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OK GNRFan, you just missed the following : Hawkes rushed in, checked on Sid and Said "Get the CDC here now!". The next shot was Hawkes wheeled Sid out to the ambulance and Danny checked radiation level on Mac and Stella. Nothing important. So don't worry. :)

Thank you. :)

I love pizza and milk together, and I always get that reaction from people.

Well, it'd probably be okay for me if I could drink milk. But, it makes me sick at my stomach, so I have to drink Soy Milk. I was just imaginging pizza with soy milk and I don't know if that would be a good combo. :lol:
I really do love pizza and milk. :lol: But pizza and wine is a good combo, too.


Why is Danny grabbing his own ass? :lol: I've seen a couple caps in another thread as well, and that cracks me up. :lol:
I don't know why he's grabbing his ass but I think we have a good candidate for the naughty pic thread. ;) Danny's always popping up in there,lol. Guess that says something about him??!
Maybe someone smacked his ass on the way by and it stings - or someone did it to him earlier and he's trying to prevent it from happening again. :p
^I can see that. :lol: Open season on Danny's ass! :devil:

Oh man, could you see Flack if Sid went to his "creepy place"!? His face alone would be worth it![/quote]

I am imagining that face as I type this! He has some of the best faces I have ever seen!

:lol: Maybe he's got a hole in the jeans. :guffaw: Or a less funny scenario, maybe he was reaching for his wallet for whatever reason.
I give it a B+

- The Maroon 5 thing was too long.

-Awww, sweet Flack always defends the cops, and he was right this time. That's nice considering both his old mentor and then Truby turned out to be crooked.

-I liked how Mac and Stella handled Flack's resistance to the idea a cop was responsible for the girl's death. Mac made it clear he wasn't going to draw any conclusions until the science proved something. And he was right to initially think one of the soft rounds may have killed the girl, because at the time there was no evidence to dispute that. I liked Stella telling him that it wasn't her and Mac's job to tell him what he wanted to hear. They can't say that a soft round didn't kill the girl just because it was cops who were firing them and said cops have a hard job. Accidents happen to everyone. I liked too that Mac made the point that CSIs have a hard job just like cops too.

-Awww, Mac, Hawkes and Stella were so worried about Sid. Mac just wanted to go charging in there and save him, especially when he collapsed (SID!!!!). I loved how Stella gently grabbed his arm to stop him, and when Mac was talking about getting him to a hospital (before he collapsed, what, is Mac psychic now too?:lol:) and Stella talked to him and said they needed to wait.

-Okay, Hawkes needs to wear short-sleeved t-shirts more. He looked HOT :drool: when he was getting changed into the radiation suit.

-Mmm, takin'-charge Hawkes is hot.:drool:

-Awww, Mac was so sweet, looking over Sid at the hospital. Love how he gently touched Lindsay's back as he thanked her for coming in too.

-They all look strange in the radiation suits!

-That creepy tattoo parlour guy was gross flirting with Stella. Instead of kicking his ass, she gave him that look she gave Sonny Sassone in Tanglewood when he was hitting on her, the 'No way in hell, loser' look.
Danny didn't like the skank hitting on Stella either!

-That metal thing is a security tag from a library book. I knew that instantly because we use strips similar to that.

-If you destroy library books, bad things will happen to you, people!

-Mac and Stella were doing their random-facts-encyclopedia thing this ep! I love that. I love how Mac especially knows all these random facts, like about freeze-drying books.

-I love too that Hawkes can use long words like nasogastirc-whatever-blue-whatever. Smart Hawkes = Sexy Hawkes.:drool:

-Mac gave Stella a ride in his truck to the library!

-So now the library's to blame for the radiation poisoning? Yeah, that's right, blame the library for everything.:rolleyes:

-Loved Flack's snarkiness with Lhamo - 'Lame -O' and the line about hastening his ride to lock-up.:lol:

-Awww, Danny doesn't want Flack to get near potentially radioactive material.

-If you piss Mac off, he'll arrest you. If you piss Flack off, he'll 'huff and puff and nuke your little house down'!:lol: I loved that line. Maybe it was kind of inappropriate considering the guy had radiation poisoning but really it was just funny.:lol: Note - pissy Mac and pissy Flack = :drool:

-No, dude, you can't borrow a radiation suit!

-Haha, lawyer guy, that's what happens when you kill your wife, put innocent people at risk, harm a member of Mac's team, and try to blame your wife's death on the library - Mac and Stella and Flack will get you!

-The final scene with Sid, Hawkes, Mac and Flack was one of my favourites in the show's history. I love the male bonding/friendships on this show. It was a bit odd that Danny wasn't there, but then Flack, Hawkes, Sid and Mac are more alike in the ways they work and think and the type of guys they are than Danny is with them. Danny does have strong similarities to Mac and Flack in his personality. But Hawkes, Sid, Mac and Flack are all guys who tend to hold back on their emotions most of the time, so when we get a scene like this where they show their emotions, it's really special. Mac, Flack and Hawkes are also very much science/evidence/the job first guys in professional terms, so it was great to see them show their concern for their friend, and take out some time to chill with him and each other. Danny's a bit too emotional at times, and while it would have been touching to see him at the hospital showing his concern for Sid, in a way he wouldn't have 'fit' in that scene the way it was written.
And honestly, I don't think he could have fit in the room, it was kinda small with 3 visitors in there!
I liked too that it was the guys rather than the whole team who went to visit Sid. It's nice to see particular friendships developed instead of the whole team hanging out together sometimes. I guess that's another reason why I didn't mind Danny's not being there, we've had scenes showing his friendship with Mac and especially with Flack. We've seen Danny chilling out outside the lab quite a few times (at the game with Flack, going to the jazz bar with Lindsay, flirting with a girl on the subway ride home, hanging out with Ruben) whereas we haven't seen that much of Flack, Mac, and Hawkes' time outside work, or of what their relationship is like outside work, so this scene worked fine without Danny. It's still odd he wasn't there, though. I wonder how he'll feel finding out Flack watched a Rangers game without him?:lol:
It was strange we didn't see Sid's family, but then I guess the writers were trying to make the point throughout the ep and in this scene that the team is his family.
Awww, Mac and Hawkes sitting on either side of Sid. Cute.

-Mac has a wicked sense of humour sometimes. But actually, that book is probably right up Sid's street!

- LoL at Flack chucking the potato chips at Sid, and Mac sort of gently poking/prodding him in the shoulder. Marines and Cops evidently don't hug too often. Not ones like Mac and Flack, anyway.

-I want Mac, Flack, Hawkes, Adam, and Danny to all come and check out the library stacks at my library with me ....:devil: To, um, you know, check for radiation, of course....Oh, Mac, I think I need you to run that radiation meter thingy over me....:devil:;)

-Sid, no beer for you yet.
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