Grissom & Sara #25: Running up the Phone Bill

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My mistake, then. I was operating off of a rule in my head, I guess, one that I thought I remembered from here about not talking about other ships at all to avoid fights... Sorry.
You're probably thinking about when posters "bash" (for lack of a better word) other ships, which is not allowed but you can talk about them in relation to GSR or either one of them.
okay, to he honest with y'all? i don't like Keppler. he's trying too much to have this weird, unusual personality, and it just doesn't work. i want my Grissom back! for the whole episode i was waiting for Sara's cell to go off, so we could hear some Phonesex, but as we all know it didn't happen. hope, we'll get it next time cuz it's easy to film even without Billy. oh, and i would love somebody to overhear her, without figuring out who the boyfriend is. my overall rating of Sweet Jane - 7/10. i think the ep was in the bottom half of all, this season. in a low bottom. i don't like Keppler dearly, and hope he won't be in any more episodes than those 3. he annoys the heck out of me and i could just punch him right now. ... i just realized i love Sofia.
Well - a key could explain a lot. Maybe they fought over the idea of living together. Though I'm not sure as to why it wouldn't make it better. No, wait. If it was her idea... and he rejected it... only to leave her and THEN send her a key... I think I might be tempted to fling it back at his head. But... really? How much of a fool would he have to be to mail her a copy of the key to his townhouse? Maybe I only get it because I'm a girl... but wouldn't that make you angry? Maybe she wanted a key to, I dunno, water his plants or something - though in his case probably feed his spiders... - Anyways... and he didn't want to give it to her. Protecting that last little bit of himself maybe? And that's why she got mad. Because she thought he didn't trust her. And had she gotten it in the mail a week or two later... it'd be like him saying "Fine. Whatever, here, take it." But maybe I'm just a tad loopy. A dose and a half of Nyquil can do that to you...

Because I'm so rottenly spoiled, I thought I was going to totally totally HATE Keppler. And I don't love him - I don't necessarily even like him either. He creeps me out. I frowned more then once watching this episode. But to say you LOVE sofia? *pats* Is he really THAT bad? :p

I miss Grissom.

I think that's all I have to say for now.

That is all.

Edited because Adzix was posting the same time I was. Therefore I must respond. Because I love Adzix. I am feeling very lovey tonight.
I dont know if knowing that there was going to be no GSR in this episode made me less observant and into it, but man was I bored the whole time.

I love that I got all my roommates into CSI now because we tried to make the episode fun.

For one, we think Keppler is gay. Too many phone calls from this guy Frank.

We immediatly thought of Sara when they said the killer had a gap in their teeth. I know, its sad but gives us something to laugh at.

And I think they hint too much at Sara being pregnant. She was the one that interviewed the guy talking about the birth of his baby. I mean I dont really have an interest in a geekbaby but she has been behind folders and jackets a lot lately.

I probably over speculate but hey, what can ya do?

Next episode.... woooo hooo cant wait

The gift is coming! The gift is coming. Along with a mutiny. Who else is totally stoked?
I liked it. I really liked it. I appreciated that the show gave me a sense of "the hunt" for a killer, from botched investigations from long ago to last-ditch modern efforts to catch him - an idea perhaps reinforced by Keppler's cat-and-mouse-game metaphor. I felt really invested in this particular investigation. And Ned "Dr. Dave" Beatty made for one very cagey rat that did his best to thwart Our Heroes - an idea perhaps reinforced by the mice-in-the-box scene. NB was incredibly good - he gave me the willies. I wasn't even sure that he could be the killer at first; he seemed so grandfatherly and genial. The fact that I could still feel that persona even as he was refusing to identify the Jane Does - in a gentlemanlike manner, no less - made shivers go up and down my spine. I'd ordinarily be pissed that they didn't give us the scoop on why this guy had a need to kill the girls, and why only every decade or so... but in this case, it's all part of Dr. Dave, Creepy yet Grandfatherly Dentist. His affable refusal to give the CSIs satisfaction makes him memorable, in my book. One thing I'm really appreciating about CSI lately is that the guest stars are so memorable. Here we had the sloppy cop whose wife had a difficult birth, the thorough cop-turned-PI who envied the current generation of CSIs with the vast arsenal of scientific weaponry at their disposal, the heartbroken parents insisting that the little girl on TV couldn't be their daughter, the bored guy in the storeroom, the office assistant at the dental office.... Someone is taking a great deal of trouble to make those people come alive, and I for one am grateful for the life it brings to the show. Las Vegas is starting to feel like a real city... more than just hookers and gamblers. Liev Schreiber? Is one TALL friggin' SOB. He might be taller than Gary Dourdan, even. I like that he seems an enigma, but in a completely different way from Grissom. Grissom has seemed dark at times over the series, but more in terms of his curiousity and willingness to explore the darker, seamier side of human life. Keppler is dark, but in a way that suggests to me that such darkness has been thrust upon him, so to speak - either through circumstances that emerged, or through some kink in his own nature that he did not choose. While I think Grissom ultimately has a handle on his darkness, Keppler... well, I'm not so sure. But he intrigued me enough to want to find out, and I am very excited about that. I liked Catherine very much here - can we have her be this professional all the time? And the conversation between Brass, Catherine, and Keppler after the credits felt very real and natural. Someone did a damn good job of dialogue in this episode. I caught that look of "Aw, shit," on Sofia's face when she mentioned the word "autopsy" in front of the distraught parents - immediately you knew she wanted to take it back. Great acting on LL's part. So I think Sofia was short with Doc Robbins because she herself had just screwed up with the parents... which is not an admirable reaction, of course, but a human one nonetheless. Kind of like how Doc Robbins sometimes gets short with SuperDave or the CSIs when he's pissed off, come to think of it. AAK! PROMOS!!! *gasps in anticipation*

I found him so boring and no personailty whatever.. Grissom hurry back.. I felt sorry for him.. no personailty..nothing and this ep. was boring , I believe because Grissom was missing.. Sara was cute, and the rest were as always great.. but this guy has to go
I did miss Gris and GSR
This episode was a torture! I finally realised that without Grissom there's no reason for me to watch CSI. God, I miss him.. :(
waiting to the episode 7x14 :cool:
This is awful. I work night shift so I actually don't get to see CSI until Friday on Tivo. But before even going to watch it. I came right here to see what everyone had to say and to check if I should run to watch it!! From the sound of it I think I will go to sleep and dream of next weeks episode.
Ok, obviously the lack of Grissom was kind of a put off, but I didn't hate it as much as everyone esle seems to have. I mean I don't love Keppler but what can I say? Grissom's shoes are some pretty damn hard ones to fill.
I really liked that fact that Sara was actually in this episode instead of like the two seconds in the rest of this whole season.

By the way I'm on the No Beard, Un-spoiled, NO BABIES band wagons.
Speaking of the no babies band wagon, I don't think that Sara is pregnant at all. All those "signs" are really them trying to hide the fact that Jorja is the one who's pregnant not Sara. Heh.
P.S. Incase anyone is wondering, I'm kidding. That was a joke.
I liked the episode. I liked Keppler. But when the credits first rolled, and I saw Grissom, I wanted to cry for a minute there. I miss Grissom, too.

I am hoping that Sara gets a larger piece of the screentime pie in at least one of the Grissomless episdoes. It was nice to see her for more than 90 seconds in this episode, but I want more! I like Catherine, and I like Nick, but Sara is awesome, and I want to see her kick some bad guy hiney.

There. I said it. ;)

Seriously, though, for a Grissom-free episode, this one wasn't bad. Granted, "Gum Drops" still takes the cake by a mile in my book, but "Sweet Jane" was OK. The episode seemed to fly by instead of drag on, which means (to me) that it was fairly well done -- it held my interest throughout, although I didn't find the case itself especially compelling. However, I have to say that, while I found Keppler mildly creepy, "Doctor Dave" put him utterly to shame. I mean, I've seen pictures of serial killers who actually look like creepy killers, but this guy came across as the friendly old man next door who reads the paper and waves hello to you every morning, you know? And it wasn't just that he didn't show remorse for the murders; he didn't show any emotion that someone talking about "another day at the office" wouldn't show. That was seriously beyond disturbing. *shudders*

And about GSR, or Sara at least...I'm impressed at the nuances you guys pick up on re: the pregnancy question. I never even noticed the whole "hiding behind the folders" thing, and even if I had I probably wouldn't have connected it to a possible pregnancy. Same with her interviewing the cop with the pregnant wife. (Told you I'm slow on the uptake.) Personally, I don't think she's pregnant -- it strikes me as too "soapy" and too soon for TPTB -- but I'm not one of them, and this season has thrown us some real curveballs so far, so what do I know? I'm just along for the ride, and if it brings us a geek-baby, so be it. If not, that's fine too. Besides, now that WP has signed on for season 8, they can't use up all the dramatic plot twists this season (that is, assuming Jorja Fox re-signs also). ;)

-- geekprincess
I am not going to speak for everyone, just myself. The Keppler episode was good, but the real reason it is hard to enjoy it is because after way to go I have become overly involved with seeking out GSR moments, and it has taken over the show for me. They need to give me one HUGE moment then I can relax and appreciate CSI again. Because right now I just want Grissom back so I can hope at the beginning of each episode to see one truly great, go down in history moment. Way to Go was good, but how about a kiss at least!!!!!!!!!!! SIX YEARS WE HAVE BEEN WAITING.
Ok I am better now.
This episode was so hard for me to watch because I wanted to to come from behind a corner every scene and yell "Surprise!!!!" Never happened...
With the pregnancy thing, I never noticed the hiding behind the folders thing either but I watched it again today and realized they never showed her from the side either. And she looked like she could be pregnant in the lab coat. I don't need a geekbaby, I just need to see them kiss. Then I'll be satisfied!
Sidlreiana_15 said:
I did miss Gris and GSR
This episode was a torture! I finally realised that without Grissom there's no reason for me to watch CSI. God, I miss him.. :(
waiting to the episode 7x14 :cool:

ME too.. No offense against this new guy, but, and not to mention him "filling Grissom's shoes' (no on can) he just didn't seem to fit in, like a "sore thumb" I'm sure he is a wonderful person, and that's cool, but on CSI, :eek: the team carried this ep. I felt. and Sara was low-key, waiting for the "phone call" just going through the motions!!!

Can I use your phone? :p
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