CSI Season 6 on DVD

I just phoned my local HMV store to ask them about the supposed release of CSI Season 6 tomorrow, they tell me that it's not going to be released in Canada now until December 19th! Amazon.ca are now saying the same thing too.

Looks like we Canadian's are going to have to wait a little longer, yet again. :mad:
i have been waiting for nearly a month for mine to be delivered. amazon says between 8th & 11 th dec. it's the 9th today and it wasnt in the mail.
It should have defently been there already mine took 2 weeks to get here. I would defently contact them about your dvd box. :)
It should already be there if you ask me. I think almost a month is pretty long for something.

My dvd box took about 2 weeks to get to me and I'm from Holland, but I ordered my dvd box from barnes and nobles and not amazon.
Looks like we're going to have to wait, yet again, before it's released in Canada :mad:
I'm getting really really sick of this. :( They have changed the release date, what 4 times now? It was supposed to have been tomorrow, now it supposedly the 26th, at least that's what Amazon.ca and a few of my local stores are saying now! :mad:
Wish I'd ordered it through Amazon.com...would have had it back in November.