CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    OMGSH Speed got fired, thats a little unexpected.... But why was he stealing money? Its kinda fishy I gotta admit....
    Okay a hummerhome made of twigs... anyone else feel insecure about that, and that Eric built a raft out of twigs and glue... think I'll swimm back LMFAO.
    Great update Geni, and don't worry it will soon be over, lol although we all don't want it to end, I hope u have something really awsome in mind for the last thread *tear*.
  2. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    :lol: Mwahahaha.

    Thanks for the reviews!


    Outside Miami Lab

    Lora: *sitting in Hummer, arms crossed*

    Heather: *walks up to Hummer, knocks on window*

    Window slides down

    Heather: What are you doing?

    Lora: *glaring* I want to go to Russia.

    Heather: We're going as soon as Horatio fixes whatever Stetler started.

    Lora: I want to go NOW. *stomps feet*

    Heather: You're so impatient. *jumps into Hummer*

    Lora: *turns on radio*

    Heather: *switches station*

    Lora: I was listening to that. *switches it back*

    Heather: No one wants to listen to foreign music.

    Lora: That was hip-hop.

    Heather: Uh yeah.

    Lora: Aren't you supposed to be chasing Ryan or something?

    Heather: No.

    Lora: UGH. I WANNA GO! *honks horn*

    People look over

    Heather: Would you stop that?

    Lora: Horatio promised. He always keeps his promises! HOW COME WE AREN'T IN THE PROMISE LAND!

    Heather: Russia isn't called the promise land.



    Anni: *picking up toys* I knew it. You just couldn't leave it alone, could you? What the hell were you thinking!

    Speed: I can't just let her become homeless.

    Anni: SHE'S AN ADULT! She doesn't need stolen money she needs a job! How could you lose your job over something so stupid! You're lucky you aren't in jail!

    Speed: *sigh*

    Anni: So what, do you love her? I mean it's not the biggest secret as it is, at least on her part. HA, why the hell else would you be stealing from a CRIME LAB! Gee I wonder if she's providing any services for this.

    Speed: Anni-

    Anni: Don't you 'Anni' me. You have a family. You forget about that? You just want to throw that away for someone who...*sigh* You know what, nevermind. This isn't even her fault. You two probably wouldn't even speak if it wasn't for that little bitch she pushed out. You supporting her too?

    Speed: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: *throws hands up in the air* Great, that's just great.

    Knock on door is heard

    Anni: It's open!

    Lori: *walks in* Am I interrupting anything?

    Anni: Yes, actually.

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *looks down at floor*

    Anni: So what, why are you here? Couldn't squeeze enough money out of him?

    Lori: *lifts brow* I was going to return a crock pot but it doesn't look like that's the most important issue right now.

    Anni: Get out.

    Lori: *nods* No problem. *leaves*

    Anni: The next time she stops by, I'm calling the police. I want nothing to do with her and she's not welcome here. I don't want some drug addict in my home.

    Speed: ...

    Anni: You don't have anything to say?

    Speed: I'm sorry.

    Anni: Typical. *shakes head*

    Speed: *sits on couch*

    Anni: *crosses arms*

    Speed: *covers eyes*

    Anni: *sits* If I had done the same thing, wouldn't you be angry?

    Speed: Yes.

    Anni: Why did you do it?

    Speed: *lifts head* I can't explain why.

    Anni: That's unfortunate for you because now look what it did for this family. Your heart may have been in the right place but your brain wasn't.

    Speed: *nods*

    Anni: I think you should talk to her.

    Speed: Why.

    Anni: Because even if you won't tell me why you did something to stupid, she has the right to know.

  3. Hunter

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    AH I'VE MISSED SO MUCH!! Oh everyone i am so sorry, Geni i am so sorry. I haven't been on in forever. I've been in Calgary with the Youth helping out at with the Christmas Child Box campaign. Ok the lunch is ending in like a minute, i PROMISE i will do a huge update for the last couple updates when i get home.

    Colton has the SOJs?! Horatio's been de-throned?! This can't be happening.


    Ok i am back and i have missed a lot of updates. Prepare for plenty of quoting people. *cracks knuckles*
    ...You scream at a imaginary killer crow, yet you're Qui-Gon when it comes to leopards in trees?
    THIS CAN'T CAN'T BE HAPPENING! *covers eyes and somehow also ears*

    Horatio getting beaten by a leapard?! Come on, he beat a freaking lion! The only thing next is to do is take on the tiger and then you'll be King of The Jungle. De-throne Mufasa, not Colton de-throne you.
    *universe implodes*

    *bawling* THis isn't happening...*more bawling* COME BACK H! COME BACK TO THE LIGHT!
    :lol: :lol: That is honestly one of the funniest things i have pictured today. :lol: I can just see that in my head so well....

    Gavin: I'm sorry. *points gun to head*
    .............................*blinks* Gavin's dead? Like, for real? He's dead? Are you sure!? *pokes Gavin with stick* SLAVABOGU!!! YES!! OH MAMA YES! Somebody pinch me i'm dreaming! Thank you Geni, thankyouthankyouthankyou.
    Whoo! Slavabogu! HE'S BACK PEOPLE! *kisses Horatio* I love you no matter how powerful you are. *sighs* :)
    :lol: I can give you a hug though. *hugs* Next stop, RUSSIA! WHOO! Everyone, prepare to get drunk. If not that, to have fun. :lol: And I'M YOU ONLY TRANSLATOR. So you can't dump me. :D Ha.

    Stetler's is such an idiot. Good luck solving the cases biatch! And Yelina, 30 bucks? Are you serious? I'M not that cheap. "Everytime you walk into the room, I get one dollar cheaper." Good line though. ;)
    :lol: Han was too much of a romantic guy for me. Horatio's more like....like.....dare i say Obi-Wan? :bad: I mean, in Star Wars, Obi-wan is mine. In CSI Miami, Horatio is mine. :devil:

    Oh Stetler...i'm just gonna do so many bad painful things to you..... *eyes are reduced to slits*

    And NO WAY did Speed get fired like that in only 3 lines! I can't believe it. *crosses arms* He'll be back.
    Hip-Hop? Eww.
    :lol: YES. Instead of the land flowing with milk and honey, it'll be flowing with vodka..and...and borsche. :lol:

    Oh WOW these updates were so eventful! I'm sorry i missed them and i'll try to skip college more so i can read more RT. :D Thanks Geni!
  4. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    0-0!!! What a spectacular fight,even without the throwing and yelling! I loved that Anni was just enough pissed to tell off Lori ( never knew she really didn't like her) but sane enough to tell Speed that he needed to talk to Katie. I would love for there to be a resolution without them splitting up...cause frankly, Speed's been kinda normal with her...Anni's the screwed one :D Honestly though,... i hope that they can work something out. But if not...Anni got SPeed for a good while there ;)

    And Russia...I would love to see Anni there, but not amid all this drama. She has to be drama free to be at full potential Anni...

    Excellent work! LOVED the drama!
  5. Finch

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    Jul 30, 2005
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    Hah yes, Speed for some reason is less of a man whore. Ho-hum. :eek:

    Lora! You can definitely be the translator. And they wouldn't drop you, lol. And yes, I did in Gavin. Methinks it's time for the OC characters to head into the light (or at least fade into the dark for a bit) except you guys of course. ;)

    Anni! *huggles and snuggles* don't worry, RT Anni will be all loonied up before they head out to Russia and the spat will be a footnote in their relationship--it being normal and all. ;) (That never happens 0_0)

    Thanks for the reviews!

    I still need to put a soundtrack together. *rubs chin* this entire story reminds me of everything in my playlist..


    Miami Lab lounge

    Katie: Okay everyone, here's the plan. *slaps paper on table* We decorate the Hummerhome for Christmas this year.

    Lora: Ten bucks says it starts a fire at some point.

    Katie: No one's going to start any fires.

    Lilly: But what if the lights shatter when someone's fighting or if we're crashing into something or sinking or being fired at or-

    Katie: Lilly honey? Shut up.

    Lilly: Right.

    Heather: I think it's a great idea. Besides, it would be nice to decorate instead of destroy.

    Katie: Okay so I'll appoint everyone to supplies. OH one other thing. We're doing Secret Santa this year so y'all are going to pull a name out of hat and buy a gift for that person. Which brings me to the first task. A tree.

    Lilly: You mean kindling.

    Katie: Tree. *scribbles things on paper* Lilly, you and Ryan are going to pick out a tree for the Hummerhome. It can't be taller than 10 feet.

    Lilly: Wide?

    Katie: ...What kind of screwed up Christmas trees did you buy as a child?

    Lora: So what's my job?

    Katie: You'll be on electrical with Eric.

    Lora: *starts to laugh*

    Katie: What.

    Lora: Me. And Eric. With electricity.

    Katie: *nods* You'll buy the decorations for the tree.

    Lora: Good move.

    Katie: Heather, you can take the electrical department.

    Heather: Any specific color scheme you want to see?

    Katie: I'm thinking yellows and reds.

    Heather: So...Miami.

    Katie: Why not.

    Lora: Oh my God.

    Katie: What?

    Lora: Horatio's hair is going to be SO bright.

    Heather: How about blues and yellows.

    Katie: Mix it up all you want, as long as it doesn't end up looking like a cheap disco.

    Lora: So who decided to put you in charge?

    Katie: I'm the senior road tripper.

    Lora: Excuse me?

    Katie: I was here first. Well, along with Anni and Colton.

    Lora: So that gives you some sort of super seniority over us.

    Katie: You joined last.

    Lora: Heather joined last.

    Lilly: Actually I think Lilly joined last.

    Katie: Okay it doesn't matter WHO joined last. It's important that I joined FIRST.

    Lora: Can we put decorations on the outside?

    Katie: I don't know, would it look good?

    Lora: You're asking me?

    Katie: You suggested it.

    Lora: I'm stuck with buying fibre glass balls and garland. Obviously I'm not responsible to handle anything else.

    Katie: Was that sarcasm?

    Lora: *scratches head* I think it was.

    Heather: We need to re-furnish the furniture.

    Katie: So we need fabric.

    Heather: We need money.

    Lora: Hey can we put a fireplace in?

    Lilly: Hun, stop while you're ahead.

    Lora: Right.

    Katie: I'll take care of the money.

    Heather: Yeah I heard you've inherited this mysterious amount of cash.

    Katie: Yeah? From who?

    Heather: Oh it's just a rumour.

    Katie: Well let's get this started. And no one tell Horatio because he'll just pull the plug on the whole thing.

    Lora: Oh I'll distract him. *winks*

    Katie: ...Please don't ever do that again.

    Tree shop

    Ryan: Seems kind of stupid to have a tree shop in the middle of Miami.

    Lilly: Everyone needs a Christmas.

    Ryan: So why are we buying a tree 28 days before Christmas?

    Lilly: Because we're trying not to involve Horatio.

    Ryan: I don't think a tree will last that long.

    Lilly: Um then why are they selling them this early? Think about it.

    Ryan: Because these are plastic.

    Lilly: Exactly my point. So how do you like that one?

    Ryan: It's brown. Who sells a brown tree?

    Lilly: Maybe to match the horrendous colors in Miami. Last I checked, brown looks better with salmon and bright orange.

    Ryan: It looks dead.

    Lilly: I didn't say we were buying it.

    Ryan: How much money did Katie give you?

    Lilly: 20 dollars.

    Ryan: Oh so it'll be like a poor man's Christmas.

    Lilly: *rolls eyes* Cute.

    Ryan: *smiles*

    Lilly: How about that one?

    Ryan: It's a little tall.

    Lilly: It can't be taller than you.

    Ryan: I feel short beside it.

    Lilly: So over-compensate by growing bigger muscles.

    Ryan: Now who's being cute.

    Lilly: *laughs*

    Man: *walks over* Can I help you two?

    Lilly: Yes. We're looking for a tree.

    Man: Well you've come to the right place. We sell trees here. What kind are you lookin' for?

    Lilly: Something big.

    Ryan: But not too big.

    Lilly: And green.

    Ryan: But not too green.

    Lilly: Something living-looking.

    Ryan: But not actually alive.

    Lilly: It has to have big branches.

    Ryan: But not too big.

    Lilly: And a good strong base.

    Ryan: Not too strong though.

    Lilly: And fairly light.

    Ryan: But not too light or it'll fall over.

    Lilly: Wait do you have those little trees that when you clap or move they wake up and start dancing?

    Man: ...

    Lilly: *runs over to tree* OH I LIKE THIS ONE!

    Man: You've got a swell wife over there.

    Ryan: What? *laughs* No, no. She's not my wife. We're just...Uh actually I don't know what we are.

    Man: Mhm. That's when they getcha. *walks away*

    Ryan: *confused face*

    Lilly: *runs over* I want that one.

    Ryan: It looks gangly.

    Lilly: And it needs a home.

    Ryan: I think Katie wanted something that looked...Less like it belonged to a homeless person.

    Lilly: It's green, it's tall but not too tall and it has nice long branches. What more could we ask for?

    Ryan: I just don't think it looks very good.

    Lilly: *frowns* It looks fine.

    Ryan: There isn't even a tip at the top.

    Lilly: So it won't scratch the ceiling.

    Ryan: Fine, get the tree.

    Lilly: Are you mad at me?

    Ryan: No.

    Lilly: Well I'm mad at you. *walks away*

    Ryan: I...*sigh* Fine.

    Man: *leans over* Told ya.

    Ryan: *frowns*


    Anni: *washing dishes*

    Knock on door is heard

    Anni: Come in unless you're a burglar.

    Lori: *opens door* Is the fighting finished?

    Anni: You shouldn't be here.

    Lori: *walks in* Well I wanted to return this. *hands over crock pot* It looked kind of lonely on my counter top.

    Anni: Great, thanks. Now leave.

    Lori: You here alone?

    Anni: Why, you want to rob me for drug money?

    Lori: I thought we were cool with each other.

    Anni: That was before you ruined your life.

    Lori: I don't regret it.

    Anni: You should. *throws crock pot into sink, turns on water*

    Lori: *places envelope on counter*

    Anni: What's that?

    Lori: A cheque.

    Anni: I don't want it. For all I know it's stolen.

    Lori: It's not.

    Anni: So where'd you get it?

    Lori: I sold my bike. There's 20 000 there.

    Anni: Look, I'm sure you feel very proud of yourself but you're only really doing this because you have to stick your fingers into everything.

    Lori: *lifts brow* You're family.

    Anni: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: I didn't know he was stealing. It's the least I can do.

    Anni: *scoffs* It's not like it mattered to you where the money was coming from, Lori.

    Lori: A few months ago I would have agreed with you. *shakes head* I must have put you guys through hell.

    Anni: That's putting it mildly.

    Lori: I understand if you hate me. I'm not exactly my biggest fan either.

    Anni: I don't hate you, I just don't trust you.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Anni: No offence.

    Lori: *smiles* None taken.

    Anni: I heard about what happened by the way. That has to suck.

    Lori: *shrugs* That's life.

    Anni: I thought you'd be more upset than that.

    Lori: I was. I was probably more angry than anything--angry at him, and myself for not doing enough. Y'know, at treatment I was told that there's a higher power working in mysterious ways. I didn't really believe that, it was all a kind of joke to me, I even laughed at it. But Gavin pulled me out of the gutter and showed me what I was missing, - whatever his motive may have been - when no one else could even if they tried. I can't be angry at him for that.

    Anni: *nods slowly* Never figured you to be very religious.

    Lori: I'm not. *walks to door* I'll see you around. *leaves*

    Anni: Bye.

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Aww, Geni! That was great! First..the Christmas tree fiasco....that was inspiring:lol: I'm surprised they didn't have this man's eye twitching (cause, my eye was twitching something wicked). Ryan and Lily are so cute together:D..

    And leave it to Katie to plan on decorating the Hummerhome. And that mysterious pile of moolah... hmmm...explainations all round!

    Excellent work on the talk between Lori and Anni. It's refreshing to know that Anni doesn't hate Lori ( crappers that she doesn't trust her though,..but what can you do?) And Lori o.0 sold...the... Ducati... *passes out* omg. O. M. G....

    Excellent work!
  7. CSI_Trainee

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    Wow anni is very angry .... Lori seems to be handling Gavins death rather well. Is she bottling it up I wonder, and its soon to topple out? Or has she turned back to old habits to help her cope? Maybe she's in shock?
    And what about speed and his motives to steal from a crime lab? Why did he feel he needed to support katie? Seeing as they thought Lori was dead, and is an adult theres no child support to be paid....Why in the world did he do it?
    Geni, absolutely awsome updates, I hope we find out the mystery of speeds actions soon. Can't wait for more rib splitting, edge jumping action!
  8. Finch

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    Thanks for the awesome reviews everyone. :D

    *gives Anni a paper bag* Breathe, woman, breathe! :lol: Heh.



    Wal-Mart, Miami

    Delko: Hey can we buy these?

    Lora: Those are Halloween decorations.

    Delko: But they're nice.

    Lora: *rolls eyes* We're looking for stuff to put on a tree, not something to scare half the Hummerhome.

    Delko: Okay fine. *grabs box* Balls.

    Lora: *looking through boxes* No need to say dirty words.

    Delko: No. *slaps Lora* Balls. Christmas Balls.

    Lora: *smirks* Shaken, not stirred?

    Delko: *frowns*

    Lora: Lighten up.

    Delko: So you said something on the way about us getting put on something else originally?

    Lora: Yeah lights. I didn't think it would be a good idea.

    Delko: It would be more fun than ball shopping.

    Lora: Okay Eric, why don't you just call them ornaments.

    Delko: You have a dirty mind.

    Lora: Thanks.

    Delko: You're welcome.

    Lora: *lifts box* AHA! Garland.

    Delko: It's purple.

    Lora: So? You have a problem with purple?

    Delko: Yeah it's purple. *grabs box* This one.

    Lora: That's dark blue.

    Delko: Exactly.

    Lora: It looks the same as the purple!

    Delko: But in blue.

    Lora: *rolls eyes* Maybe we should have been placed on electrical duty. Some electro-shock therapy might help you.

    Front of Lab

    Katie: *opens truck door*

    Speed: *walks over* Hey, can we talk?

    Katie: *turns around* You want to talk to me, should I feel honored?

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Katie: Once upon a time I woke up and suddenly all my bills were taken care of, my medical insurance was paid for and there was extra money in my account. I didn't exactly think there were money elves running around my bank. So yeah, let's talk. You can start with why you think I need your help with anything.

    Speed: You have no job, no credit and your truck was given to you by chinese immigrants who own a junk yard.

    Katie: That doesn't give you the right to include me in your stupidity. Do you realize it can be seen as us working together on this? I could go to jail.

    Speed: That's not going to happen.

    Katie: *crosses arms* It's more than just lousy to no jobs and bad credit, isn't it.

    Speed: I ruined our marriage, I put our child through hell and all you got was years of empty apologies.

    Katie: First of all you stole that money, secondly you didn't tell me about any of this and lastly I don't want your damn support this late in the game. Which ironically is what it all seemed to be for you. A game.

    Speed: What do you want me to say? That I love you? Fine. I love you, I can't stand to see you live out the rest of your days on the poverty line. Go ahead and be angry at me.

    Katie: *gets into car, drives off*

    Speed: *sigh*

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    Oh good gracious, Tim..what in the blazes??? Ookay, I get it, they loved each other hard...why dont they go ahead and sleep together and get it out of the way???? :lol: You can read it everytime they are together, there's this tension between them...ugh...poor Anni...stuck in the middle... :lol:

    Ha..hahahahahah, Eric and Lora...shopping... hilarious!

    Great update, Geni! *and thanks for the bag;)
  10. that_girl1

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    Aww poor Speed. I kinda feel bad for him. Great updates!
  11. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews everyone! :) I should have another chapter up tonight.

    You're welcome for the bag, Anni. ;) *also hugs RT Anni*
  12. Anni Grey

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    Hey, Geni! Happy birthday!!! And thanks for the huggles...My birthday is in two days :D Can't wait for another update!
  13. Hunter

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    Jan 5, 2007
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    :lol: haha true. I remember in Grade 8 LA i shoved a nail in a extension cord because i was bored, and elevtricuted myself. Ah...the good ol' days.

    *laughs* "Adopt a Tree" has never had a more ironic meaning. (I think that s the word i'm looking for, ironic?)

    Ha! I don't even see Lori crying over Gavin. Awesome!

    I'm shopping with Eric. :lol: And seriously, i have never seen purple garlands in my life.

    Thanks for the updates Gen! And happy freaking birthday!! So what are you, 19? I actually have a friend who has his birthday today too. Anyways, congrats!! *huggles* :D
  14. cainesugar

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    No! I missed soooo much and I've missed Geni's birthday! *sob* Happy freaking 18th birthday, Gen!! *huggles n' snuggles* I'm laughing my ass of FYI, loving RT. Haha, Ryan and I tree shopping. We're like the perfect couple! :D

    Happy birthday to Anni as well!
  15. CSI_in_training

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    I have returned! And If get ONE MORE BLOODY ESSAY I'M GOING TO SCREAM!
    Now that that's out of my system. Holy crap has a lot happened! Katie, Speed, Anni, Lori, Gavin, and the whole Speedle family tree is getting seriously effed up and needs a nice sit down on Jerry Springer.
    Oh, I want to help with the Christmas stuff. Pick me, pick me! I'll help! Secret Santa sounds fun. And Katie's in charge, which is really quite scary, only because she seems to be good at it.
    Keep it going, Geni! We love you, and happy belated 18th!
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