world to hear, something long buried, too long.

It's just such a lovely parallel to the season finale, if you think about it. In "Butterflied" he was forced to face the reality that she might not be in his life forever. I mean, sure, she'd threatened to leave in the past, but he always found a way to keep her around. He hadn't thought of the prospect of losing her due to the whims of one who would strike her down and end her life.

Now, here we are at the end of Season 7. In Season 4 Grissom connected Sara with a dead nurse. In Season 5 he watched her be attacked by a mental patient while he froze. In Season 7, she was stolen away and left to die in the desert while he frantically shook the only woman who might hold the information to save the "only person [he] ever loved."

We've seen him deal with these fears before, and every time ("Butterflied," "Committed") he shuts down. He doesn't function properly. He moves on autopilot. If the season opens with him doing the same, it'd be beautiful continuity. :)

And... I have to stop writing, now. :)
WOW, that's deep Alyssa :eek: are you a writer in your spare time? ;) well put! and I agree with it all, that's when I saw their camraderie, the look's on the porch, were so revealing, as well, as the rest of the ep.


Question for the fantastic shippers you are, if I wanted to get someone really into GSR, what episode do you think I should have them watch, that won't get the person crazy confused, if you all catch my drift. I've got a few in mind, but I'd like to get expert opinion
As most people have already said, I'd go with Butterflied as it is perhaps the first direct look into Grissom's feelings for Sara.

I would then proceed to show them either the entire episode or clips of earlier scenes such as the "Since when are you interested in beauty?" scene in Primum Non Nocere and the "Pin me down" scene in Invisible Evidence.
I've been thinking, and wondering about a certain line that Grissom said to Sara. It's a pretty crucial line.

"I don't know what to do about this." I could sit here and come up with a thousand possible explanations for this line. So, to put it in context; Sara just asked Grissom to dinner. Most people would answer this question as 'no' or 'sorry' or 'i'm busy right now' or, if you want, 'I only like you as a friend'. Grissom, we know is different, and he often does things differently. He answers this question differently.

So, who wants to dig into Grissom's brain, and say what they think he means by 'I don't know what to do about this?'
I think Grissom wanted the relationship, but didn't know how to start it. When Sara approached him with the dinner date, he wasn't sure how to respond. He's a boss and she's his could have been very awkward for him at first to drop the boss demeanor and take over as the boyfriend. It may have been against lab policy for a CSI to date another CSI within the crime lab (many offices and workplaces have rules like that). By the time it came to Brass almost losing his life, Grissom realized how easily he could lose Sara and that brought them together.

Back then, Grissom wasn't as open as he had been. I think that was also around the time he was losing his hearing or just getting it back...I can't remeber...but that could have also effected his decision. If he was losing his hearing, he wouldn't have wanted to start a relationship. He didn't even want anyone to know about the surgery or the hearing problems. How would it look on a date if he was only reading her lips and not looking into her eyes? It wouldn't have worked. By the time he was getting his hearing back, it had to involve some getting used to. No more loss-of-hearing lapses.

When he said "I don't know what to do about this", I really think he wanted the relationship but didn't know how to start it. It would have been hard for him to just jump into a relationship (not to mention it was Sara who asked him, rather than him asking her). It takes a while for Grissom to just become open about things and I think that was what caused the tension between them. After that, they lightened up and had plenty of personal space violations. That incident helped mold their relationship into the couple we see now...
That's exactly the episode I was thinking of, I think it's perfect. Glad I could double check with you guys though, there are still a lot I haven't seen that I really need to. So many episodes, so little shown on Spike. I should get the DVD's, they run pretty cheap online.
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