Grissom & Sara #26: It's So Obvious, Isn't It?

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Good god man! That was insane. I am unspoiled and I accidently found out about the shaving scene but that was all I knew, that there was a shaving scene, I didn't know that Sara was going to be chopping off his beard.

I love the little moment with Archie and Sara quoting that song or whatever it was. That was cute. So was the scene with Warrick and Sara talking about her collage boyfriend, then, 'I hope your taste in men has imporved.' lol her look was so funny.
My hand immediately slapped itself to my mouth when I saw Sara with the razor. I liked the way the camera showed them both when Grissom said 'intimately'. After the show ended, I ran around my house screaming. Oh, it was fun.

My hand also slapped itself to my mouth when Warrick said 'I hope your taste in men has improved' and then Sara says '..Yeah'. I couldn't stop laughing at the irony.

AND they played Good Enough by Evanescence during the scene! My favourite band! WOOO!

New thread! WOOOO!

Okay, going back to lurking now.

*flies away*
Yay for the new thread. I wish I had more time to post the last couple days. Awesome title! :)

I can't believe we got two GSR scenes so close together. While I thought LoG's was more fun this one is definitely a departure for them. Talk about making shaving sexy. Although the return of the trimmed beard last week makes me a little sad to see it go.

I put my money on Warrick finding out first. He has been around them a lot and he and Sara keep having these little relationship chats. Plus even though they might be closer to the others there is something so trustworthy about Warrick. He would definitely keep it to himself and also be happy for them.

No previews for next week...are we in for re-runs for a while?
What happened to talkCSI? very confused?
Anywho it's back now, with some very odd dates a few posts back lol!
does anyone actually know how long it takes a butterfly/moth/snake creature to hatch? Hatch, already, darn it!
In colder months they stay in the cocoon, but as soon as it starts to warm up it will hatch. That is why Sara said "cool, dry, not a lot of light" The moth will moisten the cocoon itself so that it can escape when it is ready, therefore needs to be kept dry so that it can spend as long as possible growing! I suppose the "not a lot of light" is also to do with heat, etc. Wasn't where Grissom took his sabbatical quite cold? Vegas is a lot hotter, so it would hatch too soon out there. I hope this answers your question? Maybe march/april time it will be allowed to hatch. So that's only 2 or 3 episodes away!

Also, i was thinking, depending on what type of moth it is, it could live from a few days, to a year.

I found a moth that has Sara's name kind of in it, it's called Dausara amethysta of the subfamily Pyraustinae! Here it is: pwitty moth I think it's a dead one though lol :rolleyes:
Oh. My. God. Warrick nearly stumbles upon them! Do you think this is the Empty Eyes hug? Oh. My. God. This spoiler teasing is not good for me!

Ok so i will explain, i wrote that post last night, but couldn't post it as the site went down.
This is present me posting:

AHHHHHHH!!!I have seen the shaving scene, and can i just say how hot was WP with all the shaving cream, and i loved the look Sara gave him right before the profile shot. *sigh* And doesn't Billy just love the word "imtimate" i have heard him say it like...umm...ok maybe only twice, but it is so damn sexy! *yowza*
Oh and the scene with Warrick, is this strike 6 for Warrick lol?! I think that maybe he could have been fishing for info on Sara's love life don't you think? or maybe he is still clueless, either way it's hilarious! Also don't you think that the talk about Sara's ex-boyfriend (emphasis on the ex :) ) was quite out there for CSI, like pantie search and everything? They never usually talk about that sort of thing.
Question: when was the shaving scene? Did you get to see Grissom beardless afterwards? End of question.

Right that's the end of my post, i'm off to read fanfiction (G rated of course :rolleyes: )
hi guys! i'm back, after a really long time of absence. first: i haven't been around, because in holland, they were airing old eppies, and i didn't want to know what was gonna happen in the new ones. so, i stayed unspoiled. second: if i did look at all the scenes from the new eppies, i would be.. feeling this emptyness inside. i feel like something was missing in the last few GSR moments, the one with the coming back of grissom and all.. i think we missed.. intimacy. we saw him being more open to sara, and sara flirting with him. but, that's not my favorite kind of scene. BUT, then i saw the one from last night: EXCELLENT. i was..speechless. i couldn't say a word after seeing it. it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. the music was.. sooo gorgeous, and the words said were soo romantic. this kind of scenes are the ones we should see more. so, i'll be here more, i swear, after this scene, i'm going spoiled again. :)
I wrote a LOT on YTDAW about this scene... but I have no time to post it. :) I'll post it when I get back from being out of town. But, Love to the GSR, man. Love.
So... yeah.

SOOOOO relieved, you guys. The scene came off as a footnote, not a centerpiece, and there was no cheese to be had. I enjoyed it. I think they could've worked harder to make the scene's relevance to the episode (trust in relationships) be more obvious, but past that... loved the episode, liked the scene.
That was the BEST GSR scene ever! I Squeeeeed for about 45 minutes straight and went crazy trying to get on here and YTDAW and any other GSR forum there is! I watched the scene about 30 times already and EVER single time he says intimately, I just about DIE! My heart flutters and ther look in his eyes! AHHHH!

Did you guys notice the wine glasses??
First of all CONgraTS On the new thread!!!! Yyay!!!
Love the title BTW!

About last nights Scene....OMG i LOVED it!!! It was perfect! When she turned around with the razor i swear i thought they were going to make out! (even though i read the spoilers and knew that wasnt going to happen! :rolleyes:). I LOVED the butterflies on her restroom! I wonder who's idea was that though :rolleyes: Anyway i was bummed cause i didnt watch the episode but that scene made my night!!!!
I still would've preferred them to tie it in better to the rest of the episode. Other than that, taking the scene JUST by itself... perfect.

Not over the top, not cheesy, not "romantic" (in the Kenny G. and a bubble bath sense), just... really well-executed.

Having said that, if you watch the video too many times, you start laughing when WP says "intimately".

It's like, "I would like to make love to you when you're done on your bed because I am horny" wrapped in one word.

Oh, though she is no longer with us, I wanted to share with you all what Ziggy got me for my birthday because she's horrible and disgusting.

She made a bar of soap, and in the center placed a picture of Grissom from the board game piece, so if I want to wash myself with it, I am literally washing myself with his face.

Isn't she horrid?
sarahvma said:

Having said that, if you watch the video too many times, you start laughing when WP says "intimately".

It's like, "I would like to make love to you when you're done on your bed because I am horny" wrapped in one word.

Lindsey, my twin, and I over-analyze every GSR scene in each episode after it has aired. Seriously. After watching CSI on Thursday we sit on my bottom bunk and talk endlessly about what happened in it. About 90% of the conversation is spent on over-analyzing GSR, the other 10% is spent on the case. It's like a tradition for us. I remember after one episode, I forget which one, we were up for three hours talking about it.

Anyways, so last night, after we recovered from a heart attack. Not as bad a heart attack that we had after Way To Go, but still a heart attack. Uhm.. back to my point, after the episode, we started ranting about the shaving scene. After about half an hour we concluded that WP could have said about 6 million things that would have made the scene EXTREMELY wrong. And yeah, the word horny came up about a hundred times.

Now that sounded wrong.
sarahvma said:
Having said that, if you watch the video too many times, you start laughing when WP says "intimately".
is true :lol: i think that this scene is in bloopers and when sara say to grissom " do you trust in me" she don´t look to grissom i think that they all the time they are laugh in the filming ;)

apologize for my english :rolleyes:
I voted for #2 on the latest poll. I loved, loved, loved the scene, but there should have been more of it. I thought the episode was great, but they could have easily shaved off (*cough*) enough time from some of the other scenes to make this one fit into the episode better.

I said it in the episode thread, but I didn't realize it was possible for me to love Billy more. Every line, every look, every move he delivered last night was perfect. Men aren't as complicated as women want them to be. <3 The walk across the parking lot <3 Intimately <3 *swoon* *GLEE and SQUEE attack*

eggbe4thechicken said:
Also don't you think that the talk about Sara's ex-boyfriend (emphasis on the ex :) ) was quite out there for CSI, like pantie search and everything? They never usually talk about that sort of thing.

*raises hand* At first, I thought it was too much like a Sofia anecdote, but then I thought...maybe this is meant to tie back to the cite your source scene. Sara's expression after he said that was...odd. I'll have to rewatch and see if I can figure out where Jorja was going with that.

I wanted to comment on chocobunny's poll about who will find out, too, if I may (I missed out on a lot this week!). If you'd asked me a couple of seasons ago, Cath would have been my first and only choice. It would be a perfect bookend to her encouraging him to buy The Plant. But their relationship has been yo yoing all over the place due to so many bad decisions on her part. I think Grissom grew as tired of it as I did. (Last night's scene was nice, though. If they keep that up, I might change my mind.) Now it's Brass all the way. I bet he's got a bottle of champaign under his desk and is just waiting for the right moment.

Also, I think I was the last person on the planet to hear about the whole Britany hair shaving thing, but I might put a dent into my life savings for Billy's beard clippings. Does that make me weird? *nods* I can live with that :D
sarahvma said:
Having said that, if you watch the video too many times, you start laughing when WP says "intimately".
Unfortunately I'm gonna have to agree with this sentiment. Though I think, for me, part of it is because it is so unreal. I'm not saying it's OOC or anything, it's just it's so fanficcy in that it's something you could totally imagine happening, but would never expect to actually air on the show itself.

There may be hope for a geekbaby yet. That is, if Alyssa doesn't stand on it.

Alyssa said:
I don't know where I stand on babies
I mean, I've heard of baby sitting, but that's just taking it a BIT TOO FAR.

Step off, biotch :p

Anyyyway, back to the shaving scene - I really did love it. I thought it was sad that it was so short/ended so abruptly (because, for those of you who don't know - Jorja actually shaved Billy from start to finish [t'was not faked!] so they had plenty of material to work with - someone give me those dailies!) but it was a nice little piece to end the show on nonetheless.

Speaking-of: We've had quite a few episodes where the last scene/moment has been GSR. This, Happenstance, Way To Go, Time Of Your Death...I know there are plenty more. It's nice to see they enjoy ending many episodes on an intimate note with our favourite geeks ;) Goes to show how important the ship is to the show!

But yeah, again - shaving scene: (I'm going back and forth and all over the place with this post here. Forgive me) My eyes kinda bugged out and my jaw dropped when Grissom responded to Sara's trust question, then when she looked back at him? They had soooooooo much eyesex there. My first reaction to it was (and I actually said this aloud) "Oh my God, it's GSR porn". Then, when she cradled his head? Oh my God (I'm surprised she didn't pull him in for geek!makeouts there). And the look on his face as she took the razor to his cheek? Oh my God.

Porny porn porn!

I love it all. I just say, GIVE US MORE!

Re: Sara's anecdote about her exboyfriend, it's kinda sad to know that Hank wasn't the only guy who played her :( If you ask me, why any guy would want to be with anyone else when they've got Sara, is beyond me.
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