Gary #2: Fire Alarm Hottness

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lol eww at the undies sniffing. We better bring unused pairs to throw...hehe.

*wonders if we can send Gary panties like we did Hill...nah he's married. I wonder what his fan project will be*
We send him eatable panties, so after he sniff them, he can eat them, leaving no trace of them :cool:
When have I ever told you that? Like Never! .. Gotta have someone in the gutter with me, might as well be you! :lol: Plus, don't you think he's worth it?
^^^^ OMG LMAO :lol: Yikes we really have our minds in the gutter... you'd think we were a bunch of college guys
:lol: yes were all in the gutter, and we will never leave. So are we gonna choose a new thread name or what?
You guys... :lol:

Hmm, about the panty-throwing, there was this poster at IMDB who saw someone throw undies onstage at Gary in one of his concerts (well, the poster saw the undies onstage not the actual flinging) and Gary supposedly said something like "now, what did you do that for? There are children here" :D (or something like that). I asked how did he react exactly (was he embarrased? grinning like a loon?) but the poster never answered so, *shrug* Not sure if the report is true or not but I thought it was funny :lol:

*ponders what our fan-project will be*
Not open for further replies.