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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by MrsGiovinazzo, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Twinkletoes

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    Oct 24, 2006
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    Did anyone else notice the 'corpse' breathing???

    NOLAGRRL Witness

    May 22, 2007
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    Wondered the same thing as well, the DH insists it is a Maserati, which I certainly could give credence to.

    Another C/P from LJ plus a couple of extra comments:
    I screamed at my poor unsuspecting husband (I blame the Flack says "girlfriend" drinking game I made up): "You know who could help them out with this nerdy car stuff...Adam! Where the f**k is Adam?" He politely responded in geek for geek kind fashion: "I don't know, but I miss him".

    I snickered at Lindsay, yelled at Mac about Sheldon, caught something like flirting (while simultaneously going on about why would he not have clothes in NYC, where he has lived for the past however many years, how much did you pack, Mac?), starting a drinking game, challenged others to tell me when my underwear had not matched my evening wear, scoffed at Montana and mourned Adam. Mach 5, come on, really?! WTF? The Batmobile would run over you any day!

    Also, since when do they let you put locks on luggage again? I thought it was one of those 9/11 points of contention. I love that Mac trusted Flack with the 333 information, but I seriously think they are over doing it a bit in every freaking episode. Sudenly I am picturing Mac and Flack side by side yelling "333 333 333 333 333 333 333 333 3333333333333333333333" and "Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, GIRL- FRIEND"

    Loved the scene between Mac and Sinclair to bits. Think I might have screamed "burn" to that one.

    While I loved the Bond bits, because I am a big ol' geek, I too miss the grittiness that makes it New York as opposed to a set in LA trying to be NY.
  3. PerfectAnomaly

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    That's hilarious. :lol: :D

    I didn't pick up on that during the ep., but yeah - it makes no sense. Peyton was going to London on business, but for Mac it was a vacation. A supposedly 10 day vacation. Who packs all of their work clothes for that? And who fits them all into one medium sized suitcase? :rolleyes: At least we got Danny flir-er-commenting, "Mac, back in black," out of the deal.

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    Jan 5, 2006
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    Right off the bat I just want to say that I hope Devon's character leaves the show for good after this episode. She really bothered me. I thought the "yes!" from Lindsay was okay, but she DID NOT have to add in the "I rock". Danny was hot, as always. I laughed at all of Flack's lines (Is he taking Mac's lines away from him, or what?!) I am still very much confused about the 333 thing. Overall this episode was okay. I give it a B-.
  5. LivingEnd

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    Aug 23, 2007
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    I graded it B-. For me it was nearly a little bit too much information for one episode and the whole spy movie like plot wasn’t my favorite.
    There were a few scenes which I really liked (all Flack scenes for example), and then there were the scenes which I thought were rather awkward to watch (all Lindsay scenes). :rolleyes:
    And during the ordeal, which were the Lindsay scenes, I couldn’t stop thinking, where is Adam when you need him. He would have done these scenes so much better… :(
  6. Islandgirl

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    I really enjoyed this ep. I'm not generally a huge Flack fan (Mac Daddy is my main man) but have the teaser, and then seeing him in a tux, I have to say. . .I wanna be Flack's girlfriend!
    Also really loved the Danny/Lindsey conversation about Speed Racer and Batman.
  7. Elsie

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    Sep 21, 2006
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    I'm not one to geek out over cars myself, so I wouldn't have a clue, but having just pursuaded my husband to watch the episode he insists that it's an Aston Martin vanquish (which is the model they used in one of the Bond films apparently). ;)
  8. Sphinx

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    Jul 2, 2007
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    I really enjoyed this episode, which was pure entertainment. Lindsay was ok, but Flacked is the one who really rocked. The writers should have simply had Lindsay say "alright!". The car conversation should have been between Danny and Adam. I could have seen Mac and Stella having the car conversation.

    Devon doesn't bother me. Flack didn't marry her, he was just dating her. He might have dated her, because she was fun. I remember seeing polls on what people look for in a date and being fun was number one. Being attractive was higher on the men's list than the women's list. I don't remeber how high intelligence was on the list or if it was on the list. Flack probably doesn't get to meet too many woman, who aren't in handcuffs or wearing a badge.

    The 3:33 story is still intriging. I wonder if the 3:33 person is behing the leaking of the email, because he called and asked Mac if he was having a bad day. The question then is how did he or she know about it. Could Sinclair have leaked it himself to make him look like a victim. I doubt if the blood on the shirt is Peyton's. It might be related to a future case mentioned on the spoiler thread. Could the blood still be wet if it were treated with a chemical?
  9. Carrieattheprom

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    Oct 22, 2005
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    So, I guess I was the only one who noticed the flame blooper then. :( :( Maybe I just imagined it.

    I'm getting bored with the 333 story. It was mind numbingly obvious that the combination lock was going to be 333. I don't have a short attention span, writers.

    Devon didn't bother me much either. It's not like Flack is in a serious relationship with her, despite the use of the word "girlfriend." Wait until(if)it does get serious, then I'll start freaking out.
  10. stormymac

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    May 3, 2007
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    I thought this was an entertaining episode too. Actually, how could an episode with Eddie in both his undershirt and a tux be anything but entertaining.

    I also didn't have a problem with Devon. I think that maybe Flack was looking for a relationship but, seeing what his best buddy Danny ended up with, went running for his life in the opposite direction. :D Either that or he is just having some fun until Danny comes to his senses.

    One problem I did have is with Sinclair reaming Flack about being involved in a high speed chase and then later in the episode we see two police cars in the middle of what? A high speed chase with the stealth car. The lack of continuity between episodes of CSI NY is bad enough but, when they can't even manage it in the same episode, it's no wonder we haven't found out anything about Louie or Flack Sr.
  11. csiviper

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    I totally loved this episode.

    How funny was it when Danny and Lindsay where arguing about who's car was the best. I laughed.
    Flack, Oh baby Flack, Im usually a Mac lover (wet mac, YUM) but let me tell you, seeing Flack like that was a real headsup, he is hot. Stella is the most gorgeous woman in this world, are you Freaking kidding me, the way that dress fitted her,
    Im straight and let me tell you she looked hot and gorgeous.
    Mac like always happens to be hot and that black shirt *falls over and starts drooling*, whats up with the whole 333 thing, Mac is really going to get in trouble, lets hope Stella is there to save him.
    Let's hope next weeks episode is as good as this one.
  12. owlki

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    Apr 6, 2006
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    The first flame was red, the second was green and the third was red again.

    But the 'I rock!' gloating after the blue flame was awkwardly fake, without a doubt...
  13. Faylinn

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Alright, I went and re-watched and wrote stuff down again. After reading through this thread, I see that some of the things I mentioned have been mentioned by other people, but I'll just type up everything I wrote anyway. :p


    ~ Dude, there's a gargoyle on top of the building! [/random]

    ~ Devon--Shut. Up. "What are you doing? Where are you going?" IDK, maybe he's going to investigate the mysterious noise, perhaps?

    ~ *Glomps Flack and ravages him*

    ~ Devon, does Fay hafta smack a bitch?


    ~ Flack, I hope the car doesn't answer you. :p

    ~ Flack's pissed off nao!!

    ~ *still hates the edited theme song*

    ~ Flack is getting some p*ssy. Intelligence is optional.

    ~ Yeeeah, he'd be so thrilled to go to exclusive parties full of rich people. Dear, TPTB: Characterization, let me show you it.


    ~ Flack said "thingy"--this amuses me.

    ~ *Ignores ooky scalp bit and ogles Sheldon*

    ~ It might belong to the vic, Sheldon? A piece of scalp on the ground might be the piece of scalp that is missing from the dead guy laying a few feet away? I think the chances are good, sweetie.

    ~ Don't be mad at Don, Bubba--he was halfway to P*ssyland when that burglar showed up--he can't be held responsible for his actions.

    ~ Bubba likes to touch Mac. Slashy UST-ness, much? (Mac, make him some shrimp. That should get you some nookie.)

    ~ "GIRLFRIEND" count: 1 (Flack to Sheldon) [I might miss some of these, so feel free to correct me]

    ~ "GIRLFRIEND" count: 2 (Hawkes to Flack)

    ~ Hawkes: Good for you, Flack. I never get any ass.

    ~ I would note the gratuitous Bond references, but I've never seen the movies.


    ~ El-oh-el, I c ur brainz!

    ~ "It's what's on the inside that counts." Aww, creepy 3rd grader Sid!!

    ~ Y'all are all 'Ah'm so cornfuzed!!1!'--call the X-Factor, damnit!... :eek:

    ~ "Mr. Rodriguez"
    "I AM NOT GAY, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!...I mean, huh?"


    ~ Sneaky Flack, stealing his ear-doozit. :p Be careful, though, he might think you're coming on to him. 'Ow...hey beh-beh.'

    ...(My brain, she is crazy.)

    ~ People tend to lie when they have something to hide, Stella m'dear.

    ~ Yeah, Lindsay, carry the hammer like that while you half-ass watch where you're going. Nobody could bump into you and get a hammer to the forehead or anything. :p

    ~ Danny, please to be not adopting the scrunch face. It just looks like you smelled something stinky.

    ~ Lindsay looks at Danny, Danny looks at the 'memory polymer' that's already stopped peforming its little trick. That must be some fascinating stuff to keep him from staring at his Tru Luff. :p

    ~ Danny complimenting Mac? Adorable. Translation: Hey hot stuff, I can has ur assbabies, plz? :devil:

    ~ I thought the NYPD didn't like high-speed chases, and there they are chasing the fancy-mobile...

    ~ Hey Flack, that moron you just talked to that identified your dead guy? Don't roll your eyes at her when you're dropping your pants for another member of the same species.

    ~ Dear dude playing the corpse: HOLD YOUR BREATH!

    ~ Sid is in ur hed, proddin ur brainz lol!

    ~ Danny and Flack are adorable. ^_^

    ~ "GIRLFRIEND" count: 3 (Danny to Flack)

    ~ Of course Flack has a second for hot man sexuals--ah, I mean, he has time to listen to you, Mac. *whistles innocently*

    ~ Wow, that Batmobile/Mach 5 scene was still lacking the second time around. Possibly has something to do with me not giving a f*ck, but there you go.

    ~ HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, STOP CALLING HER MONTANA! It is not sexy, it is not cute, it is only annoying and I'm this close to bitchslapping you, Danny.

    ~ Oh wow. Fancy cars. Whoop dee doo. *bored*

    ~ If the machine doesn't tell you everything, Lindsay, you do your job and find it another way. Gah.

    ~ Dear Anna, it sounds like you're struggling. "Ahh, we're goin' old school." *wince*

    ~ I'd like to breach your firewall, Sheldon. :devil:

    ~ So, basically, they're so high-tech that they're turning into morons. They apparently have to be told about trial and error and about turning stuff off. Common sense is, like, so overrated in this age of technology. *headdesk*

    ~ Dear CSI:Q peeps: 'butterflies' is a bit broad for 'species', isn't it? Gypsy moth is specific, house flies is specific--butterflies is not. How about asking 'What type of insect...' instead? :rolleyes:

    ~ Oh, Sheldon, you're so cute when you're geeky. ^_^

    ~ Late notice, but Flack, m'dear, your tie is fug.

    ~ Sheldon wuz reedin ur infoz, Bubba!

    ~ Oh God, I knew it was coming but I wasn't prepared. That 'yes' scene was the worst on the show in a long time. The writers wrote some f*cking stupid lines in this episode, and giving most of them to Lindsay DIDN'T HELP. *headdesk* The lines were bad, the delivery made them worse.

    ~ "GIRLFRIEND" count: 4 (Flack to suspect)

    ~ Stella, take the bitch down first, ask questions later.

    ~ For some reason, this episode feels like it's dragging ass the second time around.

    ~ NO, WE HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN THAT LINDSAY IS FROM MONTANA! I swear to God, it's gone so far past getting old that it's rancid.

    ~ Wow, Anna, you managed to properly convey enthusiasm about the car. Yay you! :) (That was me totally complimenting her. Mark it in your calendars. Take screencaps.)

    ~ Of course, it doesn't make up for the shitty delivery earlier, and I really don't think it's a good sign when doing your job correctly actually stands out, but whatev. Credit where credit is due and all that jazz.

    ~ "GIRLFRIEND" count: 5 (Flack to another suspect)

    ~ Mac, you're not allowed to doubt Sheldon. I have spoken.


    I guess there wasn't anything else worth writing down after that (that hasn't already been said), because that's the end of my notes. There weren't as many mentions of the word "girlfriend" as it originally seemed like--but two of Flack's mentions were to suspects. Brilliant.

    There are always clunkers, but I swear some of Lindsay's lines in this one really take the cake. "I rock"? Seriously? *headdesk* I'm not sure anything could have made them better, but shoddy delivery made them worse.

    I want them to be able to balance the sexy-sexy with strong, realistic, gritty cases. :p
  14. flacksgirl

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    OK so I am glad to hear I am not the only one who hated the "girlfriend". I was thinking maybe I hated her out of jealousy but now I know that it wasn't just me so thanks!
    She was a ditz and a half. But at least we got to see Flack in his wife beater and I doubt that their relationship is going to last very long.

    As for the rest, loved it! Flack was great, great lines, great scenes and great facial expressions. The car was awesome. I wish my car could repair itself after a fender bender.

    I would have rather seen Adam in the lab this week than Lindsey. I don't like how her character is developing. I don't know but she seems to be a little to self absorbed this season. I don't know. I miss the Lindsey from her first season. I liked her better.

    But did I mention how great Flack was, just kidding.
  15. xfcanadian

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    Oct 3, 2005
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    I think Mac only asked hawkes about leaking the email, just because its his job, not because he doubted him. Just making sure.

    Also, about mac opening the suitcase without isn't really related to any cases, so i don't think it would have mattered.

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