CSI:NY:Season 2 DVD

Khanada said:

The one thing MISSING from this is Episode 407 of CSI:M - part one of the two part episode with Miami is not on this DVD series.

I got my copy today and was disappointed by that as well. :( Otherwise, it was great! I watched disk 1 and 2 earlier today.
I got mine today, too. I also was surprised to see that "Felony Flight" wasn't on it. I think they took a number of steps to reduce the costs - the discs don't have their own individual "pages" like season one, the featurettes are scattered on the episode DVDs instead of there being a seperate "featurettes" disc like S1.

Then again, it was about $20 cheaper than season one.
No Flight Felony? That sucks. I'll probably get my set next year.

Khanada said:
Okay, here's a heads-up on Season 2. It's out in the states today. I have mine already. Commentary on the following:
201 Summer in the City
202 Grand Murder at Central Station
207 Manhattan Manhunt
208 Bad Beat
211 Trapped

Who's doing which? (Or to be more specific, are there any of the cast doing the commentaries?) :D
Its killing me. My set is sitting in Albuquerque right now, and should be here tommorrow. I'm really disappointed to hear that Felony Flight will not be included. :( But I have preordered Miami, so I should be getting that soon as well. I better, as I'm paying extra on that one just for one day UPS shipping. :lol:
katpin31791 said:
No Flight Felony? That sucks. I'll probably get my set next year.

Did you mean Felony Flight? That'll be on Miami's S4 dvd set.

:lol: I didn't even notice my error. Yeah, that one. Too bad they didn't include it in the NY set, I mean. I don't watch Miami at all :(

ETA: Never mind about my earlier question re the commentaries. I got my answer in the News section.
katpin31791 said:
Should be out around the end of the month Laci. Enjoy.

:lol: I know, that's the problem. I don't know how much longer I can wait. Though, my copy of NY should be here tommorrow (the 19th) and I'll be able to keep occupied with them. As I wait patiently for Miami to arrive. I may just end up tackling the UPS guy. He better watch out. :devil:
My NY one won't be here till tomorrow or early next week. :( :mad: Then of course having to wait till the end of the month for Miami to come out. :( :mad:
:lol: MiamiDade. I'd rather not watch all of season 4... but I have to make sure the discs work. I'm only getting it for the eps without Aerosol.

And the UPS guy is late... but I think I heard him saying that they changed the schedule the last time he was here (to account for him being late).
Part 2 of season 2 came out here in the uk today/yesterday (monday) i cant get it til friday tho :( cause thats when i get paid... **boohoo**