"Forget Me Not" Discussion **SPOILERS**

Soul-destroying episode. Something inside of me has died. This really feels like a huge slap in the face and comes across very, VERY disrespectful towards WP.
I think everybody here knows how I feel, so I'll try to contain myself.

I'll start by saying Jorja was awesome, and I loved the team contribution to the episode. And Doc captured my heart.
Sadly, though this will be one I'll try to forget.
I felt like this episode was constructed to preach to fans to move on from Grissom. There was really no other reason to include the break-up in the episode, or some of the dialogue. In that regard, i found it patronizing, and frankly insulting to WP fans, and GSR fans, and maybe even to WP. Whatever. Most of us have accepted him off screen. Now any 'happy ending' for him is lost.
And I fear the awesome pics in Sara's house were meant to be the last we will see of GSR. I know many here are ecstatic about that, but I'm profoundly sad and disappointed by it. 12 years wasted.
It's like the death of a character for me.

I've weathered the many changes that CSI has gone through since season 8, but this is one I can't reconcile.
So long CSI.

ETA: Almost funny: I'm watching Dido perform 'White Flag' on Jimmy Kimmell right now: "I will go down with this ship.....".
That was a great episode, loved it. Jorja was amazing and I liked how the team supported Sara. Interesting to watch that it seemed, the 'old' crew seemed to disbelieve her while the 'new' crew was with her.
I'm quite sure WP was informed about the episode and was fine with it, so I don't understand why some people believe, it was disrespectful. In the end it's his decision not to come back and, lets face it, a lot of marriages end in a divorce. It can also happen to the bests
May be Wiiiam Petersen wanted it this way to stop him being pestered to go back. They didn't kill him off , he is still out there but now there will not be constant expectation to see Grissom. For me they could have left it as it was, prhaps tn many viewers did not like their marriage arrangement.
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Newbie here...just my 2 cents

The writers could have easily left the relationship off-screen and thrown us a bone everyone once in awhile that didn't require having WP there. What we see on CSI on a weekly basis isn't the 24/7 of Sara's life.

Instead they choose to make it front and center and kill it. Seems pointless unless there's more to the story beyond now Sara can date.

The story was good, but it wouldn't have been difficult to have pretty the same story minus the "Gill dumping his wife" part.
It's also not definite that it's the real end, especially if the d-word was never used. The storyline is supposed to continue, though IDK how and wouldn't spoil if I did, and it's still possible they're going with the 'hit bottom and then come back' stuff. However, it's still easy to see why some of us aren't wanting to watch anymore.
Instead they choose to make it front and center and kill it.
Yes, one of the reasons why I'm so mad. Even as a GSR fan I'd have been happy if they never mentioned it again, but to intentionally destroy it like that is cruel, really cruel. Why taint the memories that so many fans have about this ship :( It means a lot to many people.
Regarding WP, what they've done today doesn't reflect good on Grissom's character and does question his integrity IMO. WP has played it for 9 years and put a lot into it, is he so past caring now that he really doesn't mind what writers do to it?
The writers seem put blame on Grissom in all this. Seems to be mainly his doing. Perish the thought; but I hope this isn't mirroring what WP wanted them to do. Because like you said; it doesn't reflect good on Grissom's character.

One can only hope it will turn out that Grissom felt Sara deserved more and made this bonehead decision for her. Leading to a reconciliation. :)
I'm pretty sure we'll never see Grissom back in CSI...

I was a big GSR fan but like Nick said 'When it's over, it's over', Sara/Jorja has to move on, GSR of last 4 years was not good at all
But what is gained by killing an off-screen relationship? I mean are there a ton of "Sara goes on a date" stories the producers were itching to film?

If GSR had ended when WP left; you would have had the same thing as GSR existing off-screen. The show isn't about who's dating who. It's the perfect television relationship actually. It exists but there's no reason to write full episodes for it thereby avoiding it getting stupid. :)
I wish there was a 'like' button for your post, ComputrBlu.
Thank you for my first laugh of the night with 'Sara goes on a date'. I'm sure that will be first on the agenda for next season: Sara movin' on. :rolleyes:

It seems pointless and unusually cruel to end a long standing relationship that has intrigued so many fans over the years; especially considering the show is in its twilight years. GSR was perfect in the background of a procedural, which I guess is why I thought it would be safe even without WP. Silly, stupid me.
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Solid episode all around and Jorja's acting in this one was amazing. You knew that creepy stalker guy would show up again and he did. I don't see how they'd make the final thing end up in court though. That was entrapment all the way.
As far as the GSR relationship,sad to say but after watching crime shows for ten plus years,seeing relationships not last is simply par for the course at this point.
]I must be honest the episode was better than I thought it would be, despite the numerous inconsistencies.
My favorite scenes were the ones with Kay Lenz, I thought she was wonderful as Sara’s mother and I enjoyed the warm interaction between the two.

Basderic is a great villain although I think the whole idea of him obsessing over Sara and plotting this elaborate set up just because she dissed him months ago is ridiculous.

As for the revelation that Gil and Sara have split up, surprisingly, it left me pretty cold. Maybe because it was so contrived and seemed to serve the purpose of freeing Sara to hook up with someone new. I guess the writers feel that this is what the show needs:rolleyes: Having said that a couple of things made me go ‘hmmm’. First, after telling DB and Nick that she and Gil had broken up, Sara said something under her breath along the lines of ‘I’m sure he (Gil) thinks this in my best interest’ and second Basderic later saying that he had started following Sara months ago. I wonder if part of Basderic’s plan was to plant seeds of doubt in Gil’s mind about Sara having an affair. Basderic could have been sending Gil fake photos and emails leading Gil to believe that he should do the noble thing and let Sara go. Maybe, just maybe their relationship is not completely over?

One thing that puzzled me was that the photos of Sara making out with that guy were taken two weeks ago yet Nick also mentioned the dinner reservation for Sara and Gil was made two weeks ago. That makes no sense to me. When did they break up? Along with Sara’s birthday now being in February instead of September, btw. ‘Happy 42nd birthday’ these inconsistencies are just amateurish and annoying.