CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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Anni: *running on spot* I AM THE VERY MODEL OF A MODERN MAJOR-GENERAL! I'VE INFORMATION VEGETABLE, ANIMAL AND MINERAL! *throws self over chair, spits into the air*
*knows pretty much that whole song* *is a nerd*

XD Ah, This all seems oddly familiar. Except there's no alcohol. AFRICA! Oh my gosh, I'd almost forgotten about that. "THE MUSTARD IS ON AISLE FIVE!" "HOLY SAINT POPSICLE STICKS BATMAN!" "YOU WANNA TEST THAT THEORY?" (So I wouldn't forget, any other random phrases from old RTs that would spark my nostaliga? Please post them, I don't wanna forget)

Aw, Scott is a good boy! *pats his head* Good good boy. Besides, who'd want to leave a kid that cute? ADORABLENESS!!

Great work *thumbs up*

Geni...you've out done yourself , truly. I mean...:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: at Anni's flashdance impersonation, Katie's psychoanaylitical informercial banter, and Speed's attempt at a happy place... All I have to say is, poor , poor Dr.Phil. Truly hilarious, Geni...*wipes tear* truly hilarious! XD

Awesome update!
For all the bad sh*t Speed's done, I don't think even he should've been subjected to that... :lol: I say they should take on Maury next. :D

Great update!
carlz31 said:
XD Ah, This all seems oddly familiar. Except there's no alcohol. AFRICA! Oh my gosh, I'd almost forgotten about that. "THE MUSTARD IS ON AISLE FIVE!" "HOLY SAINT POPSICLE STICKS BATMAN!" "YOU WANNA TEST THAT THEORY?" (So I wouldn't forget, any other random phrases from old RTs that would spark my nostaliga? Please post them, I don't wanna forget)

Awww.... :) Now I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. :D

Random shout-out:



HEY! I WAS DRUNK AND THAT WAS A TOY DINOSAUR! (Speed - First Road Trip installment. Actually, I believe it was even the first chapter too. :D)

CSI:pensacola. Gosh, that poor Ratio Candycane and his Reading Glasses of Justice.

TEEHEE! (Because Katie was the Teehee-ing Machine.)

Eric's teddy bear 'Sniffles'.

.... :D

I'm sure I'll remember more later. :lol:


New York City, subway, 4 days later

Scott: *reading newspaper*

Kimberly: *runs over, zips up coat* Geez, you walk fast. So do you like the accomodations?

Scott: They're just fine.

Kimberly: *nods* I tried to get you something closer to work but the only place renting in the area was my building. I hope you don't mind the subway commute every day.

Scott: *shrugs* Beats walking in the snowy sludge upstairs or sitting in traffic.

Kimberly: I was going to spring for a car, b-

Scott: It's okay, Kim. I'm used to taking the subway.

Kimberly: Right. *looks over*

Scott: *looks at watch*

Kimberly: ...*whispers* Is that a gun?

Scott: Like I said. I'm used to taking the subway.

Kimberly: *lifts brow* You have a permit for that, right?

Scott: Mhm. *closes newspaper*

Subway car pulls up; doors open

Scott: *walks away*

Kimberly: *swallows*

Inside subway car

Scott: *sits*

Kimberly: *runs over, sits*

Scott: *opens newspaper*

Subway car jolts forward

Kimberly: So how does it feel to be Vice President of APL Manhattan?

Scott: Not all that different.

Kimberly: Have you found anyone to take over the Miami branch?

Scott: Yep. Tina Abrams.

Kimberly: *nods* That's good. What are you reading?

Scott: The stocks.

Kimberly: Then could I have the sports section?

Scott: Sure. *hands over section*

Kimberly: *places newspapers on seat, sits*

Scott: *looks at Kimberly*

Kimberly: ...Mind had some gum on it.

Scott: *nods, looks down at paper*

Empire State Building, elevator

Kimberly: You uh...checked that gun at the lobby, right?

Scott: Of course.

Kimberly: Good. It's not that you're a particular concern with a firearm but it's building policy.

Scott: Yes, I'm aware of that.

Kimberly: You don't seem very happy today.

Scott: I apologize, I didn't get much sleep.

Kimberly: No need to apologize. It happens. You know, some of the guys say you have an elevator phobia and that's why you always take the stairs. Is it true?

Scott: More or less.

Kimberly: You mind my asking why you have an elevator problem?

Scott: *smiles* It's a long and boring story.

Kimberly: Maybe we can discuss it over drinks at my place tonight.

Scott: *smile fades*

Kimberly: I'm having a party for the employees that would like to come. You're certainly invited.

Scott: *nods slowly* ...I'll see what I can do. Thank you for the invite.

Kimberly: *smiles*

Condo, 8pm

Bob: *walks over* Hey great party, Kim!

Kimberly: Yes, I see you're enjoying my full array of alcoholic beverages.

Bob: You sure do know how to drink, huh?

Kimberly: Actually, I bought this specifically for the party.

Bob: I heard you promoted Finch to Vice President. Who'd he have to sleep with to get that job?

Kimberly: *staring at Bob*

Bob: Um...I mean...congrats to him. So when do I get a promotion?

Kimberly: You're not really doing yourself any favours at the moment.

Bob: *waves* HEY FINCH! OVER HERE!

Kimberly: Do you have to do that?

Bob: Yeah.

Scott: *walks over, smiling* Hey.

Bob: It's Mister Vice President! *wraps arm around Scott* Feel that power surge through your veins yet?

Scott: *laughs* Something tells me it's not power that's 'surging' at the moment. *drinks beer*

Bob: No wonder you're so flushed. And here I thought it was just that tan. It's nice to see you casual and relaxed, buddy.

Scott: *smiling* Well it's nice to see you wearing pants for a change.

Bob: Hey, my office gets very balmy in the summertime.

Kimberly: You don't have an office.

Bob: ...I like to think I do.

Kimberly: Stop using the storage closet.

Bob: I need walls.

Kimberly: Your cubicle has walls.

Bob: I need walls that attach to a roof. It's very disconcerting surfing for p...ictures with other people around.

Kimberly: *frowns* Remind me to take away your computer.

Scott: *laughs*

Kimberly: I'm glad you could make it, Scott.

Scott: *smiling* Anything for Miss CEO.

Bob: Would you do anything for me?

Scott: Wait about and hour and we'll find out.

Bob: ...

Kimberly: *smiles*

Bob: That potted plant over there is calling to me. *walks away*

Kimberly: *slips off blouse button* So you enjoying the party so far?

Scott: Very much so.

Kimberly: *smiling* Good. At first, I didn't think you'd show up. You seem to be a very private guy.

Scott: I'm not as private as you'd think.

Kimberly: Oh? *places hand on Scott's chest* Well I'd like to find out what that means.

Scott: *looks down*

Kimberly: *steps closer*

Scott: *steps back*

Kimberly: *stares at Scott*

Scott: Excuse me. *walks away*

Kimberly: *sigh*

Bob: *walks over* How come you never put the moves on me?

Kimberly: Ugh. *walks away*

Miami, house, 10pm

Lori: *looks down at phone*

Tom: *walks over, sits*

Lori: He's not picking up. He hasn't picked up.

Tom: Maybe he's working late.

Lori: Yeah right. *throws phone onto table* He never picks up his damn phone.

Tom: *shrugs, grabs remote* He's not tied to you on a leash or anything. *flips channel*

Lori: *looks at Tom* What do you mean?

Tom: Look, I don't like the guy but he shouldn't have to feel like he needs eyes in his ass everytime he leaves town. Heaven forbid you get jealous or paranoid. Besides, even if he is getting some on the side, you really have no place to talk.

Lori: *frowns* Why, because of one mistake I made?

Tom: How many mistakes does it take?

Lori: *stares at Tom*

Tom: Exactly.

Lori: I can't believe I'm getting advice from a heroin addicted, womanzing asshole cop.

Tom: What are friends for, huh.

Lori: *smirks*

Tom: *fiddles with remote* Don't you have any good channels?

Lori: I'm afraid the ones you want are blocked.

Tom: What the hell for?

Lori: Because Stephanie likes to play with the remote and Scott didn't want to have her accidentally flipping to something distasteful.

Tom: ...Scott disabled the dirty channels.

Lori: Yes.

Tom: He is a man, right?

Lori: *laughs*

Tom: God, you two are probably going to live long and happy lives together. It makes me want to puke.

Lori: *smiling*

Hummerhome, midnight

Anni: *opens cupboard*

Speed: *walks over* Hey. Getting a midnight snack?

Anni: *smiles* You know it. Want some marshmellows and melted chocolate?

Speed: Nah, I just came out to get a drink. *wraps arm around Anni's waist, leans over, grabs cup*

Anni: You need a marshmellow. *shoves marshmellow into Speed's mouth*

Speed: *smirks*

Anni: Tasty?

Speed: Mm, very.

Anni: You sure you don't want a hot chocolate or something?

Speed: I'm guessing this is you asking me to hang out for a while.

Anni: *shrugs* The only time on the road when we get to really spend any time alone together is when we're asleep. And it's a great feeling not to be sick anymore and not to be tired and...I don't know...this trip, while fun, came on a little fast. We haven't really been able to reconnect properly. *walks over to couch, sits*

Speed: *looks over*

Anni: *eats piece of chocolate*

Speed: *walks over, sits* What do you need from me?

Anni: *looks at Speed* ...What do you mean?

Speed: I'd like to know what your needs are.

Anni: *blinks* ...Um...well for starters...I guess I...I...I simply need to be loved.

Speed: *stares at Anni*

Anni: I don't want it to be implied and I want it to be sincere.

Speed: *nods*

Anni: I also need for you to also just...be there. Body and mind. That's pretty much it. *looks down at floor*

Speed: Okay.

Anni: And now all I need is a kiss to seal the deal. *smiles*

Speed: *smirks, kisses Anni*

Anni: *grabs Speed by the shirt*

Speed: *lifts brow*

Anni: Seriously. Needs.

O_O okay...Ahem... let's go over the lesson once more, shall we? If horny CEO Kimmy touches , faithful, dependable Mr. Finch...Mrs. Finch will find away ALL the way from Miami to put her foot up her a$$. Thus ends that lesson. But seriously, Kimmy, really needs a reality check, and perhaps, maybe so does Scott. Hell, even Lori, who is STILL killing time with Tom. Why do I see them becoming BFF and then hitting the sack when things go down ? Argh, Geni, you've woven such a tight web this time:shifty:

And awwwwwwww! Speed and Anni have a nice , quiet moment. I'm glad that they put it out on the table, especially Anni- he needed to know what he could do for her, and awesomely, she supplied. Here's to them ahem, reconnecting in a serious way!

Awesome update, Geni! Can't wait for more!
I think Scott has gotten himself int to a bad bad place and Lori is about to bust it wide open. This is not gonna be good for ether of them and Tom and imberly witll be right in the middle of it i'm sure!

Seems like speed in gonna get him some tonight! Woo Hoo! Him and Anni reconecting on the couch hope they don't get interupted by Katie or Delko! That could be pretty funny!

Great update Geni!
Wow. Kim is...unsubtle. Yikes. Good Scott...I think. He's not turning all...Speedy is he? Tsk tsk tsk.


ANNI HAS KNEES!!...I did say 'knees' right? Teehee.

Aw, THE CRAZIES AREN'T CRAZY! That's right. Man, I wish I's saved this stuff, but I never got around to it. Stupid me and my putting-things-off-ness. *giggle* I can feel the nostalgia. I think I'll play pokemon and watch Fresh Prince.

Oh, of course! Ratio Candycane and the Reading Glasses of Justice!

Do you happen to remember the others? I forgotted :(
Can I borrow Scott's gun and take care of Kim? :lol:

Kidding, kidding.

Aww, Tom and Lori, bff's for life! :lol: :lol:

Great update!
^^ Aw I can't remember the others at the moment...I need to scan some of the other threads that I saved on my PC. :lol:

Mwahaha. :devil: Thanks so much for the reviews!


Miami, apartment, 9am

Lori: *laughing*

Tom: Yeah ha ha. *grabs fire extinguisher, fires it at stove*

Lori: *laughing* I'll admit I'm bad at cooking but oh ma gosh.

Tom: Aren't you glad I bought one of these then?

Lori: Yes. *wipes tears, laughs*

Tom: *points fire extinguisher at Lori, fires*


Lori: *screams*

Tom: *smiles*

Lori: *looks down at clothes*

Tom: That was fun.

Lori: *narrows eyes* Get me a towel.

Tom: *throws dish towel*

Lori: *wipes chest*

Steph: MAMA BOOM! *giggles, claps*

Lori: *looks at Steph*

Tom: *smiling* Mini-you found it very amusing.

Cellphone rings

Lori: *walks over to table, grabs purse* Turn off the stove or you might start another fire. *digs around purse*

Tom: *turns off stove*

Lori: *puts phone up to ear* Yeah.

Steph: *pulls things out of purse*

Lori: You're going to be in town next week? For how long?

Steph: *rips kleenex*

Lori: *grabs kleenex from Steph* Sure, I can do that. Is Mom coming too?

Steph: *picks up lip gloss*

Lori: Well because Scott probably won't be here so she might be a little bored.

Steph: *sucks end of lip gloss*

Lori: AH! *grabs lip gloss* Huh? Oh, no I was just...hold on. *puts phone on table, picks up Steph*

Steph: *coughing*

Lori: *hands Steph to Tom* Get her a drink of water.

Tom: *wraps arm around Steph, opens cupboard*

Lori: *picks up phone* Back. Yeah, Anni's welcome too. *looks at Tom*

Tom: *leans over sink, turns on water*

Steph: *coughing*

Lori: Uh huh...Dr.Phil? Why am I not supposed to watch Dr.Phil in the next few weeks?

Tom: *brings cup up to Steph's mouth*

Steph: *wraps hands around cup, drinks*

Lori: *smirks* Mhm. Yeah, I'll see you next week then. *closes phone* That was my father, apparently he'll be in town soon. *walks over, grabs Steph* I guess they finally got H to haul ass and he wants to go orange picking or something.

Steph: *wipes mouth with sleeve*

Lori: Are you going to be okay to cook your own dinner tonight? Or do you need fire rescue on speed-dial.

Tom: I think I'll manage. I'll go put this extinguisher away. *walks away*

Steph: *makes grabby hands* DOM!

Tom: *stops, looks back*

Lori: *smiles*

Tom: *walks away*

Lori: *smile fades*

Steph: *fiddles with Lori's necklace*

Lori: Yeah, I know. He's not used to people that aren't old enough to judge anyone.

House, 10am

Lori: *jumps out of truck, opens back door*

Car pulls up

Lori: *unbuckles Steph, picks her up*

Scott: *closes car door, walks over*

Lori: *smiles* Hey! There he is!

Steph: *squeals, flails*

Scott: *smiles, grabs Steph* Hi.

Steph: *wraps arms around Scott's neck*

Lori: Someone missed you.

Scott: Just one someone?

Lori: Cute.

Scott: *leans over, kisses Lori*

Lori: *smiles* How was New York?

Scott: Cold, cold and colder. And you're right, some areas do smell like pee.

Lori: *laughs*

Scott: And how have you both been?

Lori: Great. Steph got some new toys, I filled our fridge with groceries and yesterday, I took her to the playground.

Scott: Did she have fun?

Lori: Oh lots. She was very enamored with that big red slide. And considering I'd never been to the playground before, there was much to discover between the both of us.

Scott: Sounds like things went well.

Lori: Hey listen, are you going to be here next week around...Thursday?

Scott: Probably.

Lori: Damn.

Scott: What's wrong with Thursday?

Lori: My parents are going to be in town for a little while and they want to stop by and visit Stephanie. My mother, on the other hand is probably more interested in seeing my hot husband.

Scott: Well then I'll try my best not to be so hot. What's her biggest turnoff?

Lori: Uh, well for starters, you might want to forget about being from New York, make sure you're completely shaved and pretend you're gay.

Scott: *nods slowly* I can do that.

Lori: *smiles*

Scott: ...Some of that. Maybe not the New York thing.

Lori: *laughs*

Scott: Let's get inside, shall we?


Delko: *grabs cotton, stuffs pieces of brown material*

Ryan: What in God's name are you doing?

Delko: Making a teddy.

Calleigh: Oh no, not another one.

Delko: Snibbles.

Speed: You do realize he'll suffer a very long, very painful demise, right?

Katie: Teddies can't feel pain.

Speed: It's just a figure of speech.

Anni: I never knew Eric was so talented with a needle and thread.

Katie: *laughs* You want someone talented with a needle, you should see L-

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: -*coughs*

Delko: It's a fine art, really. You just gotta OW! get the thread through the OW! and get the needle up in the OW!

Calleigh: You need a little help with that needle?

Delko: No, I got it.

Speed: Need a thimble?

Delko: What the hell is that?

Speed: *pats Eric on the back* Good luck, man. Can't wait to see the finished 'Snibbles'.

Delko: I can make you a toy dinosaur when I'm done.

Speed: *frowns*

Katie: *opens laptop* Tim, we should get little Stephanie a present.

Speed: Yeah. A new mother.

Katie: *punches Speed*

Speed: Ow.

Katie: Lori's doing just fine. *types* We should get her a teddy.

Delko: I could make her one.

Speed: *scoffs* She'll be 18 by the time you've finished.

Katie: Let's get her this. *points to screen*

Speed: Go ahead.

Katie: *rolls eyes*

Aww... Speed's still not nice to Lori... :(

Although Tom with Steph and Lori is so cute! And I love Scott and Lori together. :D

Great update!
Oh lord Toms tring to burn the house down now! Whts up with Katie and speed coming to visit? That art to be a three ring Circus! just wait until Lori see them on Dr. Phil that will be a trip! lol! I thought they said that Eric had to stay away from dangerous objects ? I think a needle qualifies as a dangerous objet! They better get it away from him before someone Like Speed turns into a pin cusion! Lol!
What a great update! Again...Tom and Lori are spending so much time together, but I can't blame her- Scott's in NY all the time and you know Lori, if she gets bored, she might do something...um...I don't know...stupid. As in sleeping with Tom , which is probably where they are headed so...maybe this whole spending time with Tom thing isn't the brightest idea. I think , however, all this time would be an affect on Stephie...I'm waiting for the moment that she breaks out with a 'DOM' around Scott...To be able to explain that one..lol

Aww..>Eric's making yet another teddy. Let's hope this one survives...both Tim and Katie are still pretty harsh with Lori, even though Katie did step up to bat about how good of a mother she is... And she's doing so much better, being a functional part of Stephie's life. It's so sweet.

You know how I feel about Scott and Lori, so no need to tread there...All in all...a pretty awesome update! :wink:
Omigod, I am SO sorry about not posting here at all!! @.@ I missed several updates, so I was going back and reading what I missed, so I didn't want to get too sidetracked by posting... XD ^^;

Anyway, WOW! XD I think my favorite bits so far have been tying Spee up on the roof of the Hummerhome naked, and the Dr. Phil fiasco... :guffaw: Keep it up, Geni!! <3 <3 <3
Hee. :D Thanks so much for the reviews! And don't worry Jenna, it's okay. :) Glad you liked those chapters. :D


Miami Dade Crime Lab, 11am

Tripp: *looking down at folder*

Tom: *walks over* You paged me?

Tripp: *hands over folder* You got a case.

Tom: ...Excuse me?

Tripp: You'll be accompanying Boa Vista and Speedle to a scene.

Tom: *lifts brow* Speedle.

Tripp: Don't worry, this one doesn't hate you. Josh Speedle. He's a little 'out there' for my tastes but he's fairly easy to get along with and that's something you need.

Tom: I don't work homicides.

Tripp: You work Robbery/Homicide. This scene was both. Head over to Coral Gables, the address is in the folder.

Tom: B-

Tripp: *walks away*

Tom: *frowns*

Ash's Jewels, Coral Gables

Tom: *closes car door*

Natalia: *walks over* You the detective?

Tom: So they tell me.

Natalia: Great, there are about 17 witnesses in the jewelry store that you need to talk to while Josh and I collect the evidence.

Tom: Wait, hold on. What am I supposed to ask them?

Natalia: ...What they saw.

Tom: *scratches head* Is the dead body still in there?

Natalia: Yeah we're just waiting on the M.E.

Tom: And you want me to...go in there.

Natalia: That's your job.

Tom: Right. I can do this.

Inside jewelry store

Tom: *pulls out pen and paper*

Natalia: *walks over to glass case*

Tom: *chews pen* ...

Girl: *crosses arms*

Tom: So uh...what happened?

Girl: Some dude came in here guns blazing and took out the manager, stole a bunch of jewelry and left.

Tom: Uh huh...did you know the manager?

Girl: ...Yes. She was the manager. You know, my boss? I'm pretty sure I've met her before.

Tom: *scribbling on paper* ...And what was the manager's name again?

Near glass case

Natalia: Poor guy.

Josh: *lifts head*

Natalia: He doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

Josh: Who is he?

Natalia: *laughs* You haven't heard of Tom Carter? He's probably the biggest screw-up cop to hit Miami. He got busted for drug use a while ago and instead of firing him, they slapped him on the wrist and sent him to treatment. If you ask me, he should be sharpening pencils for a living.

Josh: *nods*

Natalia: I'll go see if I can get the security footage from this morning. *walks away*

Josh: *kneels, opens kit*

Tom: *walks over* Hey.

Josh: Hi. *picks up swab*

Tom: One of the witnesses said the guy with the gun broke one of the cases with his bare hand so you might have some blood.

Josh: Thanks, I'll be on the lookout.

Tom: *points* That the manager?

Josh: Mhm. 3 gunshot wounds to the chest.

Tom: What are you doing?

Josh: Collecting fibers.

Tom: I thought you aren't supposed to touch the body.

Josh: I'm not touching the body, I'm touching the fibers. You see this?

Tom: Yeah, the clothes are wrinkled in the front chest area.

Josh: *points* And this.

Tom: Her neck is scratched...there's a necklace on the floor. Someone grabbed her before shooting her?

Josh: Looks like it.

Tom: Witnesses say the guy just started shooting.

Josh: At this point, that's not what the evidence says.

Tom: *laughs* Wait a second, I have heard of you. You're the fag, right?

Josh: *lifts head*

Tom: That is so not natural. Try not to go all 'Brokeback' on me. *walks away*

Josh: *stares blankly*

Natalia: *walks over* What was that about?

Josh: *stands, writes on folder* Nothing relevant to the case.

APL Manhttan Miami, lobby

Scott: *walks in*

Tina: *looks over* Sir! *runs over* Was there a meeting scheduled for today?

Scott: No, I just came by to check on things and see how you're doing.

Tina: We're doing great.

Donna: *steps off elevator*

Tina: Donna!

Donna: *gasp* MISTER FINCH! *runs over, hugs Scott*

Scott: *laughs, wraps arms around Donna* Hey. How are you?

Donna: Totally bummed out. Why'd you leave?

Scott: I was asked to lend a hand in New York.

Donna: Permenantly?

Scott: *nods* I guess.

Donna: *hugs tighter* It's not fair.

Scott: *looks at Tina*

Tina: She's been like that all week.

Scott: Donna, it's alright. I still live in Miami and I'll be stopping in here at least twice a week.

Donna: *lifts head* Really?

Scott: *smiles* Really.

Donna: Good. Oh, right. There I go still with the hugging. *lets go* Sorry.

Mark: *steps off elevator* YOU.

Tina: *looks over*

Mark: You're firing me?

Tina: *sigh* You don't do your job, Mark.

Mark: Well maybe if your deadlines weren't so damned impossible to reach, I wouldn't have a problem doing my job! And what the hell is HE doing back!

Scott: Mark, calm down.

Mark: No. No, I'm not going to calm down. This job was all I had! I worked my ASS off to get where I am!

Tina: Well you got too comfortable with slacking off and you've received many warnings to change your behaviour, especially with the female employees. I didn't see any other alternative.

Mark: Yeah? How's this for an alternative? *pulls out gun*

Donna: *screams*

Tina: *lifts hands* Whoa, chill out. There's no need for this.

Mark: My life is over because of you.

Tina: There are other jobs.

Mark: Not for a guy that has 'fired' on his resumé. *pulls slide back*

Tina: So you're going to kill me? What the hell will that solve?

Mark: Doesn't matter. I'm just going to kill myself with it after.

Tina: *stares at Mark*

Mark: *lifts gun*

Scott: *steps in front of Tina* Why don't you and I have a talk. Just us.

Mark: Why.

Scott: Because they became my responsibility the second I stepped into this lobby so if you want to shoot someone, start with me.

Mark: *stares at Scott*

Scott: But I would much prefer it someone didn't have to call my wife and little girl and tell them I'm not coming home. I'm also sure Donna and Tina's families would appreciate that as well.

Mark: *looks at Donna*

Donna: *crying*

Scott: Tina, did you put the paperwork through?

Tina: No.

Scott: *looks at Mark* We can still fix this. I can have you placed elsewhere within the company for exactly what you were making or even a little more.

Mark: No you can't. I pulled a gun on everyone, I'm either going to prison or I'm dying.

Scott: Everyone has bad days, Mark. And you haven't hurt anyone.

Mark: *shakes head* You'll call the cops as soon as I drop it. You're not gonna let someone who held a gun to 3 people just walk out of here with a better job.

Scott: You're a good guy, Mark. *steps forward*

Mark: *cocks gun*

Scott: *stops*

Mark: This is my party and I say what happens. And you...you have irritated the hell out of me since I met you. You think you're so perfect and invincible. Well guess what, you're not. *pulls trigger*


Scott: *blinks, holds chest*

Donna: *screams*

Mark: *puts gun to head*

Tina: *covers Donna's eyes*


Mark: *falls over, dead*

Tina: *runs over to Scott* Scott.

Scott: *grabs onto Tina, falls over*

Tina: *kneels* Scott, you'll be okay. *presses on Scott's chest* Donna, call 9-1-1.

Donna: *staring at Scott*

Tina: DONNA!

Donna: *nods, runs over to reception desk*

Tina: *looks down* Scott, look at me.

Scott: *winces*

Tina: Everything's going to be fine.

Scott: *groans* Call my wife.

Tina: *nods* I'll call her. I guess uh...I guess you were wrong about Mark.

Scott: Ugh.

Tina: Well it was good to see you, either way.

Scott: Yeah and to think *winces* ugh, to think I was going to stay home this afternoon.

Tom: *walks in, holds radio up* Yeah, I'm at the APL building. Rescue's about 2 minutes out. *looks over* Okay wha'd I get called all the way from a crime scene to?

Tina: Uh...attempted murder-suicide?

Tom: Great. People are just droppin' like flies in this damn city. *walks over* Youch...Scott.

Scott: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *stares at Scott*

Tina: ...You two know each other?

Tom: *takes off overcoat, kneels* Here, use this.

Tina: *presses overcoat down*

Tom: How do you feel, there buddy?

Scott: I am...not your buddy.

Tom: Perfect. *smiles* He's not going delirious.

Scott: *frowns*

Tom: Funny how I'm always around just in time to save your ass.

Scott: Oh I think that'll be for the doctors to do. UGH!

Tom: Well do you want pressure or not?

Scott: *coughs*

Tom: *looks at Tina*

Tina: *looks down at floor*

Hospital, emergency room, 5 hours later

Lori: *leaning on desk* I've been here forever, don't you know anything about his condition?

Woman: There are hundreds of other patients and hundreds of other people wondering the exact same thing so why don't you have a seat and I'll get to you when I call you.

Lori: *leans elbow onto desk, rubs forehead* I just want to know if he's alive.

Woman: What's the patient's name?

Lori: Scott Finch.

Woman: Okay. When I know, you'll know.

Lori: Do all you reception people go to some class about how to railroad everyone and never give straight answers? Jesus Christ, you're worse than the DMV.

Doctor: *walks over* Lori Finch.

Lori: *stands straight, turns around* That's me.

Doctor: Your husband's in recovery, the bullet hit his upper right chest area and missed all of the vital organs. We retrieved the bullet and repaired most of the damage but of course we will be keeping him here until we're sure everything's kosher.

Lori: *nods*

Doctor: That man must have an angel on his shoulder.

Lori: Can I see him?

Doctor: He's upstairs, room 202.

Lori: Thank you.

Doctor: *walks away*

Lori: *runs over to chairs*

Tom: You going to take the mini-you?

Lori: I don't want her to see him like that. Would you mind watching her for a little while?

Tom: Haven't I done enough for you people lately?

Lori: *sigh* ...It's only for a few minutes. I just need to see him.

Tom: Then at least pay me.

Lori: Whatever you want. *runs away*

Tom: *looks down at Steph*

Steph: *chewing on blanket*

Tom: Yuck.

Upstairs, room 202

Lori: *runs in* Hey.

Scott: *looks over*

Lori: How do you feel?

Scott: ...Like I just got shot.

Lori: *smirks* Tina told me you basically took a bullet for her.

Scott: Yeah, it was pretty stupid. That's why negotiation is its own profession.

Lori: You need to stop stealing careers from people.

Scott: Is Stephanie here?

Lori: She's downstairs with Tom.

Scott: *frowns*

Lori: She's fine.

Scott: ...Lori, I'm so sorry. I...I should have just stayed out of it. I could have gotten killed.

Lori: *nods* Yeah. Yeah, you could have.

Scott: ...Mark was right.

Lori: What do you mean?

Scott: The last words he said to me were that I wasn't invincible. I have got to stop putting everyone's safety ahead of mine. I don't want Stephanie to grow up without a father because he was...*sigh* this is the third time. It's enough.

Lori: Thinkin' about throwin' in your cape, huh.

Scott: *scoffs* In so many words.

Lori: *grabs Scott's hand* Get some rest, okay?

Scott: You're leaving?

Lori: I need to go relieve the babysitter of his duties before he gives up altogether and then I'll be visiting more than one Finch in the hospital. Then again...I think if anything happened to Steph, Tom would be the one getting himself a room.

Scott: *smiles*

Lori: I'll be back. *stands*

Aww... poor Scott. But at least he's okay! :D

Tom is freaking hysterical in this part... holy crap. That's, like, the last person who should ever show up near me when I get shot.

And... YAY JOSH IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great update! :)
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