Grissom & Sara #25: Running up the Phone Bill

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if you listen closely enough, every time someone on the show says "we found GSR in the bedroom", you can hear every GSR fan on the planet giggle knowingly.
My personal favourite is "We found GSR on the backseat" (or something like that, can't remember exactly :) )

...I never in my wildest dreams expected her to do the actual shaving on camera...
there are gonna be some awesome bloopers :D e.g. "don't cut me" "careful" and of course laughter! :lol: i love both of their laughs :D
I have been keeping tally on the people around for the GSR moments, and they are as follows:

Warrick - 5
Hodges - 2
Brass - 1
Catherine - 3
Nick - 1
Greg - 2
Sofia - 1
Ecklie - 1 (although does the "of course you do" count, then it would be 2 :) )

toodles :D
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

I find that when I watch CSI reruns, GSR is has been so obvious from moment one! Plus I'm glad she's with Griss, because Greggy is all mine, and I wouldn't want to hate Sara for touching my man. :p How did she control herself in that decon shower? I'm telling you, she's head over heals for Griss, else she would have jumped Greg's bones. I know I would have. :devil:
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

dirtylabrat: The mods don't like it when people double post. You can hit the "EDIT" button up to 24 hours to edit a post.

As for Sara's mom.. no clue.

Thanks for the tally, Egg! Warrick is around so much! And, he's the one who's most open about teasing the two of them. I mean, Cath is pretty straightforward, "Are you in denial?" but Warrick just seems to always be there.

They cut a line from the beginning of the season where Warrick and Gris were talking, and Warrick basically commented on how women were a hassell... and Grissom's reaction was supposed to tell us he didn't think Sara was a hassell. I don't mind it going, since it would have been hard to make that moment read well on camera, but I would love something like that to happen at some point, because Warrick needs to be the one to hear it. He thinks having a woman just complicates life, and it does, but Grissom doesn't mind. He loves his Sara.

Wasn't Warrick the one to say that Grissom was the only smart single, or something like that, towards the end of last season? I'll have to go rewatch... wait... I don't have those tapes, anymore. Ok, I need to get my fiance to buy the DVDs.

Is it in this ep? I can't remember... but there's an ep where Warrick comments on his divorce. I think it'd be hilarious for him to throw in a Gris mention... Y'know, how he's the smart bachelor, never gonna let a woman bring him down! :p Silly Warrick.
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

Wasn't Warrick the one to say that Grissom was the only smart single, or something like that, towards the end of last season?

Actually... I *think* it was Brass. "Single Boy is the only smart one."

Warrick was standing there... and Doc Robbins. They had a short conversation about marriage and then Grissom finishes up the scene with something like "I think you married people take things to personally."

Don't quote me on this of course - I'm thinking it was from Bang Bang - they were in the living room of the shooters dead wife. I think. If that made any sense.

I'll pull out my DVD's later.

But I do agree that Warrick has been around for a lot of GSR moments. So yeah, I'm hoping that he'll be the first to know. Boy deserves it after all these years.

Infact there was a fanfic... about Warrick finanlly snapping and yelling at them to get a room. Or something. I laughed. :p

Hey look! I found it. Warrick's Day by Danym

That is all.
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

Yes, this is my unreasonably short post...

So, we're actually getting the whole scene? Wowzers. I'm with you guys, I'm kind of worried about this scene. As much as I want it to happen, I am slightly concerned with how it's gonna play out. Lord knows a bunch of kiddish giggiling and horrible cheeseyness would make it too much like Greys. -sigh- I'm just gonna have fun forcing my parents through it. "Ohmygosh, this episode is actually okay!" they'll say, noticing no GSR. And then, BADABING! -cue shaving scene- "Holy $^!t! What the hell was that?!" Meanwhile, Andy scurries back to Cali giggling her ass off. ^^ I love my parents.

Sorry unspoiled people. >.<
You shall be forced through another meaningless Ally post.

ETA: Warrick knows. Catherine might too, and maybe Nick.
Oh screw it, they all know.
They just have dinner every Thursday night, talking about Grissom and Sara because they can.
And even Ecklie laughs.
And then they sigh.
Meanwhile, a table, somewhere off in the Las Vegas crime lab, is being used harshly.

- Andy
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

I am going to combust. Really. Just die. And then come back to life just to hit rewind and play... and rewind. And then play again. Yes. At least a dozen times. *sighs* I'll admit that I hightailed my behind over to YTDAW after reading Sarah's "Eeeeeee" And then I squeed like a twelve year old girl and the episode hasn't even aired yet... I'm going to squee so hard on Thursday I'll pop some blood vessels. Is it Thursday yet? I have never ever been so obsessed with one scene. Granted, I didn't know about the WtG scene... Anyways - *sqeeeeeeeeeeee* Did they say montage? *sighs* I'd kill for a montage. And she actually SHAVED him. Wow, that still sounds wrong. I was psyched over a shaving cream lather and a "I trust you" look - cue credits. But this... this... blows my mind.

Now is it Thursday? I want it to be Thursday. Please?


That is all.
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

No, it's not Thursday but oh how I wish it was!
SQUEEEE! I getmore excitedwith ever passing day! I wish there was a leak and I could see the video sooner! Asif she shaves his whole face. I wonder what the music is going to be like and the lighting and if it's going to be all passionate and sensual or giggly and fun. Imagine grissom giggling?!
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

Adzix said:

Chaos Theory - Warrick witnesses Grissom checking Sara's ass

I don't remember that. What part of the show did that happen in? :eek:
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

*is poised and ready to read post-Thursday night fics* Oh you know there'll be TONS.

It dawned on me while I was coming home from work tonight. The shaving scene seems remanicient of the bath scene towards the end of "Secretary". Anyone else seen that film? James Spader puts Maggie Gyllenhaal into the old fashioned bathtub and washes her hair. It was SO sensuous, and it was symbolic of her giving him her trust completely, but also him finally giving in to her and allowing her to become close to him. This is reminding me strongly of that - okay with a non-R rating and no nudity, but still... I think that, if it's done the right way, it will be sweet, sensuous and a really beautiful moment in Grissom and Sara's relationship. And I have confidence that it will be done right - after all, WP and JF have been steering these characters for seven years now, we should trust that they know what they are doing.
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my money is on Catherine being the first to find out, then she'll tell Warrick who will tell Nick who will tell Greg...go watch the whole Plant Scene again and you shall believe
and I think it's going to be VERY soon, somebody had to see the Hallway Scene and it just goes to show Griss and Sara are getting too comfortable with the thought that nobody knows or suspects a thing. Damm I can't wait!

what if Ecklie is the MCSK!?! That would be soooo sweet!
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

See, that's the thing. We were all worried that the shaving scene wouldn't work out right, but, obviously, WP and JF are completely behind it. They made it happen, and that's just an incredible thing. It's an incredible gift to the GSR relationship, and to all of us who call ourselves Geek Love Shippers. It's going to be THE moment for a long time, unless we get a GSR kiss, someday... actually, it may stay THE moment for a very long time.

In other news:

Although, I'm still very much looking forward to the hug at the end of EE as a bookend to this scene. Here, we see Gil giving Sara total control. In EE, when she crumbles into his arms, it's about that trust. She's clinging to him. More than just a handhold, he's her support in that moment, and she letting the sobs overtake her, trusting he won't let her go. That's beautiful, to me.

Should we count TOYD in the "Why people should already know" camp? I mean, they were having eye sex in front of everyone...

OH! And "Compulsion!" Ecklie paged Grissom, who paged Sara.

I still think the whole team should find out at once. One gut-wrenching moment, and then we move on.

IF MCSK goes after Sara, I think there should be a moment where the team finds out, and Grissom tells them he'll answer any questions about himself and Sara after they catch the SOB (I can just hear him saying that). That would make everyone focus for the episode... and maybe we could have a scene at the end with them all out to dinner, or something.
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

what happens if we get a kiss? what do we have to live for,the writers will all go drink luminol before they'll do anything "too soap-y"
I totally agree with you I just wonder which comes first? Is the shaving about Sara being fed up of crying in front of him and always being the helpless one or is it unrelated? I personally like that b/c I figure if I'm Sara part of me is going to be POed at myself that I keep letting this amazing strong man see me like that and think that he must think Im such a weak little girl but on the other hand I'm also going to be sooo greatful he is there and dosent seem to be holding it against me
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

I lived with my grandma from May to July this past summer and we would squee together whenever we watched CSI. She's a GSR fan too! Though, not to the same extent as I am.

dude, that is soooooo cool, I wish my grandma shiped GSR, or watched CSI even.

katjo said:
Adzix said:

Chaos Theory - Warrick witnesses Grissom checking Sara's ass

I don't remember that. What part of the show did that happen in? :eek:

Im guessing here:
It is mostlikly unintended, but we GSR shippers disect sceans like frogs in biology.

I seriously hope that the team dosnt know, cuz it would make an awesome sceen for them to find out.

And welcome random newbie(s) *throws cookie at you*
Im chocolate bunnys and i keep lists.TaDa!


Team Bearded:

Team Babies:

*bad spelling and insanity due to sugar high

butterflylove206 Your box is broken! *shilds eyes*
Re: Grissom & Sara # 25 "Running up the Phone Bill"

I'm not team BABIES! I'm team, "I'm not against babies but I don't mind if they never happen"!!!

I think that the shaving scene is about Grissom opening up to Sara. I mean, if we had gotten the cut flashback, we would have seen major angst between the Geeks because he wasn't telling her things. She didn't realize how burnt out he was, and then he didn't tell her he was going to the East until a week or so before. Bad move, man. So, I think the shaving scene is about him showing himself to her as he really is. She gets to strip away the beard. When he first grew it, back in season 4, I thought it hid his features too much. So, Sara gets to strip the mask away, and he's letting her do it. He's trusting her with a razor to his skin, showing her that he is hers. He is literally giving her power and control. On the flipside, the hug in EE is huge. I mean, sure, Gris has seen Sara cry, but he's never done more than hold her hand to offer comfort. In "Committed" when she was attacked, he held an arm out to her as she ran out, but she ran past him. Here, in EE, she's collapsing in his arms. It's her turn to give HIM control. It's a circle. It's bookends. They're giving their control and trust to the other, and it's only going to strengthen their bond.

I love Geek Love, yo. "It's so obvious, isn't it?" is winning in the polls! I'm so thrilled about that! It's just perfect, and we have the lovely Sara Sidle to thank for it! :) SQUEE!
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