CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

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  1. Hunter

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    *covers ears* GAH i hate that song. came back from Rhode Island and BAM. Only thing playing on the damn radio. The Who wand Sam Roberts (and others) were my saviours for a couple weeks there....

    We might actually maybe hopefully probably kinda might be hopefully probablly possibly might be going to Russia Geni!? *mood drops* Or are you just saying that to calm my nerves?

    *cant stop laughing* Oh ma *keeps on laughing* OH BURN DELKOTORSKY. :lol: Lilly just took the words out of my mouth, you will never cease to amaze me with that child-aged mind Eric. you're like Brick from Anchorman.

    "I love desk."
    "Brick are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?"
    "I...I love lamp."

    :lol: Thanks Geni you genius. Update soonish!
  2. CSI_in_training

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    Jun 21, 2005
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    actually, one of the guys I know is quite good at girl talk...it's a little unnerving at times, especially since his varifiably straight...though not by me.
    I would leave a two page note about all the crazy, wonderful, sad, amazing, suspenceful, brilliant and generally mind blowing things that have happened, but it's midnight and I have to go to bed so I can sleep and not fail my physics test tomorrow. so, until next time.
  3. Finch

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    Hehe, thanks again for the wonderful reviews! :D


    Africa, 10pm--Hut

    Katie: *turns on light*

    Anni: See? Nothing to be scared of.

    Katie: Well yeah I've got my best friend with me.

    Colton: *runs in* WUBBA!

    Katie: *screams*

    Colton: Ha. I scared you.

    Katie: You jerk!

    Colton: You're such a weiner.

    Anni: AH! SPIDER!

    Colton: AHHHH! *hugs Katie*

    Katie: Get off. *pushes Colton*

    Carly: *walks in with suitcases* So how come I had to carry all of these in?

    Katie: Because you're our little Aussie slave.

    Carly: *frowns*

    Katie: I'm kidding. You're just stronger than I am.

    Anni: This is going to be so much fun! *claps* Nothing can ruin this!

    Delko: *runs in* Okay I got a lion very angry and he's coming this way.

    Anni: *sigh* Almost.

    Large bang on door

    Everyone: *screams*

    Katie: Where's everyone else?

    Delko: *climbing up bedpost* They're still stuck in the Hummercraft.

    Colton: Geez Eric what did you do to make a lion that mad?

    Delko: I poked his nose with a stick.

    Katie/Anni/Colton/Carly: *look at Eric*

    Delko: ...What! I wanted to see if he was awake.

    Katie: You'd be dead if you didn't have Horatio.

    Delko: Nu uh, I'd be dead if I didn't have...Wait. No you're right.

    Lion breaks through door

    Everyone: *screams*


    Colton: THAT'S FOR BUGS!


    Delko: No, KING KONG! SAVE US!

    Anni: Um if anyone's going to save us, it's Hercules.

    Delko: King Kong.

    Anni: Hercules.

    Delko: King Kong.

    Anni: Hercules!

    Delko: King Kong!

    Anni: HERCULES!

    Delko: KING KONG!

    Lion swipes at Eric

    Delko: AHH!

    Horatio: *bursts into the room* HAVE NO FEAR! *grabs large knife from back pocket*

    Lion: *turns around*

    Horatio: Yeah come get some.

    Lion: *runs after Horatio*

    Horatio: *puts on shades*

    Lion: *stops, whimpers and runs out of room*

    Horatio: Yep. *sigh* It still works.

    Delko: ...

    Anni: ...

    Katie: So, what was the knife for?

    Horatio: Show.

    Katie: Oh. I guess you're better than Hercules and King Kong combined.

    Horatio: *pounds on chest* YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Miami--Locker room

    Lori: *opens locker*

    Calleigh: *walks in* Hey.

    Lori: *nods*

    Calleigh: How's your week been?

    Lori: Great.

    Calleigh: ...Something you want to talk about?

    Lori: *scratches head*

    Calleigh: You can tell me.

    Lori: I don't know, it's nothin'.

    Calleigh: Spill it.

    Lori: *smirks* I just...Well...Life's goin' well. It's kind of weird.

    Calleigh: Weird?

    Lori: It's stupid to say but...Things seem too normal for me.

    Calleigh: I thought you were tired of always being put in danger and dealing with all these things.

    Lori: I was.

    Calleigh: Girl you are complex.

    Lori: *laughs* I'll take that as a compliment.

  4. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    GO H-MAN! He saves the day again. Geni, where do you come up with these things? You amaze me.
  5. that_girl1

    that_girl1 Coroner

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Horatio scared a lion! I'm not surprised though, I think that man has psychic powers. :lol: I think that Geni thinks a lot out of the box. :p
  6. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Omg..Geni... that was..hilarious! And how did I know that Horatio could tame a wild lion by just wearing the SOJ's? And to boot,...he pounds on his chest???? Pure gold :D

    Awesome update!
  7. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    ^^ Heh, I do. :p If I didn't the RT would have been over before it began and we wouldn't have anything to waste our time with. :lol:

    Thanks Anni!


    Trace Lab, Miami

    Lori: *walks in, sits*

    Speed: *looking through microscope*

    Lori: *looks around*

    Speed: *lifts head, writes things down on paper*

    Lori: *taps on table*

    Speed: *flips page*

    Lori: *swinging legs*

    Speed: *writing*

    Lori: *whistles*

    Speed: *lifts eyes*

    Lori: What.

    Speed: Don't you have work to do?

    Lori: No.

    Speed: So why are you here.

    Lori: *smiles* Ah this takes me back. I think it was a couple of weeks before I was ripped away from all that I loved.

    Speed: *frowns* That's not funny.

    Lori: *smiling* Man I wanted to be just you. I had it all figured out by age five. I was going to be a scientist cowgirl.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: Okay so that's why five year olds have to wait at least until they're 16 to make that kind of choice but the point is you rocked in my little five year old eyes.

    Speed: Good to know.

    Lori: Hm, how do you think I would have turned out if I hadn't been forced to live out my days in a foreign country?

    Speed: *turns page of file* Probably exactly the same.

    Lori: You're not a very engaging conversationalist.

    Speed: I'm working.

    Lori: You need to have more fun.

    Speed: You need to find something to do.

    Lori: Can I help you?

    Speed: No.

    Lori: Party pooper.

    Speed: Are you on Prozac or something?

    Lori: No. OH! I know what to get you for your birthday. Steel-toed boots. They kick. Ass. Sometimes literally.

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Lori: WHAT.

    Speed: What's the matter with you?

    Lori: Nothin'. I just figured since I spent half my life either not here or on drugs, I might as well catch up. Carpe diem.

    Speed: ...

    Lori: It means cease the day.

    Speed: Well you mind 'ceasing' somewhere else? I have to get this finished.

    Lori: OH! I have an idea. I've never been to Vegas before. Can I go to Vegas?

    Speed: Go ahead.

    Lori: Can I have money?

    Speed: Nice try.

    Lori: You give mom money all the time.

    Speed: Yeah not for gambling.

    Lori: I won't gamble. I'll go to the male strip clubs.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Lori: *grinning*

    Calleigh: *walks in* Hey guys.

    Lori: CALLEIGH!

    Calleigh: ..Uh..*laughs* Hi.

    Lori: *hugs Calleigh* Boy am I glad to see you. Want to go have fun?

    Calleigh: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *rolls eyes*

    Calleigh: Sure, where to?

    Lori: Male strip club.

    Calleigh: *wide-eyed*

    Lori: C'mon it'll be fun. We can entice them with money and them rip it away and LAUGH IN THEIR FACES!

    Calleigh: *nods slowly* How about a movie?

    Lori: About male strippers?

    Speed: Lori, on behalf of all mankind, don't go to a male strip club.

    Lori: Fine. Movie it is.

    Calleigh: What do you want to go see?

    Lori: *scratches head* Hmm...

    Calleigh: Chick flick?

    Lori: Ew.

    Calleigh: Action?

    Lori: Now you're speakin' my language.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Great, why don't you meet me outside?

    Lori: Sure. *leaves*

    Calleigh: Is she on Prozac?

    Speed: I think she's just happy and doesn't know quite how to show it.

    Calleigh: I think it's cute.

  8. CSI_Trainee

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    At the point of lori's happiness I may ask if she got into the stash but i don't think lori would do that again after her near death experience.... I think thats so cute the lori and calliegh are gonna go to a movie.
    Ah H scares the lion away, i think i would need a change of underpants after being attacked by a lion LMFAO! Go into the fetal position, wait no that would be bad cause then ... uggers cat in fromt on monitor.....anyway cause then the lion would be like YES I WIN!
    Great updates geni! can't wait for more
  9. cainesugar

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    Jan 22, 2007
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    Of course Horatio's SOJs chased a lion away... he's almighty Horatio. The world and all of it's saneness revolves around him and the SOJs. Hehe... I laughed so hard I almost choked myself. :lol:

    And Lori's happy... I think it's kind of sunny. She's so un-used to being happy that she doesn't know what to do with herself. It's good, though, because she kind of needs to be happy after all that's happened. And oh, oh, Geni... they should see Live Free or Die Hard. It comes out on DVD today or something. Greeeeaaattt movie. :D

    Great updates, too!
  10. Hunter

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    Love the banner that_girl1!

    :lol: It can't much get better than Horatio fighting a lion Gladiator style. And what do you mean H by "still works"? You often confront face dangerous man-killing cats? ....Now THAT'S my kind of man! :lol:

    Totally Lilly! I can't wait to get my hands on that one! I'm all about DVDs, i have over 300 lining my wall. Do NOT ask me how much money that is...

    Thanks for the update Gen! Update soonish! ;)
  11. that_girl1

    that_girl1 Coroner

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Hehe, thanks Hunter

    So when are Calleigh and Delko gonna be seen together? *whistles*


    I am thankful for this update Gen!
  12. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    :p They will be together soon, heh.

    And yeah Live Free or Die Hard kicks serious kabootie. I own it now. :D

    Heh thanks for the reviews everyone!


    Lori's house

    Calleigh: So tonight was fun.

    Lori: Yeah. *smiles* I've never had a 'girl night' or whatever it was you called it.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Ever though about gettin' out there and making some more friends?

    Lori: *rolls eyes* Me and people tend to not get along.

    Calleigh: I don't know, I spent three and a half hours with you. I think you're interesting, intelligent, funny, vivaciou-

    Lori: Yeah, I know.

    Calleigh: All I'm sayin' is it might be lonely just workin' then comin' home to an empty house.

    Lori: I'm fine with it. I used to live alone all the time. Besides, I get annoyed when people invade my space.

    Calleigh: *nods*

    Lori: Oh but you're fine.

    Calleigh: Thanks.

    Lori: *hugs Calleigh*

    Calleigh: Oof!

    Lori: Thanks for hangin' out with me.

    Calleigh: Not a problem kiddo.

    Lori: *lets go*

    Calleigh: I should be headin' home so, have a good night.

    Lori: You too.

    Calleigh: *leaves*

    Lori: *sits on couch* Well...*sigh* This is fun. *turns on tv*

    Ten minutes later

    Doorbell is heard

    Lori: Great, what. *stands, walks to door, opens it* ...Hello! Hey, I'm not the one who knocked on my own door! *sigh* Damn kids. *slams door, turns around*

    Lights go out

    Lori: Ugh, seriously? Not again. *flipping light switch* You have got to be kidding me. 100 degrees and I don't have air conditioning now.

    Candles around the room swoosh on

    Lori: *looks around*

    Gavin: *walks downstairs*

    Lori: *stares at Gavin*

    Gavin: *walks over, hands over flowers*

    Lori: ...

    Gavin: Had to get you out of the house for a few hours.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Gavin: *kisses Lori*

    Lori: *wraps arms around Gavin*

    Gavin: I missed you.

    Lori: Me too.

    Gavin: You know, seven months ago tonight was when we first met?

    Lori: *walks over to kitchen, places flowers in vase* I didn't notice.

    Gavin: *scratches head* Yeah well I figured it wasn't somethin' you were keepin' tabs on.

    Lori: *laughs*

    Gavin: So how have you been?

    Lori: I've been staying out of trouble if that's what you mean.

    Gavin: Great.

    Lori: So you still on on duty?

    Gavin: *lifts brow*

    Lori: Gun and badge.

    Gavin: *looks down* Uh, yeah I guess I am.

    Lori: Do they know you're gone?

    Gavin: No so shh.

    Lori: *shakes head* You're insane.

    Gavin: Thank you.

    Lori: *sigh* I can't believe we got married after seven months.

    Gavin: You thought you were dying and suggested it.

    Lori: But you didn't know and agreed.

    Gavin: *laughs* Yeah well we're both insane.

    Lori: *looks around* How the hell did you get the candles to do that?

    Gavin: *walks over* We have one night together for God knows how long and you're concerned about the candles.

    Lori: They're a fire hazard.

    Gavin: *places gun and badge on table*

    Lori: Ugh why did you have to be a cop.

    Gavin: Guess I had it comin'. *winks*

    Lori: HA haha...ha..

    Phone rings

    Lori: PHONE! *runs for phone, trips* AH! *grabs phone* Hello! ...No this isn't Greg DeWalt. Do I sound like a dude? Yeah. No problem. *hangs up phone*

    Gavin: *crosses arms*

    Lori: *stands, turns around* Didn't...Ahem, realize the carpet was there.

    Gavin: *smiles* There's no carpet there.

    Lori: *looks down*


    More from the RT gang in Africa in the next chapter!
  13. that_girl1

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    Heh, of course the carpet excuse. I wonder where you get these ideas from Gen.
    Great update.
  14. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni! Such an awesome update(s)! Lori happy is well...an interesting sight, but a great one! I much rather see her like this than that other way...And that Cal hung out with her was just great!

    And when GAVIN!!!! came in... I was all like 0-0 ! I love them together, they seem like they are made for each other!

    Awesome work, Geni!
  15. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews everyone! :D They're much appreciated. Onward!


    Africa, trail

    Katie: Okay I'm not one to complain but this is taking a really long time. I haven't seen one animal yet.

    Horatio: Patience is a virtue.

    Katie: Yeah well I haven't seemed to inherit that one.

    Delko: My bum hurts.

    Anni: So stop falling into the fire ants.

    Delko: I CANT HELP IT! They're everywhere and I don't have balance.

    Colton: Eric why don't we get you a leash.

    Delko: I wish.

    Horatio: Shh everyone get down.

    Anni: *dives into tree* AH!

    Katie: ...He didn't mean like that.

    Anni: Well you never know.

    Horatio: Look at those two birds over there.

    Delko: You mean those tiny brown ones?

    Horatio: Those are rocks.

    Delko: ...

    Horatio: The bigger brown ones.

    Delko: What about them?

    Horatio: I want to take a picture so everyone shut up.

    Lora: CAW! CAW!

    Birds fly away

    Horatio: Um...Why did you do that?

    Lora: I wanted to see if they'd respond.

    Ryan: Lora, Eric responds to loud noises. We can safely say birds do too.

    Delko: WHERE'S THE CROW! *swinging large stick* WHERE IS IT!

    Katie: OW! Eric! Stop swinging it!

    Delko: There's a killer crow out there!

    Horatio: Eric there's no killer crow.

    Delko: BUT I HEARD IT!

    Lora: You heard me.

    Delko: You're not a crow.

    Ryan: That's it. *grabs leash from pocket* You need this now.

    Missy: I brought the shock collar too.

    Horatio: We're not using shock collars.

    Katie: How about tasers.

    Horatio: No tasers.

    Katie: Dang.

    Horatio: *looks up* Um...Guys...Why don't we move um somewhere else.

    JC: Why? *looks up* AH LEOPARD! LEOPARD! *hugs Horatio*

    Delko: Hey an animal. Aren't you going to take a picture H?

    Horatio: We should have brought a vehicle.

    Katie: Great, why don't we go to Canada next and get eaten by grizzlies.

    Anni: OH I WANT TO GO!

    Horatio: Shhhh. *backs up* Let's go this way.

    Delko: I think it can still see us. We should split up.

    Lora: No stupid, it'll single us out. And it'll definitely single you out.

    Delko: *frowns*

    Horatio: We all stay together.

    Leopard jumps out of tree

    Delko: *screams* RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

    Everyone runs

    Horatio: NO! No running! No! *sigh* Great.

    Leopard: *licks lips*

    Horatio: Yes, well. Two can play at this game. *licks lips*

    Leopard: *stares at Horatio*

    Horatio: *stares at Leopard* I just wrestled a lion so COME GET SOME BABY!

    Leopard: *lifts brow*

    Horatio: ....AH! *runs*

    Leopard: *runs*


    Delko: Where's Horatio?

    Katie: *stops running* I don't know.

    Missy: I think he got eaten by the leopard.

    Horatio: *runs over, all cut up* I DON'T LIKE AFRICA! THE SHADES ARE USELESS! And broken. *starts to cry*

    Ryan: She broke your shades?


    Katie: Sweet. *pulls Horatio's hair*

    Horatio: Ow.

    Katie: *pulls Horatio's hair*

    Horatio: Ow.

    Katie: *pulls Horatio's hair*

    Horatio: Ow, stop.

    Katie: *pulls Horatio's hair*

    Anni: *pokes Horatio*

    Horatio: Ow.

    Lora: STOP IT!

    Katie: He has no power to stop us.

    Lora: *kneels* Horatio, despite what you think, your shades don't give you power. Your muscles do.

    Horatio: But I don't have any. That's why I needed my shades! DON'T YOU GET IT! Before you know it, Stetler's gonna take over the lab, he'll change it into a blinding rainbow and I'll be chained to the middle of it RETINAS BLAZING!

    Katie: You've still got your badge.

    Horatio: Oh it means NOTHING these days.

    Delko: How about your Hummer?

    Horatio: It's just a big target for bombs and dings. And I hate getting dings in my doors.

    Colton: So...Who's going to protect us in Africa?

    Katie: *bites nails*

    Ryan: I'LL DO IT. *places hands on hips, shifts positions* This calls for a....*puts on cape* Wolfe.

    Everyone: ...

    Ryan: The music didn't start.

    Delko: That means you're not in charge. Okay lemme try. Okay. *clears throat* This looks like a job for *puts on shades* ...Delektorsky.

    Everyone: ...

    Lora: Yeah nice catchphrase. You've just earned one viewer and his name is Eric Delko.

    Delko: Viewer?

    Lora: Nothing.

    Katie: Okay let me try. *grabs shades*

    Horatio: Stop! You're breaking them even more!

    Katie: We....*puts on shades* Need to get out of Africa.

    Everyone: ....

    Katie: Well fine, so I'm not a leader. *looks up* STUPID WHO! GAWD YOU'RE SO PICKY!

    Lilly: Lemme have a go. We...*puts on shades* ...Um..

    Lora: *grabs shades* You suck at it. The shades will pick whomever is the worthiest. Obviously you nutjobs aren't.

    Colton: *grabs shades* You know what they say gang....*puts on shades* Bees sting.


    Colton: There you go.

    Everyone: *stares at Colton*

    Colton: You're supposed to say something lame that everyone knows.

    Lora: *pinches Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Delko: Oh my God, he's our leader now.

    Colton: Ha. *places hands on hips*


    Colton: Hehe.

    Horatio: *bursts into tears*


    Calleigh: *looking through microscope*

    Lori: *walks in* Hey Cal.

    Calleigh: Hi.

    Lori: Need any help?

    Calleigh: Sure, I need some projectile samples from those guns on the counter.

    Lori: Great. *pulls on latex glvoes, picks up gun*

    Calleigh: Do you know how to s-

    Lori: *snaps barrel into place*


    Calleigh: -or not.

    Lori: *places gun on counter* Okay what next?

    Calleigh: Log the bullets.

    Lori: Will do. *salutes*

    Calleigh: Have a good night last night?

    Lori: What?

    Calleigh: You seem eager to get to work.

    Lori: I like guns.

    Calleigh: So what happened after I left?

    Lori: Nothing.

    Calleigh: Nothing as in...Gavin didn't come over.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Calleigh: *smiles*

    Lori: You are so nosey.

    Calleigh: Well he called and wanted you out of the house for a few hours. So what did he do? Was it romantic?

    Lori: For his budjet, probably.

    Calleigh: So what was it?

    Lori: Candles.

    Calleigh: *smiling* OH THAT'S SO CUTE! Anything else?

    Lori: *smiles* Well, let's just say the man has been workin' ou-

    Speed: *walks in*

    Lori:-t the kinks in this gun Cal. It handles like someone ran over it with a semi trailer.

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Lori: *crosses arms* You need somethin'?

    Speed: Uh...Just looking for the evidence Calleigh wanted me to pick up.

    Calleigh: *hands over box*

    Speed: Thanks.

    Lori: *rubs eyes*

    Speed: *nods* Must be a woman thing. I don't want to know. *leaves*

    Lori: *bangs head on wall*

    Calleigh: *smiles*

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