CSI:NY:Season 2 DVD

Jeez, I'm still waiting for mine. Luckily there is a tracking system in place - so far it's made into the UK from the US. Fingeres crossed I’ll get it tomorrow. :)

By the way, MiamiDade your avvy is so friggin' cute! I love lady and the tramp. :)
I will wait until christmas to recieve my copy of the second season. I can wait!!.. I hope. Watching season 1 over will tide me over until then.
I GOT IT ON DVD!!!! WOOT! I am so happy. My mom finally thought I "deserved" it. Maybe that's because she bought my sis a new laptop.
I finally got my copy today. It wasn't released in Canada until today. About time, they changed the release date 3 times that I know of. Will be watching it shortly.
I got my copy today too. I think they may have released different versions in Canada and the US. There are no episode commentaries on mine which sucks.
I finally finished watching S2. It was great watching it all over again. Noticing things I didn't notice 1st time around.
The commentaries are what I enjoy most. I always enjoy listening to the writers/directors giving their insight on what was going on during the process of the episode.
I'm pretty gutted that there are not any commentaries on the dvd here and I'm seriously consedering about ordering a copy from the states now.