Gil <3 Cath #31: Purejoy - Sexing Up Sin City!


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*Taken from Erica's post in the opening of thread #30, thanks dear.*

You're in Gil <3 Cath #31: PureJoy – Sexing Up Sin City, the little corner for the PureJoy lovers here at TalkCSI. The idea of our thread title came from what the two actors, William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger, who play our favorite CSI couple, Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows, have said about this pairing. Although our ship isn't canon on the show, both actors love the idea and think their characters would love to get involved with each other. They have indicated not only once that Gil and Catherine are soul mates and that they interact just like an old married couple. Besides, we PureJoy shippers have always thought that they are both sexy, soul mates and best partners. :D

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Welcome to Gil <3 Cath #31, come on in and join the party. :D
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Yay! New thread! :)

I agree with what you said in your last post, Steph. It would be cute to see a scene where Linds tells Grissom that her mom missed him. Then she'd pause for a bit and say "and so did I". I can picture Gil smiling at that comment. And maybe we'd even get a hug. :)
Oh GOD I can see the look in his eyes when he says "So do I" It brings tears of PUREJOY to my eyes! *WOO HOO*
A hug...oh yes.....fatherly hug....SO. FREAKING. AMAZING.... <3 it.
CONGRATS on a new thread, ya'll! PUREJOY *grin*
Awww GNRFan, that would be the cutest thing... I'd love to see an interaction like that between Gil and Lindsay... :adore: I'd love to see him acting like her father figure again, like he did in the past. I'd also be all for a scene with Cath calling up Gil to tell him about something Lindsay did, like if she did well in school or something, I think it would be really cute just to hear them talk about her again, cause like 4_H said in the previous thread, they're a family in their own way... :adore:
Nope, posting pictures is fine, and those 2 are cute. :adore: The first one is adorable, it looks like they were having a lot of fun filming that scene. :D The second one is adorable too, I love how Catherine look so enthrauled by whatever he's saying, she's hanging onto his every word... It just really shows the depth of their relationship, by the way they listen to eachother, so cute. :adore: Thanks Amb. :D
Aww, you're right 4_H, it would be adorable to hear Cath tell Gil a story about Lindsay especially if it had something to do with science, maybe something like her coming top of her class on a test or something... I can just imagine how proud they'd both be of her. :adore: It would make an adorable scene.

Thanks for the awesome pics, the first one is just plain :adore:... Haha, in the second one he is so looking down her top. :devil: The third is another one of their little teasing moments... What ep is it from? The final one is adorable. :adore: Where'd you get that pic? I'd love to see others if there were more. :D
Aww, those pics are awesome EEK!!!. I especially love the first one, I've always loved that photoshoot. :adore: They just look so damn hot all dressed up like that. :devil: Your caption for the third one is perfect, the expression of Cath's face is priceless. I wonder what Gil was wanting her to do... :devil: *Whistles innocently.* Haha, I can't recall the scene you're talking about, what ep was it in? Refresh my memory, it sounds hilarious.
YEAH!!!!!!!! new PureJoy thread!!!!!!!! :hugegrin:

I love all the pictures. Yeah, they wanted each other :lol:

And from the previous thread, I agree King Baby is a classic PureJoy moment.
I've been watching Season 3 on Spike. Gil and Cath had lots of good episodes together; Recipe for Murder, Forever, Got Murder are some of my favorites. They have an unspoken bond if you will. I have always loved Cath and Gil working together.
haha im glad you like my photos :) every time i see that photo, that line always pops into my mind, so i had to use it! Anyways, the episode was toe tags, and cath was investigating a a body in a bathtub. Doc told her c.o.d. was drowning, and cath asked if he was sure because she was skeptical. thats when he asked when the last time she fell asleep in grissoms tub was... i wish i could find the clip on youtube!
EEK!! LOVE your pictures!! Particularly the "Does Hodges know we can see him?" ROFL I love the smirky look on his face...he's just the KING of all smirkage...Of course, with Cath/Marg reigining as Queen :)

Bestie: LOVE your pictures too..The "Family" one has been one of my faves for God only knows how long...It's so precious....*squee*

I LOVE how the depth of their relationship can be captured (well, to an extent ;p) in a photo or just a look...a gleam in their eyes..It's just freaking HOT. God, if only all couples were as hot, sexy & firey as those two...The world would never be the same ;p So anyone have an idea for a font that I can use for a PUREJOY tat? PM me if ya do.

PS-, you're SO very welcome, AC :)
I LOVE how the depth of their relationship can be captured (well, to an extent ;p) in a photo or just a look...a gleam in their eyes..It's just freaking HOT.
Oh, I totally agree! Just one shot can say so many things without a word even being said. They're chemistry is like no other.;)

Now of all the people for Doc Robbins to say for Cath to be in their tub, he says Gil. I think we all know exactly what that meant and that's one story I definately would love to hear.:devil:

Steph, I think the eppy that the third pic I posted is from is Crate n Burial, but I wouldn't swear to it. It's either that or Cool Change from season one. Regarding the last pic, unfortunately that's the only pic there was that I know of. I can't remember right off the bat where I got that one, but there's a bigger one on
Thanks for the info 4_H, I'm going to have a look out for more pics, I'll give y'all a heads up if I find any. :D

I just watched The Finger, although there isn't really much interaction between Gil and Cath in this ep, it's cute to see how worried Gil is about her, when he hasn't heard from her and she's off 'looking for the kidnapper', you can see that he's worried that she hasn't been in touch, and he seems to be so relieved when she contacts him... Again it's just the look of relief in his face, rather than his actual words that shows how much he cares...