Gil <3 Cath #31: Purejoy - Sexing Up Sin City!

Glad you guys liked the excerpts. I've got some more, this time from "Headhunter" by Greg Cox. It's about a bad person who shrinks heads. Anyway, in it, Gil had sent an email to Teri (remember her from Season 1??) and this was the last bit of her reply:

Give my regards to Catherine and the rest of the gang. Best, T.
Teri's such a GC shipper.
Anyway, some more extracts:
Catherine smirked at Grissom. “What? No Sleepy Hollow reference? No historical allusions to Anne Boleyn?”
“I try not to be predictable,” he replied.
Startled, Kakara fired at the newcomer instead. The dart flew from her pipe, striking the blonde squarely in the chest.
“Catherine!” Grissom yelled in alarm.
The woman yelped, but kept on coming. Kakara found herself paralysed instead, uncertain what to do next. Who were these people, and where had they come from? How did they know what she was up to?
All at once, it seemed the spirits abandoned her.
“Keep back!” Kakara shouted, frantically reaching for another poison dart. But before she could ready her pipe once more, Grissom’s attaché case slammed into the back of her head, knocking her to her knees. The pipe went flying from her fingers, and she collapsed on the hard stone walkway. Grissom’s knee dug in her back, holding her down. Over the ringing of her skill, she heard the other two CSIs running toward them. Although dazed by the blow, she thrashed beneath Grissom, trying to throw him off, until she heard the click of a gun only inches away.
Lifting her head, she found herself looking straight up the muzzle of the blonde’s Smith and Wesson. “That’s enough!” Catherine said. “Don’t give me an excuse to put a hole in your head. We wouldn’t want all those loose marbles to fall out.”
The name on her blue windbreaker was WILLOWS. The dart was stiull embedded in her chest, right above her heart. I don’t understand, Kakara thought, Why are you still standing?
Grissom sounded equally puzzled. “Catherine?” he asked, his voice full of concern. “Do you require medical attention?”
“Not really,” she chortled. She waited until her black companion had Kakara’s wrists cuffed behind her before peeling off the windbreaker to reveal a Kevlar vest underneath. “I figured Little Miss Headhunter here would never aim for my face.”
“A wise precaution,” Grissom agreed.
That's so Grissom! "Do you require medical attention?" lol Seriously, that's so sweet of him. I love the concern he displays for her. It's like the sweetest thing ever.
Now why couldn't we have ever got an action scene like that? It's seems like everytime there was action when one was around, the other wasn't with them.:rolleyes: Aww, listen at him so concerned for his woman. I love it.:adore: Oh, I agree about Teri being a G/C shipper. Notice she said Catherine and the rest of the gang. She knows.;)
Haha I told Anne the other day that it was a subtle way of saying "Give my regards to your wife and the rest of your family." :D I love these people. Teri, Eddie, Lt. Brooks from Jackpot, Doc Robbins...these cool people all see it. :lol:
Haha, I have to agree with you Erica... :adore: You're right, they all know that they're husband and wife, they just don't like to mention the fact outright. ;) Thanks also for the extracts Anne, the second one is so cute, I love how Gil is all protective of her, and gets really concerned when he thinks that she may have been hurt, aww, he's such a sweetie and takes no prisoners... Especially when it comes to his Cath. :adore:
OMG you guys are still keeping this thread going and I just squeed so loud when I saw some new photos of Billy and Marg! I know that has no relevance to Gil/Cath but whatever. It's all we've got.

I haven't watched CSI since Grissom left and as a result, have not been keeping up with any of this stuff at all! I was hoping I'd be able to cook up another fanfic at another point but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it since...I've basically run out of ideas. :/ Hopefully Cupid's Chokehold won't be the last piece, but who cares about that?

Anyway YAY G/C!!1
^^^Haha, I'm holding out for the episode where Grissom comes to his senses and runs to Catherine's arms. Ahem. BTW, I love your sig. I found myself staring at it for like 5 minutes. That's rather impressive for someone with ADD actually!
I'm with you Katie, I'm *patiently* waiting for such an episode, hopefully it's not going to be too long before we get one like that... I mean come on, it wouldn't only make the viewers happy, it would make Marg and Billy happy too, and happy actors makes for an awesome show... Begs TPTB... Pretty please?
Oh my word Ams, that pic is so cute, thanks so much for posting it, I'd love for us to have a scene with Gil holding Cath like that, it would be so adorable. :adore:
Aww, are they cute or are they cute?:adore: Technically, you could consider that Gil and Cath because they seem to be at work and they're dressed the part, complete with glasses and all.:lol: Aren't those the same pair of glasses that he's let her borrow before? Ya gotta love the 'hot married couple'.;)

Thanks for posting the pic, ams.:)
Oh my God that completely made my day! I absolutely LOVE the proximity of those two, how they are so close and look so relaxed. They look like an old married couple like csiz said.

Hehe, I agree with you Ash, it's totally the hot married couple in that pic. :adore: They just look so adorable, the way they're sitting, they just look so comfortable together... It's just all together adorable... Now we totally need a scene like that one in the show. :adore:
So I got In Extremis after Anne posted her excerpts, and I have to lol cause at the start of chapter 2, Gil and Cath are driving to a scene, and the author describes the ride as "comfortable silence, much like a long-married couple."

Mmhmm, we know how it is! ;-)
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Hello everyone. I know I may be a bit late but, congrats on the new thread ^_^

I'm wondering if anyone can help me?

I have looked everywhere I know for PureJoy video clips and cannot seem to find any :( I was wondering if anyone here has any idea of where I can find some?

Thank you in advance :D

Oh, and Ams, I have to admit, that pic is incredibly cute :hugegrin: Thanks for sharing!

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