CSI Season 6 on DVD

So they have audio commentaries to:

Shooting Stars
Gum Drops
A Bullet Runs Through It, Part I
A Bullet Runs Through It, Part II
Poppin' Tags

Thats...dissapointing. Why not on 'Rashomama', 'Pirates', 'Way to Go'?
While taking a look at the art work on all the 7 DVD's, I realised that if you saved the photo of all 7 DVD's you can zoom in closer and make out who is doing the actual commentary on those episodes. I think I was able to get most of it but a couple of them were not too clear. I was really really hoping that George Eads would have been commentating on 'Gum Drops' but sadly, it doesn't look like it. :mad:
Here's what I could make out anyway. :-

Shooting Stars – Danny Cannon
Gum Drops – Sarah Goldfinger and Richard J. Lewis
A Bullet Runs Through It Part 1 – Carol Mendelsohn, Rich Catalani and possibly Danny Cannon (hard to read it)
A Bullet Runs Through It Part 2 – Carol Mendelsohn and Kenneth Fink
Killer - Naren Shankar, Dustin Lee Abraham & Kenneth Fink
Poppin’ Tags – Dustin Lee Abraham and possibly George Eads ( its hard to read it)

Shorty said:
I was really really hoping that George Eads would have been commentating on 'Gum Drops' but sadly, it doesn't look like it.

I'm not surprised, the actors never do commentaries on DVDs.
Can't wait for season 6 as we are still on season 5 in Ireland. Region 2 will take forever to come out but as I have all other 5 box sets this is a must.
Hi, this is my first times do this. Hey Greg's fan, I find CSI sixth season on pre-order, I saw the box of CSI Gang, I saw Grissom, Catherine, Nick, Warrick and Sara but no Greg on the box, so here is it.

CSI TV show
ok jusyt a quick qiestion...i really want to get S. 6 but i'm finding conflicting release dates. I live in Canada and want to order it from amazon.ca (their release date is december 5) and then i go to amazon.com and they have it coming out nov. 14. now everything is released on the same day in Canada and the USA so I'm wondering whats going on with amazon.ca. anyone able to help me out??

I don't have the money to buy myself one right now so I was wondering could anyone give me the commentary on Killer? Mostly just around the family, maybe if they say anything about the little girl (I am doing a fan site for her)?
Well once someone gets it, if they would be willing to give me a general idea of what is said that would be amazing!
I got it today! I have only watched the audio comentary for Gum Drops and some extra features.

One thing I gotta say, whoever put toget the extra called "Season Six Trajectory(sp?)" needs to get their facts straight. There are little special effects sequences shown throughout this with the names of the episodes at the bottom, and one called "Felony Flight" keeps coming on. Do they not know that that is an episode of CSI Miami??? And then when Jorja Fox starts to speak, her label is "Sarah Sidle". How do you do that after 6 years?Haha.

The audio commentary for Gum Drops is really good. Sarah Goldfinger goes into much more detail about the shouldhavebeen Grissom and Sara motel scene....and some parts of the commentary are funny.

I also did watch part of the Poppin' Tags commentary with George Eads, and he is really relaxed and layed back in this, speaking his mind and with so much.....hmm whats the right word...intensity. Yeah, relaxed and intense at the same time...And he's just having a good time.

That's it for now...
First things first, Greg is supposed to walk in on Grissom and Sara in the same room. Not doing anything, but in the same room together. Grissom is sharing a room with Greg, and Sara has her own room. During the night Greg is snoring too much, so Grissom goes to Sara's room, where she has 2 beds side by side. She lets him in and the lie in separate beds talking---in the dark---about life, death, love, thing relating to the case, with some personal stuff thrown in. And then we see them in the morning again, Sara has just walked out of the shower in Grissom's room(i think thats what was said) and then you are left to wonder what happened in between that and how did Sara end up in Grissom's room..
i just found out that it comes out dec 5 in canada? so weird since the store didn't show it as a dvd that is coming out. why such a long wait?