Gil <3 Cath #31: Purejoy - Sexing Up Sin City!

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    *wanders in to empty PureJoy thread*

    Oh man I shipped these two hardcore from the beginning. Still do!!! Good times. Was nice to see the PureJoy/Grilllows/BillyMarg dynamic still in full swing for the finale. A few recent PJ things before I forget about them:

    • Marg posted some great pictures on her Instagram and even used "#Grillows"! It's canon to her and that's all that matters. :)
    • The behind the scenes and press releases between these two were cute as always. Not one, but TWO smooches that I know of from an interview and from the Paley Center.
    • Paley Center panel quotes about them being the old married couple and also how Gil needed Cath for her special skill sets and how much they relied on each other without having to be a typically cliché romantic couple.
    • The episode hug when she first sees him in DB's office was so precious and genuine.
    • The "my vagina" scene between them when discussing Lindsay was a classic moment and was so hilarious. Reminded me of parents having an awkward conversation and the husband being clueless lol.
    • Gil and Cath standing together on the DVD cover art for the finale movie. A nice touch to accentuate the awkwardness that is GSR. So far it's only preliminary art but I hope it stays!

    Maybe I'll post some pics and links later when not on my phone. Purejoy forever!!!

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