CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

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    Oh man now we're in jail again. Good job Eric.

    Shut up! *jumps on Eric*

    YES. :lol:

    :lol: :lol: x 100 I can see that in my head crsytal clear. Like, perfectly. I love my imagination, i would still be sleeping in grade 4 math if it wasn't for my crazy imagination. *long sigh* The good ol' days.

    Our tax dollars at work.

    :lol: Geni, i'm surprised you didn't think of the Hummerrail sooner. Next up is the Hummer-spacestation, including the Hummer-rocket so we can solve crimes and then get banned from planets all around the galaxy! First up, Coruscant! :lol:

    Drugs in pizza boxes? Oh man criminals are getting more desperate. I bet Pizza Hut *cough*pepsi*cough* is helping them import. Or even Coke. *pause* Coke Cola that is! :lol: I am so stupid.

    Fantasticlastical updates Geni!! :D
  2. Finch

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    ^^ He may have wasted all the money he had on it. :lol: Either that or Stetler paid for it. :eek:

    Heh, Lora I think you're onto something with Pizza Hut. :eek:

    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone!


    Miami, Trace lab

    Lori: *walks in* You print the pizza box?

    Speed: Yeah. *turns computer around*

    Lori: Renta. Alright so that doesn't really tell us any more than we already knew. *sigh* Maybe he offed the guy with a frozen pizza.

    Speed: You okay?

    Lori: I don't mix work with my personal life.

    Speed: *nods slowly* So something's wrong in your personal life. Explains the lines of mascara on your face.

    Lori: *wipes face, looks down at hand*

    Speed: Anyway, murder weapon's not a frozen pizza. Alexx thinks it's something rectangular. She's going to send subcutaneous photos when she's finished.

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: I checked into Cardenas. He was being investigated by the FBI for extorsion and murder but the case was dropped.

    Lori: Any idea why?

    Speed: Officially it isn't stated but I'm guessing he had someone pay them off. Anyway, Calleigh's in interrogation with Renta.

    Lori: Good. You want me to process anything?

    Speed: You're volunteering help?

    Lori: I'm not very useful if I don't.

    Speed: You can go see if Calleigh's finished.

    Lori: Okay. *leaves*


    Calleigh: *closes door*

    Lori: *walks over* He give anything up?

    Calleigh: More like lawyered up.

    Lori: Great.

    Calleigh: We need to find out what the murder weapon is. I have a warrant for his car, so we can start there.

    Lori: *nods*

    CSI Garage one hour later

    Calleigh: *opens car door*

    Tripp: *walks in* Here's the camera tapes you wanted from the car's surveillance.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Thank you. Just set 'em over there and I'll get to them next.

    Tripp: No problem. So this Renta guy's part of a gang?

    Calleigh: That's what the evidence says. I'm just not sure whether he's simply a pawn or if there's something in it for him. *pulls seat forward*

    Cellphone rings

    Tripp: *opens phone* Yeah.

    Calleigh: *reaches behind seat*

    Tripp: Okay, thanks. *closes phone* That was patrol, Renta's dead.

    Calleigh: *lifts head* What?

    Tripp: They found him behind the pizza place, shot twice in the back of the head.

    Calleigh: *lifts object*

    Tripp: What's that?

    Calleigh: Delivery people put the hot pizzas in this self contained pack to keep 'em warm. *reaches into bag* And...Some of them contain debit machines.

    Tripp: Is that blood on there?

    Calleigh: Let's find out. *opens kit*

    DNA Lab

    Speed: *walks over* You paged me?

    Valera: Yup. Got the results from the debit machine Calleigh found. *hands over paper* Blood matches your vic.

    Speed: *nods* Great, thanks. *leaves*


    Speed: *walking*

    Calleigh: *runs over* Hey.

    Speed: Hey, the blood came back, it matches the vic.

    Calleigh: The only downside now is that our suspect's dead.

    Speed: What?

    Calleigh: He was shot execution style a few hours ago. So now we have to find out who killed him.

    Speed: I hate gangs.

    Calleigh: Hey have you seen Lori?

    Speed: No, why?

    Calleigh: She was supposed to help me process the car. I haven't seen her since then either.

    Speed: Well I haven't seen her either.

    Calleigh: I tried calling her but kept getting her voicemail.

    Speed: She seemed upset this morning, she might have taken the day.

    Calleigh: Upset about what?

    Speed: She wouldn't tell me.

    Calleigh: If I find her, I'll talk to her.

    Speed: What makes you think she'll open up to you?

    Calleigh: She's a young woman. There are just some things men aren't good at and girl talk is one of 'em.

    Speed: Point taken.

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    Isn't that so true? Men just don't get some things. I have a feeling that she will take the trip with Gavin...( and I know this because you said that they will go away in the next thread...) or , I could be wrong- Lori could just kick off by herself. I can understand her conflict though.

    The case seems to be going well...if you call well two dead bodies and no suspects, that is ;) They will solve it, they always do!

    Excellent work, Geni!
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    I'm back! I'm sorry! *kisses Geni's feet* See, waterpolo tryouts/homework/tests/and softball has me wiped. Whew.

    Pfffft, it is so not happening. This is season 6 people. Things are going to change. Or TPTB are going to get it.

    Smallville! Supernatural! Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum... Geni I love you. Like, more than I usually love you, and more than anyone has ever said they love you. :D Smallville in RT=heaven.

    Lora and I are like the best team in the world because she's absolutely crazy and I'm absolutely awesome. We're crazy awesome. :D Hella yes. And wal-mart employees having sacred vests... you rock, Geni. Oh boy. :lol:

    Oh yes, I've screwed up my life so much. All the AP classes I plan to take will be for nothing because I can join the Travelling Circus that they call a CSI team and terrorize Walmarts across the country. *sigh* I could have been a drug dealer, but no...

    Canericans. Geni, I am officially a Canerican. I like being American, but Canadians are awesome, and NOW, I can be BOTH. Sweeeet.

    Awww, Lori and Gavin... well all I can say is that it's sad. Through all the drama those two have endured, and though some people hated Gavin, I've always liked him. Hopefully Geni, you'll have some other sort of twist to the story... and I'll wait semi-patiently. Sorry again for not being here, but I'm back, loving it, and I can't wait for more!
  5. Finch

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    LILLY! *snuggles and huggles* No worries about RL, it gets under all of our skin. It's why I haven't sent the RT threads to those who've asked. :eek: (I promise...They'll get there)

    Woo for being Canerican!

    Thanks for the reviews everyone. :)



    Calleigh: *walks in* You wanted to see us?

    Alexx: Got a problem.

    Speed: A worse problem than these two people being dead?

    Alexx: Your boy from behind the pizza place? Wasn't a gang hit.

    Speed: He was double tapped.

    Alexx: But it wasn't by a gang. At least not your average gang. *lifts bag*

    Calleigh: 9 mil. Not uncommon.

    Alexx: There's no stipling around the wound, no calling cards, he wasn't bound, it was done in public-

    Calleigh: Not common for a professional hit. Looks unorganized. Okay so this murder's unrelated to the case?

    Alexx: Take a look at the bullet.

    Calleigh: *grabs bag* Oh my.

    Speed: What.

    Calleigh: Silver jacketed.

    Speed: Silver?

    Calleigh: It's the new thing now. I've seen maybe one or two bullets like this.

    Speed: It's unique enough to narrow down the shooter, right?

    Calleigh: *nods*

    Speed: So this isn't even a gang thing.

    Calleigh: At least not a common one. I think the pizza boy was the target all along and the first victim got in the way.

    Speed: Explains why Renta here wouldn't say anything.

    Alexx: Got something else. *lifts object* Found this in his stomach.

    Speed: A diamond necklace.

    Alexx: I've seen someone swallow a ring but this? *scoffs*

    Calleigh: He was protecting it. I don't know, maybe a robbery? Someone wanted revenge?

    Speed: Okay well we're getting more questions than answers so let's get to work.

    Trace, two hours later

    Calleigh: *walks in* You sure you didn't want me to process that?

    Speed: You know bullets, I know jewelery. Which is weird, I know.

    Calleigh: *smirks*

    Speed: *clears throat* Okay, so I narrowed down the store where this came from based on the microscopic engravings on the last diamond down here.

    Calleigh: So it's real.

    Speed: *nods* And worth about 20 million.

    Calleigh: Oh, motive.

    Speed: Yup. *hands over paper* Stanton Jewelers. And we're back to gangs again.

    Calleigh: Really.

    Speed: They were being investigated by the FBI because of one Alonzo Cardenas, co-owner of the store.

    Calleigh: *smiles* You know, I think I know how he made the silver jackets for his bullets.

    Speed: *tilts head* It is a jewelery store, probably melts his own silver.

    Calleigh: Let's check it out.

    Stanton Jewelers

    Calleigh: *hands over paper* This is a warrant to search the premises.

    Cardenas: So you have followed me all of my jobs?

    Calleigh: We're following the evidence.

    Speed: *hands over photo* You recognize this?

    Cardenas: Yes, that's the necklace that was stolen from the safe last week.

    Calleigh: And you didn't think to call the police?

    Cardenas: I was being investigated, what makes you think the feds won't come back? Where'd you find it?

    Speed: In your pizza delivery boy's stomach after he was shot to death.

    Cardenas: ...

    Speed: I'm surprised you didn't know, seeing as he probably didn't show up for work.

    Calleigh: We're also going to want to see your gun safe, Mister Cardenas.

    Cardenas: You police and your need to get your noses into everything. You won't find anything here and as far as I'm concerned, the situation has been taken care of. I would like my jewelery back if you don't mind.

    Calleigh: It's still evidence. Now if you'll step outside with the officer, we'll execute the search warrant.

    Cardenas: I'm afraid that won't be possible. *snaps*

    Man: *walks over, hands over paper*

    Calleigh: *looks down at paper*

    Cardenas: My lawyer is one step ahead of you. You'll find your search warrant void and your presence here no longer welcome. Please leave the way you entered.

    Door at end of hall creeks

    Speed: *looks at door*

    Cardenas: Detectives, please.

    Calleigh: Tell me somethin' Mister Cardenas, when you said we keep following you and that we need to stick our noses into everything, what did you mean?

    Cardenas: I meant just that. What further elaboration do you need?

    Calleigh: Had any other officers come to see you lately?

    Cardenas: *laughs* Management problems on your part I see.

    Speed: *pulls out weapon*

    Cardenas: Detective, you will not need that here.

    Speed: Open that back room.

    Cardenas: I already informed you, your warrant is v-

    Speed: Sue us.

    Cardenas: *frowns*

    Calleigh: *stares at Cardenas*

    Cardenas: *snaps*

    Man: Yes sir.

    Cardenas: Get the keys to the back room, please. Show the officers how...Hospitable we are.

    Man: *nods, leaves*

    Calleigh: *pulls out gun*

    Door opens


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    OMG...Images of Lost Son played out while I read that...>GENI! what are you trying to do to me??? But certainly a page turner,...er..mouse clicker...you know what I mean.... Awwesome update, Geni!

    ps...LOVE THE BANNER! ;)
  7. Finch

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    Hehe, thanks for the compliment re the banner. :D

    And yeah, I know what you mean, heh. :lol:


    Stanton's Jewelery

    Calleigh: *ducks behind jewel case, fires weapon*

    Glass breaks

    Guy: *fires gun*

    Potted plants fall over

    Calleigh: Tim!

    Speed: *runs over*

    Bullets whiz by

    Calleigh: *fires weapon*

    Guy drops dead

    Speed: We need to get to that back room.

    Jewel case breaks

    Speed: *fires weapon*

    Guy2 drops dead

    Car is heard zooming away

    Calleigh: *stands* Come on. *runs*

    Back room

    Calleigh: *pushes door open*

    Speed: *walks over*

    Calleigh: *kneels* Lori.

    Lori: *rubs head* You guys sure know how to make an entrance.

    Calleigh: Are you hurt?

    Lori: *stands*

    Calleigh: *grabs Lori's arm*

    Lori: The guy must have knocked me over the head.

    Speed: What were you doing here?

    Lori: *looks down at own hand* I figured this Cardenas guy was in on it so I tracked down all of his um...All of his stores.

    Speed: How'd you find out what he owned?

    Lori: A little invention called the internet. You might be the science guy but I know my way around a desktop. *walks out of room* Anyway, I noticed he had a gun mounted on the wall and asked him about it. That's probably when he clocked me because I just woke up now.

    Calleigh: I didn't notice a gun.

    Speed: He probably took it from the wall and was going to off Lori.

    Lori: Charming.

    Speed: *grabs Lori* I'll meet you back at the lab Cal, right now Lori and I need to have a chat.

    Calleigh: No problem. *leaves*

    Speed: Next time, please call for backup.

    Lori: *smirks* Okay.

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Lori: I promise.

    Speed: Your head feeling okay?

    Lori: *laughs*


    More of the RT gang in the next chapters.
  8. Anni Grey

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    Awesome! No one got hurt! :D Can't wait for the next update! Excellent job!
  9. saraholic

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    *hyperventilates* I NEED IT! *cries* *needs a huge hug too*
  10. that_girl1

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    It was cool how you kinda left us hanging :lol: The last chapter did remind me of 'Lost Son'. And Lori is always in some kind of trouble.

    *huggles saraholic * Its ok. :)
  11. cainesugar

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    Deja Vu! Deja Vu! Loved it Geni, loved it. Especially the fact that Lori was there, because that girl is just all over the place. :D

    *huggles Colton*
  12. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews everyone! :D

    Aw. *hugs Colton* It will be okay.


    Hummerhome, Maine

    Ryan: So H, where are we off to?

    Horatio: You have the map.

    Ryan: Well..Yeah I know, but you're the one who's supposed to tell me where to look.

    Horatio: Mr. Wolfe, don't look with your eyes.

    Ryan: ...Okay. *holds map up to ear* The states aren't telling me anything.

    Horatio: *sigh* It was a metaphor.

    Ryan: Oh.

    Delko: How come he gets to sit in Calleigh's spot but I have to stay on the couch?

    Ryan: Because you don't know how to read.

    Delko: I do so.

    Ryan: Fine, read. *throws map*

    Delko: *looks at map* Um...*scratches head* What does camino mean?

    Lora: Eric, that's the spanish side.

    Carly: And you know spanish.


    Carly: ...You know what? I have no idea. But I'm better.

    Delko: Ah the unexplained.

    Ryan: *grabs map back* Okay, so let's go to-

    Delko: MIAMI!

    Ryan: Eric, you already live there.

    Delko: But there's so much I haven't seen. I hear celebrities live there.

    Ryan: *looks down at map* So I hear Lincoln Colorado's a nice place.

    Delko: *grabs map* HAHA! Lincoln looks like a backwards L! How funny.

    Ryan: *grabs map back* Eric, shut up.

    Horatio: Okay, Colorado it is. But we're going somewhere with mountains.

    Delko: OH! Colorado has mountains!

    Horatio: I know that. I meant close to mountains.

    Lilly: Let's go to Africa.


    Horatio: Hm, actually Africa seems like a nice choice. I'd like to get out of the country.

    Katie: You were JUST OUT! YOU WENT TO THE UK!

    Horatio: I meant somewhere warm.

    Katie: You know what? No one knows what you mean anymore because it's all very cryptic. Speak english.

    Horatio: I thought I was.

    Carly: YAY AFRICA!

    Katie: NO! No no no.

    Horatio: Hm, it's a shame we don't have the Hummercopter anymore. *looks in rearview mirror*

    Anni: Heheh..Um...ERIC DID IT.

    Katie: Let's go to Brazil.

    Horatio/Delko: NO.

    Katie: See? We all have our issues.

    Delko: *hugs Katie* Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

    Katie: Ugh. *pushes Eric*

    Horatio: It's decided. We're going to the country Togo.

    Ryan: YES!

    Katie: NO!

    Heather: *lifts hand* I have a question and I want it to be answered seriously. Will there be a chance I can ride an elephant.

    Anni: Honey, with any luck you'll be able to ride a m-

    Horatio: Anni.

    Anni: Well she's still single!

    Heather: *sigh* It sucks. *looks at Ryan, bats eyes*

    Ryan: *lifts brow*


    Heather: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

    Lilly: I saw you looking. You with your long eyelashes and your pretty smile, and your stupid...Being more attractive than I am.

    Heather: *gasp* No sweetie that's not true.

    Lilly: Yes it is. *starts to cry*

    Ryan: Aww. *hugs Lilly*


    Heather: *holds head in shame*

    Horatio: Girls, let's act mature please.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Horatio: What?

    Katie: Asking us to act mature is like giving chocolate to Eric and expecting it not to melt all over his face.

    Delko: Hey I can eat chocolate.

    Katie: Eric, there's a reason we don't GIVE you any.

    Delko: You still give me peanut butter.

    Katie: Yeah and it's always a mistake.

    Delko: AFRICA.

    Katie: *screams*

    Anni: You're an idiot.

    Katie: What? Why?

    Anni: You're freaking out! C'mon, I'd give my retirement money to be tied up by Tim Speedle and don't you even say "oh but he hurt me" because he still had his pants on!

    Katie: ...

    Anni: That's right.

    Katie: *scratches head* ...Anni?

    Anni: Yes hun?

    Katie: YOU SUCK. *slaps Anni*

    Anni: OW! *holds face*

    Katie: *crosses arms*

    Anni: You are a bitch.

    Katie: What? Who told you that? Where did you hear that from?

    Anni: My hubby.

    Katie: *frowns* Stop calling him that. WAIT! WHAT! WHAT DID HE CALL ME!

    Anni: Ha.

    Horatio: Ladies...

    Katie: Don't you 'ladies' me.

    Horatio: Would you like to walk back to Miami?

    Katie: Yes, it would be a very refreshing walk.

    Horatio: Then too bad. You'll have to tough it out here.

    Katie: ERGH.

    Delko: So...You want to walk back to Miami?

    Katie: Yep. Anni's 'hubby' lives here.

    Anni: *wide-eyed*

    Katie: HA.

    Anni: *frowns* You're supposed to hate him.

    Katie: ...SHUT UP.

    Delko: You know, it's funny how the guy isn't even here and you two still manage to bicker about him.

    Katie/Anni: ...

    Delko: Just an observation.

    Ryan: I wonder if they named Togo after anyone.

    Lilly: *raises hand* J-

    Heather: *covers Lilly's mouth* SHUT UP THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE. Besides, they didn't name it after anyone we know of.

    Colton: *crying in the corner*

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: *pointing at TV* SUI CIDAL DIED!

    Lora: ...Did anyone else just get very confused by that?

    Carly: Um, she didn't die. She left.

    Colton: SAME THING! *crying*

    Carly: CSI:Reno?

    Colton: *nodding*

    Carly: That sucks.

    Katie: Yeah I remember when Jim Speedo died. Those were some bad times.

    Colton: Sui is the best character EVER! So don't even compare her to JIM SPEEDO! *throws juice box*

    Katie: OW! Man Colton, that thing had corners! *rubs eye*

    Colton: SHE TOTALLY JUST LEFT! How am I supposed to live now? How am I supposed to move on when the only thing in my life that was important totally just LEFT!

    Ryan: I thought Calleigh was the most important thing to you.

    Colton: SHUT UP! *throws juice box*

    Ryan: OW!

    Lora: Where does he keep getting those things?

    Colton: *sigh* My life will never be the same again.

    Horatio: Relax Colton, once you get over the aftershock of it all, the sadness turns into denial, the denial turns into anger, the anger turns into bargaining and then the bargaining turns into acceptance. All in due time.

    Colton: *stares at Horatio* YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

    Horatio: Hey, I've lost people before.


    Horatio: ...That's true. In my defense, he did die again.

    Colton: Yeah well you looked SOOO broken up about it. You know what, screw you.

    Horatio: No need to get nasty.

    Lora: I think he's experiencing anger. He's a little out of order. *grabs Colton* DENIAL! D-E-N-

    Colton: BWAAAAAAAAAA! *kicks Lora*

    Lora: OW! *falls over*

    Colton: I need Calleigh. *sniff*

    Katie: Ha, well she's going out with Eric now so that's out of the oh my God I just spilled the beans.

    Delko: *wide-eyed*

    Everyone: *staring at Eric*


    Katie: Oh shut up, you did so. You're the one who found the text messages.

    Colton: You...You're dating MY Calleigh?

    Delko: I don't think she belongs to anyone.

    Colton: YOU MUST DIE! *lunges*

    Delko: AHHH!

    Colton: *punching Eric* HOW DARE YOU DATE MY CALLEIGH! *punching Eric* DIE DIE DIE!

    Delko: AH! AH! AH!

    Colton: YOU SUCK!

    Katie: You said it brother.

    Colton: GRAWRLG!

    Lora: ...Was that a word? Sounded more like a fart.

    Delko: H! HELP ME!

    Horatio: You dug your own grave with that one Eric.

    Delko: BUT I LOVE HER!

    Colton: *stops*

    Delko: ...

    Colton: *staring at Eric*

    Delko: *covers mouth*

    Colton: *blinks*

    Lora: *whispers* This is so tense.

    Anni: *whispers* I think they can still hear you.

    Colton: *stands* You...WHAT! *kicking Eric* AHHHHHH!

    Delko: *screaming*

    Horatio: *rubs temples* You're in your happy place, you're in your happy place, you're in your h-

    Ryan: Semi.

    Horatio: WHOA! *turns wheel*

    Miami, Trace lab

    Calleigh: *walks in, smiles* Hey.

    Speed: Hey.

    Calleigh: I went over the scene and guess what I found. *holds up bullet*

    Speed: Nice.

    Calleigh: Cardenas must have fired his weapon. It's a match to the bullets pulled out of Renta.

    Speed: Now all we have to do is find the guy.

    Calleigh: You have anything?

    Speed: I took photos of the car treads from behind the building and matched them to a make and model. *hands over paper*

    Calleigh: 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500KR. Nice.

    Speed: And not widely available.

    Calleigh: So we track down the car, we can track down Cardenas.

    Speed: Except there's a car show on the beach for the next three days so people and their tricked out rides are going to be all over Miami.

    Calleigh: *smile fades* Great.

    Printer beeps

    Speed: *places pen on table* Which is why I remind Eric that it's always about trace. The guy sees a car and thinks he owns the case. *grabs paper from printer* Found what looked like motor oil between the treads.

    Calleigh: Penzoil...It's not exactly uncommon.

    Speed: For a new mustang it is. The guy might have millions but he's still cheap.

    Calleigh: *smiles* Why didn't you just tell me before?

    Speed: *smirks* There's no fun in giving away the ending right when you walk in.

    Calleigh: *grinning*

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    Ah, bickering with Heather over MY man is just the thing that I enjoy reading... but on to Ryan loving me. You all know he does. Eat your heart out. :mad: Okay I'm not really angry. But he's mine. :devil: :D

    Awwwww, Colton... well on the show, I'm all for Eric and Calleigh making their way to the Bedroom/Hummer backseat... but here I think Colton and Calleigh make a nice couple. Hopefully no one dies/is injured gravely/paralyzed/ect ect. It's the last Hummerhome we can afford and hopefully it doesn't have to get blood all over the nice new interior. :D

    Love it, Gen!
  14. that_girl1

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    OMG Colton and Eric fighting over Calleigh was AWESOME! :lol: Sui Cidal died! No way, poor Colton and they were about to say J. Togo!! I wonder if the world would've explode. :confused:

    Great update as always!
  15. HellsBells

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    GAH! I'm still trying to figure out how you knew that the Shelby was the bestest car ever (besides the viper.. *purr*)

    Horatio: *rubs temples* You're in your happy place, you're in your happy place, you're in your h-

    Ryan: Semi.

    I love how Ryan says it all calmly.

    Sui Cidal. :lol:

    Anni: Honey, with any luck you'll be able to ride a m-
    Horatio: Anni.
    Anni: Well she's still single!
    Heather: *sigh* It sucks. *looks at Ryan, bats eyes*
    Ryan: *lifts brow*

    :lol: How sad and yet oh so true, Anni. *le sigh*

    I love the update, Geni... Shelby mustang *prrrr*
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