Grade 'Snow Day'

I like the Mac/Peyton relationship because they have believeable chemistry, they act like a real adult couple in love. I don't think Peyton was wrong for tricking Mac, due to his workaholic personality the only other way she could've gotten him to take time off would've been bashing him on the head and lugging his unconcious body onto the plane.

In your opinion they have believeable chemistry. And that isn't to be snide or snotty. It is your opinion and while you are entitled to think that and many others agree, I think just the opposite. I don't think they have chemistry together. I find their interactions to be awkward and they make me cringe. However, that is my opinion and I know not everyone shares that.

If bashing him on the head and lugging his unconscious body onto the plane is the only other way to get him to take time off, maybe he really doesn't want to take time off and go on vacation. She shouldn't force him to. He has to make that choice and if it bothers her so much that he won't go with her then she has to choose what she wants to do with the relationship. They aren't married and its just a vaction -- if he doesn't want to go he doesn't have to go just because she wants him to. Relationships require compromises so if this were really important to her and he really cared for her then he might agree to go -- but, again it needs to be his choice.

Also, how in the world did she know his accrued vacation and time off? Not just anyone can get a look a personnel jacket.

That did seem slightly stalkerish. If she wants to know that kind of information, it should come from Mac.

- Will Peyton's cheek implants explode on the Trans-atlantic flight?

Does she really have cheek implants? Frankly I have always thought she sort of looked like she has had a lot of plastic surgery, but assumed that she hadn't give that she is fairly young.

One poster above asked why everyone cares/dislikes/moans/groans/etc about Mac and Horatio having romantic relationships. I'm not too sure of the overall agebase of any fandom, but over the years I've come to realize that I don't care for the romance simply because invariably the writers just manage to screw it up. Keeping the overt romance off the screen simply allows *all* fans of different 'ships interpret what they see to their way of thinking within their 'ship. And there's absolutely no harm in that to me. It evens the playing field and allows all 'ships to participate equally. Unless the show is a soap, I feel romance should take the back seat and be actions interpreted by the actors on screen...not force-fed manually time after time after time.

I very much agree with this. On a side note -- Horatio just creeps me out so I truly prefer to never ever think of him in a relationship with anyone -- woman or man. :)
Sammy11 said:
Poor poor Adam. I really felt for him and i have to give AJ Buckley a standing ovation!! he was so well played that mixture of terror, bravado and guilt was wonderfully protrayed and i hope that TPTB give him a more prominant role season 4!
Hurrah! *waves Adam flag*

D/L shippers got their 3 mins of shits and giggles i got mine for the other 38 mins!
Haha, well said. :p

Messers_cupcake said:
AJ is really good and IMO (and i know i'm not the only one here) he really should be in the opening...
Oh, really? Who else feels that way? :D

sarakanne said:
Who cares where they got it on?? Does everyone have to do it in a traditional bedroom setting?
Clearly, some of the fans care when they feel the main characters are being screwed over. And as for the 'traditional bedroom setting'--does every young pair of co-workers on a television show have to (possibly get drunk and) do the horizontal mambo? Yes, it's possible for people to work together and hook up--but it's also possible for people to work together and still keep it in their pants.

And I'm not exactly someone who demands that every character be Mr. and Ms. Missionary, anyway.

privatename said:
On a side note -- Horatio just creeps me out so I truly prefer to never ever think of him in a relationship with anyone -- woman or man.
In my world, Horatio doesn't have a peen. :) That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Eww, peen.

Horatio to me seems like a loner..Maybe because they always zoom out to show him standing alone. We never see his house, we never see him on his way to work...He's just there, badge, gun, same suit and pin stripped shirt.

Quite weird, actually.
Thought I'd add my 2penithworth...EXCELLENT!!!
PLEASE ...a motorbike in a 3rd/4th floor apartment? As for the pool table? Well, IMO, this added to the 'alcohol=casual sex' bar room scenario, leading me to believe that this 'relationship' is not and will not be serious TG. If they had been watching a movie/eating a meal, then had sex, it would point more towards their 'relationship' being a little more serious than paying off a debt with a 'little somethin', somethin'
As for Flack and his many guises...yeah, not real-life, but there is sometimes a need for artistic licence, otherwise the programme would be over-run with Detectives or every episode would be about the same subject.
Sammy, didn't the thugs make Danny dial from their phone? Interesting that Danny called Flack's cell and not the department line.

Top , quite possibly, i was cringing and wincing for most of that scene so i could very well been mistaken, but i assumed by the fact it wasn't Messers phone (which means if he did dial the number which would make sense, he knows Don's number of by heart :devil: *does a lil dance*) and that the guy had to hold it in order for Danny to talk into it, Danny didn't dial. But i am more than happy to be wrong, I'd love for Danny to have Dons mobile number memorised! :D
I'm sure he didn't dial from his own phone because the thugs smashed it up. I'm going with that Danny knows Flack's number off by heart!! Yay!
That scene was just horrific to watch - his hand bluergh! Made me wince!
Isn't a Snow Day a day that children/adults get when their school or workplace closes due too bad weather!
It's like an unoffical holiday!
I'm sorry if that's not right - it what I've always thought it meant!
You've just reminded me that I wanted to ask this too (Let's hope that it's an American phrase, 'coz I don't want to think about having 'blonde moments' either!!!) I thought that title referred to the drugs, until I heard Danny say it (in a drop-dead-sexy voice)
I thought it had to do with the Coke until Danny said it :D

Overall, one of the absolute best NY episodes. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was my favorite to date.

It kept you into it, but it didn't get boring or off focus.