Grissom & Sara #26: It's So Obvious, Isn't It?

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Wow. I've been gone for a really long time... Didja Miss me?

So I just skimmed through the last 5 (Five!!) pages of post since I was here last, ya'll really move dontcha?

I'll stop being annoying now.


Anyways, I had the most entertaining dream last night. Seriously, I wish I could have recorded it (yes my dream) and let ya'll watch it. It was like GSR meets Tarantino
meets Speilberg, meets like... Dean Koontz.

It was awesome. And now I'm going to tell you about it. First let me say three things.

Yes - I almost always remember my dreams.
Yes - I do dream in color
Yes - I am a crazy person who enjoys recanting such dreams for everyone.

Ok, so I started out dreaming GSR. What else is new? Our Geeks were out shopping at some random mall that I've never been in and everything was sunshine and puppy dogs.

And then this big ass robot/monster/fricking transformer came crashing out of nowhere. You have to understand that this wasn't just big - this thing was like twenty feet tall. Enormous.

And it wanted to squash Sara! Oh noes! But Mr. Hero Grissom wouldn't let THAT happen. *cough*

To many mental images of Sara crushed under a car and Grissom trying to find her before bed I think.

Anyways, for the remainder of the dream they ran around the mall and Grissom played hero and Sara played Heroine and they saved all these little kids and like babies and shit.

It was awesome.

Yes. I'm still aware of my insanity.

As for why I ship GSR? I really don't know. Yes, Grissom is the sex. And Sara is the sex. And together they sizzle. However, that is so not why. I hope. I usually root for the underdog. The couple nobody pays attention to but like... me and five other uberly obsessive fans.

And I generally don't ship as rabidly as I do with GSR. I was a Mulder/Scully shipper back in my X-Files phase. (X-Philes Unite!!) But fanfiction was as bad as that one got. I didn't post in formns. I didn't WRITE fanfics. I didn't *die* at new spoilers. It was an almost healthy fasination.

Until they had a baby and he left and she got rid of the baby... :rolleyes:

So I don't know. Until this board, I figured I was the only one who loved GSR. And never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd see it become Canon. Ever.

And who doesn't love to see the Geek get the hottie? Or the 'my-mom-killed-my-dad-and-ruined-my-childhood' girl get a good man? I know I do.

But I'm a hopeless romantic.

Is anyone able to access YTDAW right now? Im getting something about HR Block. Is it just me or is everyone getting it? Im going insane.

Nope, that's what I'm getting too. Even with having it favorited or trying to Google it. It's making me crazy. I thought for sure I was just so hyped up on finale spoilers that I was typing it in wrong. Glad to know that's not the case.

Speaking of which...

uh... So who called it? That's right. Me. Heh. Janitor. Ha! *dies* That's so great.

A cliffhanger? You gotta be kidding me. You just gotta. I think I'm going to vomit. Having to wait all summer! Damn. And a psychotic break? The whole episode? Or just the last half? Like... do they catch her? Or just like... she imagines they catch her? I'm so lost. lol. What else is new right? This is why I shouldn't read spoilers. I'm assuming they must catch her and then she has the break while in the interrogation room. Right? :facepalm: So when Grissom admits that he loves her... that's all in her messed up mind? Or no? At any rate I shouldn't read spoilers at 2 in the morning when I've been up for 28 hours and have to be up at 6 the next morning.

LadyDisdain said:
Which would you rather see by the season's end: a kiss or the "l" bomb? I mean, if Grissom can get all that mileage out of "intimately," what could the man do with "I love you"? It might be sexier than kissing. Seriously.

I would love a Kiss. I'd also love an I love you. I'd love them to stare lovingly at each other for an entire minute. I'd love them to get naked and make use of the shower in the locker room. :devil:

But I'd like the Kiss to come first. Before the 'I love you'. You know what? I'd be happy if neither one of them ever said it. You know? Because I already know - I don't need to hear it voiced. As swoontastic as that would be.

Or. omg, why didn't I think of this sooner? Or, I'd love love love him to sign it to her while she was talking to someone. Like... ok, picture this.

Warric: Hey Sara? Did you get the results back on that DNA?
Sara: *going out exactly three minutes before Grissom ;)* Yeah. *stops and hands Warrick a folder*
Warrick: blah blah blah [fill in your choice of scientific discussion here] *studies folder*
Sara: *Looks over Warrick's shoulder as Grissom leaves his office. Sends him thee look.*
Grissom: *does that hot little half smirk thing he does so well* And then signs "I Love You"
Sara: Heading home Griss? *slight blush and the teenist of smiles*
Warrick: *looks up from folder and notices Grissom for the first time, looks back down*
Grissom: See you tomorrow. *winks at Sara*
Warrick: *glances up* Bye Grissom.

How cute would that be? *giggles* I chose to put Warrick in there because he's our deliciously hot yet completely oblivious mascot.

Ok so... I'm going to go now. Yes.

That is all.
eggbe4thechicken said:
Sarahvma, looks as though no one likes your innntimately suggestion, from the results looks like just me and you have voted. :(
Heyyyy...I voted for it too.I loved how he said it like M::. :lol:

OOoh did I mention that I found a song called Geeklove! I was in company so I couldn't squee, but I was awfully close. Take a look at this. It's probably old news and I am being stupid again. Apologies. :rolleyes:

Hey eggy, I found the lyrics. The song is by a group called Fan 3...
Geek Love

With His Converse tied real tight he might
Just be my boy always and for all days
The first boy I've known to get stright A's
And appear in everyone of my high school plays
Motzart blastin from his volvo
And theres tape on his glasses in charge of hall passes
Not the kinda guy I mostly been with
I go for thug or Abercrombie and Fitch
With a little bit of sk8er boi here and there
Not a guy who dosnt even show his underwear
When he sags his pants but I wanna go with him
To the school dance and have him be my date
But I'm afraid that he dosnt know how
To move and everybody would flip and have a cow
Now just because he brings his lunch packed this situation that I'm feeling is jacked

I wouldnt call him fly suspenders and a bow tie
I wouldnt call him the man but he can still hang with the fan

Now this aint the description I saw in my dreams
But they say nothing is quite like it seems
So even though you see his socks when he walks
And his pants are so tight circulations cut off
I think I should give him a chance and ignore his metal braces and tight pants
But my friends disagree they disapprove of my plans to make a move
But it would behoove me
To not pay attention to them My friends
Just dont understand just cuz hes not the man
They try to act hard now pretend like they floss
We'll see whos laughing when my geek is their boss:lol:
Maybe he dosnt have experience with dates
But I bet the same thing happend to Bill Gates
So even though he dosnt have Sean Jean or Gerbauds
I got love for my geek I want everyone to know

[Chorus 3x]

Bawhahaha! :lol: For some reason...I REALLY want to make a video with this's too perfect...:lol:

And I have a BAD feeling about YTDaW...::bites nails::
According to Jorja in her recent interview.. "everyone will be back for S/8" wouldn't that include her? "everybody" means "everybody" she didn't say Oh, except me" she's too popular to be snuffed

And I picked 'INTIMATELY' cause they are

I vote for intimaitly, whatever it spell right.

What's going on? I'm going over at YDTAW to see the spoiler to see it. I hope Sara is not going to get killed off at the end of the show. Grissom get stabbed?! No, no, no. What's wrong with this writer? First Sara is taken, now Grissom get stabbed. I think I'm going to faint. This season finale where Nick is going to have a break down to see his best friend, Sara kidnapped. Will he see Grissom stabbed?

I can't get in the YDTAW. what's going go over there. I'm a member there. Did they change it without me knowing it.

Sorry for the caps...but I wanted to get my point across...

Could they of been shut down because of the spoilers?...Too much too soon maybe?...
They have been doing that site for awhile and lots have been spoiled so I dont know why they would choose now to shut it down. Hopefully it will not be down forever... just say a prayer.

BTW Turtle I love your lil scenario with the geeks and Warrick. Its brilliant.
Turtle, i LOVE that scenenario, seriously. hey, you wanna start a new thread? we are getting to the end of this one, and i don't remember if you started a GSR threddo before.


oh and i think Intimately won the voting.
would love a Kiss. I'd also love an I love you. I'd love them to stare lovingly at each other for an entire minute. I'd love them to get naked and make use of the shower in the locker room.

Hee! That shower is soooooo underutilized!

Nice dream, Turtlebaby. I'm sure I missed a lovely bit in the spoiler box, but I have given those up for Finale Lent.

If I have one consolation, as I agonizingly deprive myself of spoilers, it is that so much finale talk is being posted in the GSR thread, that the finale and its end must be GSR-licious. Just the way I like! :D

I'm trying to get myself through spoiler detox by watching fanvids. There are some really terrific ones out there.

I can't believe I just wrote the above. I've never been so into a ship that I would devote hours to watching fanvids before! Crikey. Our little geeks are the only ones that get me this worked up.

Is it Thursday yet?
I think YTDAW is still glitch-city right now.

I want to say I'm very disappointed that you're not all taking the time to make fun of WP's delivery of the line in that scene. *shakes head in shame*

Anyway - yay for new threads!

I... ugh. I'm very, very torn right now. This will either be fan-f*cking-tastic or ridiculously stupid. And I mean the whole episode.
YTDAW = Bitchy Glitchy.


*dances* Start a new Thread? Me? Do I even know how?

I shall go try. It's ok to do that now right? I mean, we're within like... two posts.

And we're going with Grissom & Sara #27: Intimately

Right? And that's how you spell that?


Yep. If only Tarantino would come direct. *snorts* No really. GD rocked my socks. I'm a tad leary of this episode. Maybe because I'm so spoiled I'm rotten. I don't know.
Well too bad, Turtle, cuz this is the last post and you have to start the thread now!


Spelling's fine.

I think that this is going to be a make-or-break episode. Make - it becomes no contest against GA next year. Break - they finally bite the big one and dissolve into Miami-like idiocy.
I shall go try. It's ok to do that now right? I mean, we're within like... two posts.

And we're going with Grissom & Sara #27: Intimately

Right? And that's how you spell that?
yup, you got it. don't forget to add a link to the beginning of this thread though. i always forget to do that, lol. so yeah, go ahead.

3 lines.

i love GSR.
I voted Intimately. I like it more :D

Usually when a website goes to that kinda stuff (HR Block.. etc.) usually means the website has expired, or no longer exists. They could just have to renew it.
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