Gary #2: Fire Alarm Hottness

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Whut? My third husband appeared today :confused:

As if I could watch it :( We don't have The View here. I must appeal to the kindness of strangers :p

OTOH, we have Letterman here. We have two broadcasts (of course I'm watching the replay). If all goes well, I'll tape it and transcribe it :D
I like your third husband :rolleyes:

I hope to find the interview on YouTube, because we have NOTHING here :(
C'mon Gary, visit again Venice! This time I'll arrive on time... (you know, I could have met him at the Movie Festival, but I arrived late because of the trains :()
OMG, celtess, that's a lovely pic!!! :eek:
Gary and Billy together, awww... :rolleyes:

Yeah, it would be great, but Billy seems to be on his idea of "we're best, don't care of the rest
and also he's leaving the show for a while for season 8
, let's hope for another episode with David "Horatio" Caruso :)
oooh,I haven't seen that picture before!!nothing I've never seen before,Gary Marg and Billy...thanks!! :D

**I** want a crossover between NY-MIAMI and Lv!!..Sorry,I am not asking a lot!!And not only 45'!2,3 in a row would be GOOD!! ;) :D
Yeah, it would be awesome. And considering they did it twice with Miami I'd say it's about damn time they try it with LV! :)
I'd love to see a NY/Vegas crossover, that's an ep of the Vegas CSI that I'd actually watch! Nice pic of Gary, Marg & Billy, by the way. They all look nice.
About the title of the new thread, we gotta choose:
Gary #3: The Bra Throwing
Gary #3: Mr. Sinister
^both are nice..but,I don't know!!

Think about Mac and Grissom working on a case!!Something I want to watch!! ;)
I vote for Mr. Sinister, it just says so much about Gary and so many of his past roles! In fact, a friend of mine from another CSI board said her daughter is now getting hooked on CSI NY, and she really likes Gary as Mac, but she said she's so used to seeing him play a bad guy that it's hard for her to see him play a good guy!

And yeah, I'd love to see Mac/Grissom work a case together. I'd love to see a crossover ep between Criminal Minds and CSI NY, too.
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