Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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SaraGrissom said:
Exactly. We don't see them constantly making out like Catherine was with a bunch of her boyfriends. Although a kiss would be nice, I'm very much in love with just the subtle touches and glances because that makes GSR special. He's not like that with anyone else, and that was why it stood out to Natalie. The subtle glances and touches make up GSR and that's what makes it perfect. We don't need a raunchy sex scene to prove that GSR is canon.

I swear, I come on here, and read your comments and get a bit smile on my face, your right on.. Cath and her 'boyfriends' not even 'boyfriend's' just sometimes cheap pick-ups :( and I'm not bashing the character.. I'm talking about the episodes where she's done this! our couple have 'CLASS' and keep their private life private
gsr.png notice Natalie in the background! :mad:


*Picture edited to a link as it was stretching the screen*
Turtlebaby said:

btw, I totally have not read the little blue boxes. Go me.

I'm a failure...I've read them- and they didn't even have anything good in them! I just can't resist :rolleyes: I still get excited by the GSR scenes even if I know they're coming

I was freaking out with my friend last night- you know, the "I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE, I NEED THE SEASON PREMIERE NOW!!!!" rant? Anyway, she was like, "dude, spoilers". I kind of stared at her and then continued to rant about how there aren't even any spoilers out yet :mad: Anyway, she proceeded to gently steer me towards a more neutral topic. :rolleyes:
Desert, I've finally stopped staring at the pics long enough to respond. Lol. I totally agree. Catherine is a good person but we've seen so much of her making out with her boyfriends (or even just opening her blouse to get a suspect to answer about loosen up my buttons baby). Even if you forget thinking about it on a GSR standpoint, of the *one* boyfriend we saw Sara with...we *only* saw them on a date. No kissing, no hugs, no implied sex scenes. Get me off the topic before I go off about the %@$*%!# cheating on her.

Hehehe, anyways, we see Grissom and Sara on a sweet level. We don't need the making out or sex to know our couple is together. Counting up all of GSR touches, we wouldn't add up to half of Catherine's boyfriends or the time Nick spent with Kristy. But that's what I love about GSR, it isn't perfect.

We get to learn more and more about out Geeks each week with small glances and touches. It shows more intimacy than a sex scene ever could.
YUP, totally agree ;), their so subtle, but we saw him explode in the 'finale' and get in Natalie's freak-out face, and saw the real love he had for Sara, his acting amazing outstanding---go Gris

Ahh guys, I can't believe I haven't posted in ages! I've been sooo busy with work it's unreal, so stressing..

This thread was all the way at the bottom!! I couldn't believe my eyes :lol:

I totally agree with the small sentimental moments we get with GSR. It just wouldn't be the same if we saw Grissom and Sara making out 24/7 in the broom closet.

Ugh, I love GSR, I want them to be on my screen again, and I'm still oh so optimistic about Sara being alive, and okay.

Yay, I'm so happy for myself! I haven't peeked at one blue box. Yipppeee.

Oh, and about Eggy.. I hope she's okay, hopefully it's just internet issues.
Oh, and about Eggy.. I hope she's okay, hopefully it's just internet issues.
How long do we wait until we worry?

I can't think of any new GSR-y things to say.

Nobody has said it in a while so go team SO!
In the finale, when they show the flashback from the crime scene and Grissom touches Sara's arm, was that in an actual episode or just the flashback in the finale?
I'm pretty sure it was just a flashback within the finale, but I haven't seen all of season 7, so I don't know. I'm pretty sure though, if the arm touching had occured in a previous eppy before the finale, the arm touching wouldn't have been as such a big deal in the finale. That's just my feeling though. Any arm touching is good in my book. Especially if it's GSR.
Yes, to my knowledge (which I think/hope is very good where CSI is concerned), the arm touching thing wasn't featured in a previous episode. It was just a flashback within the episode.

This made the armsex special :)
Hey, I'm new on here, but I understand how you feel. I confronted a Grillows, Anti-Sara Anti-GSR fan on youtube the other day and she ticked me off by saying stuff like "Sara's dead and Grillows is about to begin" and "More people like Grillows than GSR because a poll I saw said so". Those people get on my nerves so bad :mad: know what I mean? I love Jorja and the character she plays and could never wish bad things on her.
Liz - it is just a flashback within the episode. It was most likely one of those cases that happens but we never see. Hey, our CSIs gotta work more than one hour a week right? Lol. I'm guessing it occured sometime after Ernie Dell killed himself as well as after Natalie started working at the crime lab - which they said was about a month prior to Sara being attacked.

She probably found out that Grissom was the one on webcam with Ernie at the time he killed himself, and that made her (probably) stalk him to some degree. She needed a find a way to get back at him for the death of her father. When she saw the touch at the crime scene, she must have realized that he acts different with Sara than all the other CSIs or other people at the lab. This triggered her to get the car (from that scene) and work on setting up Sara's miniature.

Once she figured out how to get her, she put the plan into action. The miniature being placed on Grissom's desk, the kidnapping of Sara...and well, you know the rest.
yeah i figured that it was just that, but i was desperatly hoping it was an actual episode so i could watch it nonstop! lol got to love that armsex!! AMAZING! :D
O.K. So here's my idea. As a special feature when they release season seven, they have a GSR Track. It will show ALL GSR moments from season one (Wouldn't you if you were MR Roper?"), straight through to arm sex, and then if they REALLY wanted to make us smile, they could throw in some of the already shot ones from season eight. (I add this because I KNOW that Sara will be back and that GSR will live on because they are meant to be.) If they really wanted the love from the csi fans in the world, they could even add one for some of the other more popular ships, too.
Welcome AlwaysGSR12 and don't let the other ships get to you.. he told the team.. "she's the only one I've ever loved" and he never said that about any other woman ;).. and Cath and him are just co-workers/friends.. and their NOT together nor in love!! or you could say 'bite me' and the scene about the 'arm sex' who knows, I didn't see it, and maybe this once again is all in psychopath Natalies strained-brain :mad:

And welcome back gsrlOVE you've been missed, did you send Jorja her B-day card?

AlwaysGSR12, like Desertwind said, don't let them get to you. I just ignored them. I like Sara, she is my third favorite after Grissom and Nick. You will see my username, NicknGrissom, they are my favorite character. We are friendly people here on this board. I ship Sara with Grissom and Nick. I'm multi-shipper. You won't see me write Grissom with Lady Heather or Sofia.

Welcome to the GSR thread, alwaysGSR12.

Desertwind, nice icon of Billy. He is so handsome. What the name of the movie he was in?
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