Gil <3 Cath #29: PureJoy–Enough Chemistry to Power Vegas

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Sexy CSI Soul Mates

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Ready for a Tequila Holiday

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – How 'Bout That Roll in the Sack?

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Partners at Work and at Play

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Back in the Sack

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – God, Just Kiss Already!

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Because It's Been Brewing All Along

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – The Definition of Chemistry

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Sexing Up the Sin City

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Chemistry Since Day One

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  • Gil <3 Cath #30: PureJoy – Because They Have a Healthy Relationship

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Can you just imagine how the two actually met. They probably drove each other crazy when they still didn't know each other that well.

Then something might've happened that bought them closer

Then they became the best of friends. Years passed and they still drive each other crazy.

In a good way

ITA Sakura they became best of friends over the years.
I would love to know how they first met too! :)

Drive each other crazy? You bet, just like a married couple. :drool: But not in a negative way of driving each other crazy. :lol:

I am patiently waiting for their annual "ET kiss?

I do believe the ET kiss is in May. I was away on a trip, and when I came back, I read this board and all the stuff about the kiss, and I totally freaked. :D

The new ep's tonight, and I'm hoping for a little GC interaction. :] Those are the scenes I really pay close attention to anymore.
Again, Gil, what are you looking at? :lol:

And I'm sure Catherine is enjoying the view, too. :D

Samielle, your theory about them driving each other crazy when they first met reminded me of a fic that is one of my favorite. It's titled Aimer. I must say that its a quite sappy story, but it's the good kind of sappy IMO. The author is Lauri, who is one of my favorite fanfic writer. She has fantastic writing skills with the ability to get you hooked to her fics. Most of her fics are...sappy, IMO, but as I just said, it's the good kind of sappy. ;) And she writes great smut. :devil: Anyway, in this fic, Cath and Gil don't like each other when they first meet, but a lot of things happened through the years and you need to read it yourself to know what they are and how it ends up. ;) Great and touching story. You can read it here. :D
Thank you so much for the link Erica . That was the sweetest story I've ever read. It was excactly how I pictured them when they first met!

"For the record, I don't have fake breasts, nor is my hair trailer-trash blonde." She walked closer, stopping a few inches from him. "Oh and I'm not a bimbo." She eyed him coldly. "Any other prejudicial, preconceived notions you'd like to go over? Or can I get to work?"

I totally loved that line :lol:

And about those smut know what, never mind.:p

Thanks again.

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

She's the sun

He's the rain

They belong together!!!
^Love what you said about them being the sun and the rain. That's great.

Well considering they still drive each other crazy, I think it's safe to say that they did when they first met.:lol: I wish on the show, they'd actually say what happened when they first met and not leave anything out, although it is fun using your imagination:devil:...and reading stories like Aimer helps.

Oooh it is time for their 'annual kiss' isn't it?! Let's hope it's soon.;)
Ahhhh a beautiful rainbow. Sweeeeeet!!!!!! :drool:

Yes, yes, yes I am looking forward to "The Kiss!" :)

like this! :drool:

It's so nice to know they are kissing friends. :thumbsup:

Was there any CG moments last night?


^ :lol: I think they probably purposely did it wrong, just so they could do it again... :lol: I'm sure they practiced it plenty of times off set aswell... :devil: but your right it does look sexy... Gosh I think any scene between them 2 does... :drool: They really do have anough chemistry to power Vegas. ;) Oh and I love your icon by the way, Gil's look is very... Erm... Teasing... :lol:
Yeah I could just see them going, "let's try that again just to be sure we got the full affect.":lol:....actually they really do make every scene between them sexy in some way, they just can't help it.....Thanks for the compliment on my icon. You know, I never thought about the 'teasing' look? I see what you mean.:lol:....I guess you already know what I think of yours considering it's the center of this conversation right now.:D
:lol: Hehe, his look was the first thing I noticed, he must have been looking at Cath off camera... :devil: We know how he likes to stare... Oh and I so agree about them making every scene sexy, they do it without even meaning to, not that we mind, it's something we love to see. :D Hehe, yeah I think you must be a fan of my icon then. ;)

Ooooh and thanks for the pics Erica and WP, I love all of the ones you have posted... :drool: Also thanks for the link to the fic *Runs up and hugs you both and then off to read the fic.*
I think Gil has a hard time keeping his eyes off of Tom&Bob :lol: They check each other out constantly.

And Erica, thanks for that fic. :D I just read it and it's great. It really does makes you visualize how Gil and Catherine met.
And as any partnership/relationship goes, it gets better over time.
First of all, here's our welcome basket for all the newbies we've had join us recently:


And as for G and C and first meetings - I love that one by Aimer.

I can humbly offer my own: First Love.
And I hear CSI is returning to its heyday with cases. Maybe we'll get a return to GC heyday as well?
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Ooooh I see you posted a fic Anne, but had to remove it, can you PM it to me please? :angel: Well I like your thinking about G/C returning to it's heyday. Sounds good to me!! :D *Here's hoping*
When Anne posts a fic but doesn't link to it, you know it's something that doesn't suit the PG-13 meter here. :devil: I strongly recommend First Love, too, if you don't mind adult material. It's a really sweet story with a bit of (good) angst. ;)

The ET kiss happens either before a season starts (season 6) or ends (season 7). Either way they're hot. :D Marg and Billy just have that chemistry between them. I believe they'd be able to pull it perfectly on the show if Catherine and Gil were to be paried up. :D
Marg and Billy just have that chemistry between them. I believe they'd be able to pull it perfectly on the show if Catherine and Gil were to be paried up. :D
Yeah they do and God knows, they can pull it off offscreen as times I think we get more offscreen than onscreen.:lol: That's what I love about them.

In the last episode, I liked the ending scene we they were all setting in his office and talking about the case and then Catherine said something about going to get breakfast and she looked at Gil and said "And you're buying" to which he looked at her and replied, "No strings attached". It was cute.:)

*runs off to read 'First Love'*:devil:
LMAO. Marg just did a Got Milk? ad for the milk mustache campaign. Those pics are friggin hot btw. Anyway I was thinking how cute it must be if Marg and Billy did an ad for the campaign as Catherine and Gil of CSI. Can you imagine the two of them in their CSI outfits with milk mustaches on their faces? That would be super cute! :lol: And the tag line...LOL I wonder what the tag line would say. :D

Oh I haven't watched The Theory of Everything yet. I was busy fangirling over the new Marg pics. I need to watch just for that scene. Thanks a lot 4_H. :D
Guys, I got bored ( wow, that's a good way to start a sentence) and I took out the letters that both of them have on their full names and counted how many I found in the word Flames and I added both numbers to get my results.

Sweetheart(s) FLAMES

Gilbert Grissom 10= Love

Catherine Willows 10 =Love

20= LOVERS :p

Please don't get mad on how pointless that was. Just wanted to let everyone know thattheir more than just s ship.
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