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Second episode of the fifth season...what did you think of it? :cool:
Okay, I'm gonna try this whole "List as you go" thing...

-Maroon 5 was pretty good. Adam Levine is pretty damn sexy, not gonna lie.

-Poor Flack's just trying to look out for the beat cops. It's kinda endearing. :)


-Adam is great... I like that he thought of running it through a graffiti database.

-Mac outside the door... and he extended his arm to kind of (sort of) embrace Lindsay... :( *hugs him*

-Poor Sid!!!

-Hawkes is a sexy, sexy beast. Although, wouldn't the not entire head helmets not really help with certain types of radiation poisoning?

-Kudos to him for figuring out the poisoning.

-Flack is very sexy as well.

-Hehe, Adam and Flack... "Ready for some heavy metal 101?" "Rock on." Classic! The two of them definitely need more scenes together.

-Thallium, huh?

-Freeze dried books... learn something new every day.

-Ha. Ha. Check out books at the library. :p

-Re: a local commercial- 'Baba O'Reilly' does not belong with the CSI (Vegas) background. Just so you know.

-Mold is gross.

-Good question, Mac.

-Aww... Hawkes at the hospital.

-So, wait, there's another victim? Lupus and thallium? Is this House with the guy thinking 'it's not Lupus'?

-Famous last words, dude...

-Sid's alert and responsive!!! Yay!!!

-Flack done did his homework... :p

-"Listen, Lame-O." "It's Lhamo." Mean, but still freaking hysterical, and one of the many reasons I love Flack.

-"I have every intention of hastening you from here to lock up." I swear, he has the best one-liners.

-ADAM!!! And he doesn't know what something is? I assume that's only because he's not directly studying it... but he still is the man. Especially at identifying the red stuff...

-So Molly had thallium poisoning too... Interesting.

-That room is kind of freaky, that puts the images all around them... Cool, but freaky.

-I think that's the first time in the history of the show that Danny said he wanted Flack to stay away (and not in a moment where Danny was emotional)... Just saying...

-Hehe, Flack in the suit... and "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll nuke your whole house down."

-Buddy, I think it's a bit late for one of those suits for you.

-I like when Hawkes wears his glasses...

-Him? Seriously? Throw the contaminated book at him! Make him suffer! (Sorry, long day)

-Yeah Mac! I love when he's a BAMF.

-SID!!! Alive and well! Yay! Sweet moments with Hawkes. And Mac too. And Flack!!! "Bring any beer?" :lol: I love it!!!

Great episode. Solid A- for me. :)
Typing as I watch, then posting as usual.

I missed the very beginning, but I didn't miss anything - just a bit of the Maroon 5 performance which, quite frankly, doesn't do anything for me anyway.

~ It sounded like he said Mawoon Fahve


~ Ah, see, way to make the promo misleading - I thought people were collapsing from the radiation.

~ Oh hai, Stella. I see cleavage. :devil:

~ Poor Flack - if they try to put the heat on a cop, he'll be the one in the middle. *pet pet*

~ That music sounded kind of...Star Wars-y there for a second - I know they've used the same sound before, though.

~ Poor Flack. *pet pet*

~ Ew, that thing on her neck is gross.

~ Sid! *hugs Sid*

~ Ew, her face looks gross. Not that I don't know what's going on (damn spoilers), but ew.


~ Mmm, Sheldon in a t-shirt. Take charge, you sexy beast. *rawr*

~ OH NOEZ SIIIIID! *cling*

~ However, that suit is looking kinda stoopid.

~ I want Sheldon to take care of me.

~ Adam! *ravages* (No plaid this week.)

~ But of course they'd have a database for grafitti.

~ Oh Adam, you so smart...about useless information - except that it's not useless this time. :p

~ Stella's arse looks quite nice in that suit. [/perv]

~ Can I punch that guy? 'Nobody complains when I shriiimp them' or whatever? *punch*

~ Mmm, Danny without glasses. *tackle*

~ Sid! :(


~ Damn those suits are dumb looking. The white thing reminds me of the Oompa Loompas in that one scene in the old movie.

~ Does the radiation not go around the little plastic face thingy? :confused:

~ Mmm, I love it when Sheldon is all authoritative. Yes, Dr Hawkes. Anything you say, Dr Hawkes. Spank me, Dr Haw...*cough*

~ I read about the thing with Prussian Blue and Thallium poisoning back when I first read the spoilers.

~ That little thing is the source of the radiation? Oh dears.

~ Snazzy gadget there, Stella. Ok, who am I kidding? I was just like 'Ooh, green light. O.O'

~ 'Ready for heavy metal 101?'
'Rock on'

Win! :lol:


~ Do some reading on the subject, Mac? Bad line, sweetie. *cringe*

~ Start 'checking them out'? - Ouch, Mac. In the words of my sister, 'Could we stop with the cheesy lines, please?'

~ Big library. That could take a while.

~ Heehee, it's like the restricted section of the library in Harry Potter. [/dork]

~ My sister was like 'Of course they'd be the ones to find it.'

~ The Book of the Dead - how convenient. :rolleyes:

~ Enough with the corny lines, BBs.

~ Ew with the mold.

~ Aww, Sheldon's concerned for Sid. *hugs him*


~ Thoughtful Sheldon is thoughtful. He looks like he should be stroking his chin and contemplating his next chess move or something. Lawls.


~ Aww, Stella got the good news and told Flack. *hugs them both*

~ Yes, I want some more good news, Flack. *waggles eyebrows*

~ 'I knew that rung a bell.' Oh Flack, it's corny with the bell in the next scene, but I still chuckled.

~ Hahaha!

'It's Lahmo' (or however it's spelled)

~ Aw Flack, you're so cute when you're unimpressed.

~ 'Hold on Flack. Before you book him - mind if I check your aura?' Cheesy, but you're sexy when you do your voice like that, Stella. :devil:

~ It's kind of like a flashback of Sheldon as a coroner - complete with the new gadget, of course. Juxtaposition of the old and the new. (Yeah, that's right, I said juxtaposition. My vocabulary is fierce.)

~ Haha! They zoomed in on her stomach and my sister was like 'Yeah right, like it works like that.'

~ Aww, Danny is such a whiner.

~ Hahahaha! Flack is a little pissed off about having to wear the outfit. *pets him* You're so cute when you're cranky.

~ Dude looks narsty. :wtf:

~ SIGNIFICANT PAINTING WAS SIGNIFICANT. Good job, moron, you practically gave Mac the evidence the first time you talked to him.

~ Ooh, Mac is angry. Mama likey.

~ Dumbass. :mad:

~ 'That will depend on your execution date.' - Angry!Flack. Mama likey too.

~ Sid! Aww, and Sheldon going to visit. *hugs* They should hug. THIS SHOW NEEDS MORE MANHUGS!

~ Aww, Mac and Flack too. It was a little man-gathering, minus Danny and Adam. I was hoping the entire team would come in.

Overall, a decent episode - I probably would have been more excited if I didn't know what happened. Such is the danger of reading spoilers, I suppose. Still, I'm glad we got to see the friendship between Sid and Sheldon. I loves those two.

Preview: Haha, oh Flack. "Assume the position." :devil:
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It's because I'm a perv, isn't it? :p

I just read through your comments - I totally missed this part:

-Hehe, Flack in the suit... and "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll nuke your whole house down."
How could I miss that line? :lol:
Great episode! I like Maroon 5 and all but were they necessary? Anyways, poor Sid but we knew he'd be ok, he just got added to the main credits, lol! Did you notice some changed and some didn't? Hmmm... :confused: Loved Flack in this episode (but then again, I always love Flack!). He had some really great lines which is one of my favorite things about him. Loved the part about him being pissed off having to wear the suit (which was funny seeing him in it but he still looked good!) and nuking the house down. HaHa! Can't wait to get it on Itunes so I can cap it or get caps whenever someone gets 'em done. All in all, a better episode than the premiere I think.
Not a bad episode. I absolutely adore Flack and his one liners. Sexy beast. I liked it when he was cranky about the suit and threatened to 'huff and puff and blow your house down'.

Danny's crankyness about the radiation suit was awesome as well. It was just a throwaway line but I thought it was so typical of him.

Why did the 'I want to make radioactive energy' guy have lesions on his face when everyone else had a rash? Stop confusing me, TPTB!!

The party is Sid's room re-affirmed my faith in this show. It's things like that that make me not completely jump ship.

"It's never lupus!!" I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only person who thought of House when they were talking about Molly's cause of death.

Oh, and, in case anyone was wondering, I think 'Prussian Blue' sounds like a type of drink.
Grr, how come the writers couldn't bother to have Sid's wife and/or daughter show up? It's hard to imagine why they wouldn't be there for him.

LOL yes Faylinn's commentary is hilarious. Reminds me of LOLcats *g* (the 'signifcant random' stuff)

I wonder if anyone will notice any science or medical mistakes...I don't know enough about thallium or radiation poisoning to say. I recognized what they said about the latent period though. Hmm should Sid have lost some hair?

I think RedHerringGuy at the end was based partly on a true story...there's a book called The Radioactive Boy Scout about a kid who built a reactor in his clubhouse or shed or whatever like that.
Grr, how come the writers couldn't bother to have Sid's wife and/or daughter show up? It's hard to imagine why they wouldn't be there for him.

Cause they are keeping with the 'when you are hurt/sick your family doesn't show up' theme like when Flack got hurt. My only guess, lol!
Must be. *gives writers annoyed look*

I forgot to mention, I hope Sid isn't 100% normal again next week...a few after effects would be nice. Although knowing the writers, it won't happen. That's another thing they're famous for. "Get hurt on CSI and you're totally cured a week later"
What is there left to say after race's and Faylinn's comments? :lol:

The lupus thing cracked me up...I think House is a landmark in TV history in that from now on, it will never be lupus again

The kid with the barn reactor made me think "Darwin Award Nominee #1"

The painting clue was too obvious, IMHO.
Introduce painter #1 right in the beginning. Question people. One of them is painter #2. ZOMG whaaat? Our clue leads to a painter? *gasp*

The ending was sweet. At first I thought the whole team would come, but it felt better this way, with only the four of them.

All in all, a very funny episode, even if some lines were cheesy
Being a CSI: Miami fan you'd think I wouldn't be shocked by a good episode one week and a bad episode the next week. But remember this is CSI: NY so it :eek:shocked:wtf: me. :confused:I can't understand how they could make such a great season premeire and such a boring second episode.:confused: I gave this episode a B even though it probably deserves a C. B for BORING. I can tell you right now, this is one episode I won't be watching on DVD when the season 5 DVDs come out around this time next year. (IM yawning emote here) Someone wake me up when next Wednesday rolls around. Better yet, wake me up Monday cause CSI: Miami had the same problem...good premiere episode, boring second episode. At this point original CSI is starting to look more and more appealling to me. It looks more and more appealling but I'm not going there. Why??? Because the 3 shows seem to share guest actors, producers, directors, it'll probably follow suit...great premiere episode and boring second episode. Earlier in this post I said "B for BORING." Well, this episode did have its exciting/interesting/memorable moments but they were spread far apart. In fact, there were only 3 exciting/interesting/memorable moments. They were:
#1...The scene where Sid fainted
#2...Mac in one of those radiation suits in the library.
#3...At the end of the episode when Hawkes, Flack and Mac, in that order, came to visit Sid in the hospital.
There you have it folks. I gave this episode a B even though it probably deserves of a C except BORING doesn't start with C. Plus, I'm feeling generous and I'm crossing my fingers next week's episode will be better. And now you have this review of/my thoughts on this episode.
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