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I give this episode a very solid "A". I'm a Smacked fan so you can't ask me too much. i can't help myself i confess:lol:

Page Turner 5.02

i think it was an amazing episode. Many scenes were asked at talk CSI forums. We have go another "team" episode or should i say family episode. Sid in danger and everybody's reaction to that.
Let's say it in order:

Stunt Casting--> Maroon 5. i LOVE it!!!!!:thumbsup: i think i listened Maroon 5 once but i loved this song and the scene was really very well made. Something i'm enjoying from S5 is the fact the crime scenes are not the same than past years. Usually we had fashion shows or rich apartments from rich people. This crime scene was different at least. BTW Marron 5 was as effective as Will Dailey from last season. But for Smacked it was unique Will's song, wasn't it:drool::thumbsup:

First scene with Stella, Mac an Don.--> Please tell me it wasn't my imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don was talking and Mac and Stella couldn't unglued their eyes from each other. :drool: I found it quite interesting how Flack defended his men-in blue. Usually they would have an arguing with Mac but this time both of them undertood each other's position. I truly love Mac-Flack interaction (always) because they have argued before but they put their proud aside when they need to say "I'm sorry". yeap, it not easy but they respect each other so much! As in veritas when Mac made him know he knew about Sam's situation despite of Don didn't tell him anything

Stella-Mac- Sheldon and Sid---> when the alarm was set. This scene showed me how Mac and Stella cannot be apart. They are like Ying and Yang. Fire and water. Stella is the Reason. Mac is the Impulsiveness. When Sid fainted, Stella stopped Mac who was running towards him:drool:She would like he didn't do that. I remember her stress back in Hostage when Don told her Mac was with the victim inside the bank. Her face when she knew he offered himself to be exchange by hostages..(Something she knew in her heart)
Also from this scene i should mention the "You and me" comment :drool::drool::drool::drool: could anyone explain me why both of them looked
1) so close:drool:
2) so...mmmm..little uncomfortable maybe???:lol::drool:Again they cannot apart their yes from each other:drool:

Inside Joke: The Tatoo Guy saying Stella "Pretty smart Honey" (well i think that guy said so but i could be wrong) As Stellarinas know, Melina was called in taht way because of the Nurse who couldn't pronounce Kanakaredes so she called the baby "Honey" (Melina in Greek) . Besides Stella's hair looked fantastic (well she always is pretty)

Mac and Stella going into the Library---> cute. Stella in the passenger seat again and Mac as the driver. Doesn't she have her own truck :drool::drool::drool: and walking together so close to each other, smiling, enjoying their little spaces :drool:

Powerful scene---> there was a scene i liked so much. I don't know why certainly. It was that one with Danny-Lindsay and Stella-Mac in front of the screen. They looked like TWO couples instead of just one (and most of you know what i think about one of them and what i feel about the other one :thumbsup:

Mac and Molly's husband---> anybody could confirm me if the painting has a certain resemblance on Stella? Because i thought the painting WAS Stella actuallly. Not from the photo her husband showed on tv but the painting on the wall. For me it was Stella!!!!! Could be possible will we see a future connection to Stella in further episodes?????????????????????????????????????????? ????????:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Asked scenes: Flack- Mac scenes, Don-Danny and Adam, Don.-Stella, Boys together scene, and also Adam- Stella, Sheldon-Stella and of course our beloved Smacked scenes :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

Funny thing: All of them looked funny in their antinuclear poisoning suit;). Also the last scene was really priceless and the tender stare Mac gave to Sid :D

BTW I couldn't finish watching the eppy. Just 30 minutes:( (well it was amazing anyway :D
OK. I watched it and I also gave it a vote yesterday, but I don't remember whether it was a B or B-. Ah well you got my point. The only reason why it scored that high was because of Sid. But if I have to think about a grade that keeps that storyline out, I think a D is in order.

First of all, the beginning with Maroon 5 was completely unnecessary and a complete waste of precious time from the storyline. I hate when TV shows that I like pimp out bands and other brands just for the sake of it. I like Maroon 5, but what NY did with them I like to call prostitution.

Moving on, the only thing that caught my interest in the beginning was Sid. Poor man, he is always close to death whenever he gets in trouble, but there was no question regarding his survival giving the fact that now he is in the opening credits. I liked the ending scene with the boys in his hospital room, it was fun and natural and it looked like it wasn't written on the script, and that the writers let the actors play the scene in the way that they felt it. And it turned out great.

The case was a bit pushed over the limit. The radioactive book. Seriously? It seemed like the writers were struggling to make sense, and they didn't find the right story for the killer. It all just seemed pushed and like they wrote down the first idea that popped into their head.

And WTF was that hologram scene where Sheldon and Mac were examining the inside of a human stomach? Really? REALLY? That scene looked like it was pulled out from a vey very cheesy SF movie. The techonology used by these guys is getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Soon enough they will change the title into: CSI:SF.
That tatto guy to Stella: "You're pretty smart for a hottie." :lol:

One thing that I don't get is: Sid didn't want Mac and Stella to go into the room where he and vic were without Hazmat suits, but yet when Danny was testing them for exposure levels, he didn't have a suit on. What if they'd had high levels too, wouldn't he have gotten it?

The husband did it for money. Cliche. :lol:

The virtual autopsy thing looks cool, but do REAL crimelabs actually have that technology? This and the weird stuff in the AV room on Miami look like something straight out of Star Trek and the like. :lol: I have to wonder if it's just a little too futuristic for 2008. :lol:

Love the hospital scene with Sid at the end. What was that he said when they told him what they had to drink with the chips? He said some kind of analogy, but I can't remember what it was. :lol:
GNRFan--> thank you dear!!!!!!!!! :D I was wondering since i watched the episode

I thought foe a moment it was in an inside joke. too bad ;) :D

Debbie :D
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GNRFan, I remember Sid said the most active radiation was on the vic's skin before he collapsed. Mac and Stella didn't got much on them. :)
I really liked this ep. I thought it was a nice team episode and I liked that everyone rallied around Sid.

I also thought Flack was in top form. He was just utterly hilarious and I loved his and Danny's exchange and their bitching about the suits. :lol:

My only beef with the episode is that Danny wasn't in the end scene. I thought for sure he would be there...

I'll just content myself by saying he was finishing some paperwork and came a little later. :p
GNRFan, I remember Sid said the most active radiation was on the vic's skin before he collapsed. Mac and Stella didn't got much on them. :)

Oh, okay. Thanks, I was just a little confused about that. :lol:

I meant to ask: My recorder cut off for a second (I had the tv off, but was recording while I was on the phone) after Hawkes rushed into the room with Sid and yelled his name. I turned it back on record as quickly as I could, but it was where Danny was checking Mac and Stella for radiation levels. Did I miss anything important between those two points?

Oh, I also thought it was hilarious when Flack told that guy to open the door before he busted it down cause he was already pissed for having to wear that hazmat suit. :lol: Classic Flack. He never fails to say something funny. Love him.

He said chips and water was like pizza and milk. :p

That's right. Thank you! I couldn't remember for some reason. :lol: When I heard him say "pizza and milk", I just went "gross!". :lol:

Loved at the end where he said "you were kidding about the beer, right?" and they said no and then Flack said he needed to get well before he started drinking again... or something like that. :lol:

I thought the moment between Hawkes and Sid was really sweet where Sid was thanking him for saving his life and Hawkes said "you would have done it for me" and Sid said "as a matter of fact, I would". Awww!

I was kind of hoping Adam would get to wear one of those suits too, but unless I missed it, I don't recall him being in one. :lol:
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OK GNRFan, you just missed the following : Hawkes rushed in, checked on Sid and Said "Get the CDC here now!". The next shot was Hawkes wheeled Sid out to the ambulance and Danny checked radiation level on Mac and Stella. Nothing important. So don't worry. :)
He said chips and water was like pizza and milk. :p

That's right. Thank you! I couldn't remember for some reason. :lol: When I heard him say "pizza and milk", I just went "gross!". :lol:

It's funny...I love pizza and milk together, and I always get that reaction from people. :lol: I have odd eating habits, though. :lol:
Pizza and milk. It's wrong I tell you! :lol: ;) Pizza and a nice bottle of wine would be more my thing.

Sid's comment was funny though, and Flack's response about Sid 'getting good' before he starts drinking again, was just adorable. I love them both, and I love this kind of character interaction. :adore:
The only thing I was wondering was... was that the first time Flack and Sid have interacted on-screen? I can't remember...
Just saw the episode and pretty much everything's been said already. :p
I have to say, Fay, I read your comments right after each epi, and it cracks me up every time :D
So here's one for you ;)

'Ready for heavy metal 101?'
'Rock on'
You demand, we cap.



One thing nobody mentioned, was Mac's line at the very end: "How's the food here?". :lol:
He said chips and water was like pizza and milk. :p

That's right. Thank you! I couldn't remember for some reason. :lol: When I heard him say "pizza and milk", I just went "gross!". :lol:

It's funny...I love pizza and milk together, and I always get that reaction from people. :lol: I have odd eating habits, though. :lol:

I like pizza with milk too. I didn't get Sid's comment. What's wrong with having pizza with milk??? What are you supposed to have pizza with??? Soda??? Beer??? I love milk and I love pizza. Mom and I drink milk with just about everything and by itself. A gallon of milk don't last long in this house.