Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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I picked the last one. I like season one & season seven combined. I want romantic, sweet, funny( haven't seen that tongue peeking out in a long time), & sexy in a T-shirt(or no shirt).
Hey, does the three line rule have to be full lines? If so I'm gonna have to learn to be less succinct.
SaraSidleRules8, I am totally in love with that street sign. AND I WANT IT. Lol. I bought a shirt that says, 'Be my idol, don't kill Sidle'. People at the mall were looking at me funny because under it in marker I wrote, 'Grissom will die without his girl, Save GSR and Sara - save the world!' People think I'm insane, but it's cool. Lmao. Then someone who (i guess) watched CSI, came up to me and said Grillows rocks and then I proceeded to ramble on for a good ten minutes about why GSR is better. ^_^
Maybe it is time to call out the CSI's? I bet she would love to have WP and JF find her!
Haha I don't think we'd ever see her again if that happened. Well I sure hope it's not just me that would lock myself in the room with them and refuse to leave :rolleyes:

And I picked season 7 Grissom because I liked seeing how the relationship had progressed once the audience knew of their relationship.
Thank you too desertwind, thats what I try to point out to these people but they would rather live in their fantasy world and not snap back into reality. Oh well, they'll learn when they see the opening for season 8 and Sara is alive and well in the arms of here beloved Grissom ;)
SaraSidleRules8 said:
Season 3 was my LEAST favorite Grissom to Sara. Because he was being a jerk to her.

I agree with you on that SaraS! :) Grissom in S3 had issues (mainly his health, maybe other stuff as well), however i miss Grissom of S1, who used to smile more (and who gave hugs *Pilot epi*) :) and the i'm-hott-in-jeans-Jackpot Grissom of S4 ;), but all in all Grissom of S7 is the one we were all hoping to see since S1, episode 2 (when Sara first appeared!!) :p :D
Def. Season 7! that is when he actually starts to show that he really cares for her. in the other seasons it is plainly (but still great) flirting, but season 7, we actually see them together and how they are as a couple! it is sweet and amazing and now i want to go home so i can watch them! :rolleyes:
Thank's FallenforGrissom great idea
.. and keeps us on the topic ;) I loved him in S/7.. it did show a softer kinder romantic Gris
so I picked that one! and I hope they continue with this and his deameanor, when he finds his love Sara :p safe and sound!


And SaraSidleRules8 totally cool sign.. ;)
I picked S6 Grissom and I'm apparently the only one to do so. Don't get me wrong, I love that GSR is canon, but I did enjoy the mystery of it all, you know? I dunno, it's hard to explain, but I liked it just as much before they were canon as after. Just the un-adressed tension between them...

*sighs and goes off to remember...*
s/7 here too, as said above in previous seasons it was more flirting... s/7 it got real.

going back to page 7, have to agree, I love how the relationship is so subtile, mainly just glances, rarely anything physical at all and even when they are "physical" it's so low key, but those eyes say so much! wow!
HAHAHA. That street sign made me laugh : ) I needed that.

Anyway, as for the poll... I voted for the last choice. Now why would I do that? Well, I really loved the Grissom from season one and I loved the way that Sara and Grissom interacted in season one. In Unfriendly Skies, they were comfortable and some moments were hilarious. Sara was new to the team, and she was already getting along with her co-workers, Grissom in particular. I really loved the little jokes and playful Grissom they gave us. It made him seem not so much of a robot, like Catherine made him out to be in Pledging Mr Johnson.

BUT, since Grissom is so cute when he's being romantic, and he's being really nice to Sara... I like the Grissom from season seven too. I mean c'mon, he basically said he loved her... TWICE. :D
I was just going over all the 'special moments' they've had, and OMG, they've been so connected for so long, I'd say from the onset, it just took him some time. [big jerk] at times, to "get it" his sabbatical did the trick ;) here's time line again, for those who haven't read this ;)

And welcome BabyBunting and jojoirishjojo boy that's some moniker :eek: glad your here, have fun! ;)
britfan you'll have to "accidently" write her name as Jorja and tell her if she wants to be like all the cool kids she'll have her mom change her name. ;P And I love seeing tax dollars at work!!

I chose S5. I dunno why. Ok so I do. I loved caring Grissom.. The "I'm not afraid to think for 10 seconds then grab your hand as you cry" Grissom... The "I won't freak out even as I see images of your throat being slashed before my eyes while I stand here staring lovingly at you" Grissom. Ahh, S5, what would I do without you!
I think I'd like to see a mix of season 6, 5, and 1 Grissom. His humor is great when it's alive, and while I love him being romantic, I'd love to see him not completely pulled together all the time. And, I think he still has some issues with expressing his feelings that weren't as apparent early on. Granted, early on Mr. Petersen was probably still shaping Grissom's character, but I want a mix.
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