CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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    Road Trip: The Final Frontier

    Looks like it wasn't so final because we're on an 11th thread! :)

    And because I'm a nerd, I'm going to post the RT playlist for whomever wishes to listen. It's a work in progress (like I mentioned earlier on in the last thread) but there's a few songs on there and I'm looking to update it some more. Just a little something for fun, anyhow. [/nerd]

    Like always:

    Title: CSI:Miami Road Trip

    Summary: The CSI:Miami team ride cross-country in their Hummerhome investigating new adventures. However, the team can never neglect their beloved lab and may return to Miami every now and then to perpetuate the craziness in their element. They haven't caused nearly enough damage there yet. :shifty: As evidenced by an 11th thread. :lol:

    Characters: This is where it gets a little hairy. CSI:Miami cast from seasons 2-6 along with Original Characters inspired by some of the lovely members at TalkCSI -- who have given me permission to use their names. Besides, what's a road trip without a few more bodies? ;)

    I'll list them for those who are unfamiliar or need a refresher...because sometimes I lose track. :lol:

    Horatio Caine
    Calleigh Duquesne
    Eric Delko
    Alexx Woods
    Tim Speedle
    Ryan Wolfe
    Frank Tripp
    Yelina Salas
    Natalia Boa Vista
    Rick Stetler


    Other OCs (not related to the members at Talk):

    Josh Speedle
    Lori Speedle
    Scott Finch
    Tom Carter

    It's not limited to these but they've been featured more than a few times so I thought it best to add them in. I can't guarantee the above 'Other OCs' survival throughout the course of the thread though. :p Lord knows I've killed enough characters.

    Genre: Satire/Comedy/Drama/Angst/Action. Wouldn't really be CSI:Miami without the last 3. ;)

    Rating: G to PG-13

    Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership of anything except the 'Other OCs'. And maybe the Hummerhome if it hasn't already been trademarked. :cool:

    Author's Note: I'm not going to link back to the other 9 threads this time--as I've linked to the 10th. It's not that I don't really feel like it (okay, maybe a little bit) but if someone really wants to read the other 9, hit me up through PM and I'll have no problem collecting them all and sending.


    Thanks so much for the reviews from the last thread everyone, they're really appreciated. :) *snuggles all* Y'all are the strings to my guitar, the ketchup on my fries, the icing on my cake the...well you get the idea. :adore: I'm going to stop being such a nerd now, really. :lol:

    I should have a chapter up in a little bit!
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    Do you want me to go ahead and close out the other thread with a link to this one?
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    Feel free if you so choose. :) You and LLK rule this roost. :D
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    Awesome! An 11th thread!! I'm so glad you chose to continue , Geni, it's like an additional christmas present! Let the hilarity continue!:thumbsup:
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    Woo! Thread 11! *throws confetti and passes around cookies* :D
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    :beer: Celebrate! Celebrate! :lol: Awesome updates on the last thread Geni! I can't wait to read what else the gang is up to. :D
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    Wee! *parties*


    Motel room, 2 months later

    Katie: *opens map*

    Speed: *walks in, shuts door* Just spoke to the truck driver that IDed the van. He said there were explosives inside but they looked bogus.

    Katie: How could he tell?

    Speed: He used to work for the SWAT task force in Dallas, which is near where the truck was found.

    Katie: So we have to head for Texas.

    Speed: Yeah. Did you call Lori and tell her?

    Katie: She doesn't know.

    Speed: ...You didn't tell her we're looking for her kidnapped boyfriend.

    Katie: I don't want to get her hopes up.

    Speed: *grabs chair, sits* And what happens if we find him? Dead or alive.

    Katie: We're going to find him alive.

    Speed: Well that's a good way to think but...it's not much of a reality at this point. There's no reason for this woman to keep him alive unless she was using his money.

    Katie: Except his accounts are frozen.

    Speed: Exactly.

    Katie: *shakes head* I don't understand how this could be so much of a dead end.

    Speed: That's why missing persons stopped looking.

    Katie: How can they stop looking? That just doesn't make sense to me. If someone is missing, you look for them. That's just the way it should be.

    Speed: It requires man power which not every jurisdiction has. That's just the system. I mean yeah, for kids they go all out but adults? It's just not designed for the long term.

    Katie: It's not fair. Lori shouldn't have to sit there with her daughter every night wondering if he's dead or not because no one can get up off their ass and help.

    Speed: That's why we're out here, right?

    Katie: Yeah. *looks down at table*

    Speed: I'm sure we'll make some headway in this case. It might not be the outcome we're looking for but at least we'll be able to give her some answers.

    Katie: Thanks for comin' out here with me. That's...very nice of you. For once.

    Speed: I'm not here to fight with you. It's not going to be very productive if we're at each other's throats.

    Katie: And uh...speaking of fights. How do you suspect we'll cover the 'only one bed in the motel room' issue?

    Speed: You're welcome to the bed. I'm fine on the floor.

    Katie: No, I wouldn't feel right about that. You can have the bed.

    Speed: You're not sleeping on the floor. Look, it's fine, I'll get a second room.

    Katie: NO.

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: ...I don't like being alone in strange cities, especially motel rooms. Please stay.

    Speed: I'll only be next door.

    Katie: I'm sure we can be grown-up and share a bed. It's big.

    Speed: *sigh*

    Katie: I promise you won't have to deal with any more of my bickering.

    Speed: Then how would I get through each day?

    Katie: *slaps Speed*

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: Just one night, I swear.

    Speed: *nods* Okay. One.

    Katie: Thank you. I'm going to go get changed, it's a billion degrees in here.

    Speed: Yeah I'll do the same.

    Katie: *runs into bathroom*

    Speed: *looks down at table*

    10 minutes later

    Katie: *runs out, stops* Wow. Tim Speedle without a shirt on. Wasn't really expecting that.

    Speed: You said it yourself, it's a billion degrees outside.

    Katie: *nods* Yeah.

    Speed: Besides, nothing you haven't seen before.

    Katie: That's a matter of opinion. You weren't um...you didn't seem to...work out as much before.

    Speed: It helps to be in shape when you keep having to run after jackasses and their guns.

    Katie: At crime scenes?

    Speed: It's been happening a lot lately.

    Katie: *smiles* This doesn't have to do with Anni being in tip-top shape again?

    Speed: Anni's been getting a lot of migranes lately.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Speed: Real ones. So no, she's not in tip-top shape anymore. She has an appointment tomorrow, they have her test results back.

    Katie: I see. Bummer for her.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: Must be hard for you...that kind of uncertainty with her condition and everything.

    Speed: Let's not talk about it anymore, okay?

    Katie: That's fine. *hops into bed*

    Speed: *gets into bed, turns off light*

    Katie: I'm sorry about everything, I wish I could help.

    Speed: You don't need to.

    Katie: *touches Speed's arm*

    Speed: *looks over*

    Katie: If you ever want to talk...

    Speed: Thank you.

    Katie: *rolls over*

    Speed: *stares up at ceiling*

    Motel, 9am

    Katie: *yawns, sits up* ...*looks around* Tim? TIM.

    Speed: *walks out of bathroom* What's wrong?

    Katie: Oh geez. I thought you left without me.

    Speed: That would defeat the purpose of coming here with you.

    Katie: *jumps out of bed, looks at watch* We were both supposed to be up at 6.

    Speed: I was up at 6.

    Katie: So you just didn't bother waking me up? I get it, I get it. You were going to let me sleep in and then yell at me for being so late all the time. Is that what this is? Because it's very mean.

    Speed: *puts on watch* I thought you'd like to sleep in for once. You'd been spending a lot of early hours at the lab working on this case.

    Katie: ...Well...thanks?

    Speed: Don't mention it.

    Katie: *steps over* You made coffee.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: You don't drink coffee.

    Speed: You do.

    Katie: *looks down at coffee pot* Arabian blend.

    Speed: *folding map* That's your favourite, isn't it?

    Katie: Colton's never made me coffee.

    Speed: Did you ever ask him to?

    Katie: Yeah right. I can't even get him to pick up his underwear.

    Speed: Too much information.

    Katie: Thought so. *grabs cup, sips coffee*

    Speed: I didn't think you and Colton were still a thing.

    Katie: We're not. We're more like roommates. Helps pay the bills. I heard Scott bought you and Anni a house.

    Speed: No. We were thinking about accepting it.

    Katie: I wonder if the offer still stands when we find him alive. I mean, people change when faced with their own mortality so he might not even be the same man. It happened once, right?

    Speed: We should be in Dallas in a couple of hours if we haul ass. *walks away*

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Parkinglot, Dallas, Texas

    Speed: *walks over*

    Katie: *leans against Hummer*

    Speed: Local authorities are aware of this Erin woman. I was able to get a full workup on her.

    Katie: And?

    Speed: Well her name isn't Erin. It's Faye Thompson, she was born in Austin and had lived in Dallas until a year ago. Apparently her husband died of a heart attack in Brooklyn, New York. But she harrassed authorities, saying he was carjacked and the heart attack was related to it. When the NYPD basically shut her out, she returned to Dallas and started it up again with the authorities here. They say she became obsessed and wouldn't leave the station for hours at a time.

    Katie: Sounds like a royal nutjob.

    Speed: *nods* Dallas PD filed a restraining order and she wasn't allowed to return to these premises. Apparently her husband was originally from Brooklyn but they lived together in Dallas and always vacationed in Miami so she traveled there to be 'close' to him or some nonsense. That's what her sister says anyway.

    Katie: Where do the bank robberies come in?

    Speed: Well a surviving hostage from the bank said she tried to get his accounts taken care of in Miami and when they wouldn't help her, she started to plot her revenge. The thing is, he never had an account in Miami. One of the staff reported her throwing a fit and ranting about how her husband had died on her and it was his fault that she was alone and she did everything for him and that's how he repayed her.

    Katie: So they thought she was just blowing steam and harrassing the bank when really, she practically went insane after her husband's death and was probably dillusional. And her family never tried to help her?

    Speed: They don't want anything to do with her. How she ever found a bunch of guys to carry out her psychotic plans is beyond me.

    Katie: Well with the prospect of money, that plan wouldn't seem too psychotic to some.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: So we're chasin' a looney tune. That's great. *scratches head* ...You know, maybe there could be a reason she'd be keeping Scott alive after all this time.

    Speed: I'm listening.

    Katie: She was having dillusions, right? Thinking her husband had an account in Miami even though he didn't and raving about how he left her there?

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: Her husband was from Brooklyn. It's no stretch to say she may have started to mistake Scott for her husband. I mean, I'm no psychologist or accent expert but...New York is New York, y'know? She wanted to punish him for dying on her.

    Speed: Yeah but for this long? And the survivors at the bank said she wanted to punish everyone and make them suffer like she had suffered.

    Katie: Maybe something triggered her into thinking Scott was her dead husband but the point is, if that's the case, there's a chance he's alive somewhere. We just have to find out where that somewhere is. The van ended up near Dallas so we have to assume they were here at some point which makes sense because this is her home, right?

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: Maybe she has a house or storage place or something where she'd be isolated enough and comfortable at the same time.

    Speed: *looks down at paper* ...I think you may be onto something.

    Katie: Really? How come?

    Speed: Think I saw something a few pages back when I was skimming through...yeah, here it is. Her husband was a pilot and aviation mechanic, it says here he owned a warehouse just a few miles outside the city near a private air strip.

    Katie: *lifts brows* And you 'skimmed' over it?

    Speed: There's 50 pages here.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Men. *snatches paper* Get your keys.

    Private air strip, near Dallas

    Speed: *turns key*

    Katie: So this is the place.

    Speed: *looks around* Seems pretty empty.

    Katie: *opens door, jumps out*

    Speed: *grabs gun from console*


    Katie: *walking* It's pretty isolated, perfect for keeping sound and activity contained.

    Speed: *stops* Hey check it out. *points to ground*

    Katie: Tire treads.

    Speed: *kneels* They don't look very fresh.

    Katie: Maybe no one's home.

    Speed: Doesn't look like anyone's been 'home' for a while. *stands*

    Katie: So should we just walk in the front door or what?

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: To hell with checking the perimeter. *walks away*

    Speed: *looks around*

    Inside warehouse

    Katie: *steps inside, shines flashlight*

    Speed: *steps in, closes door*

    Katie: Unlocked door? Somebody had to have been here at one point. *walks ahead*

    Speed: Careful.

    Katie: *stops, looks back* What?

    Speed: I said be careful.

    Katie: Why?

    Speed: That's what I would tell anyone entering a strange warehouse.

    Katie: Sure you would. *walks away*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Hallway, upstairs

    Katie: *lifts gun, steps forward*

    Speed: Hey.

    Katie: *sigh* What now?

    Speed: *staring inside room* Look.

    Katie: *turns around, walks over* What is it? *looks into room* Yikes.

    Speed: *steps into room*

    Katie: *shines flashlight* Looks almost like a prison cell...full of what I can only assume is not just blood. Smells like a rotting dog pound in here.

    Speed: Check out the bolted chair in the corner.

    Katie: *walks over to chair* More dried blood. Charred wood too, like someone set some of it on fire.

    Speed: *kneels, picks up wire* I don't think they were setting it on fire.

    Katie: Why? *looks over*

    Speed: *lifts wire* I think they were playing with electricity.

    Katie: ...Gross.

    Speed: *stands*

    Katie: Well this is a creepy nightmare to be stuck in. *looks up at wall* Scratch marks.

    Speed: *looks over*

    Katie: They go from here all the way down to the floor and around the room. What the hell were they doing to him?

    Speed: Why don't you go back to the Hummer and grab the camera so we can document some of this.

    Katie: I sincerely hope we're not going to show it to Lori.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: I'll be right back. *walks away*

    Speed: *angry sigh*

    10 minutes later; large office

    Katie: *walks in* You know, it would be nice if you'd tell me where you went instead of just taking off. This building gives me the creeps as it is without me losing you.

    Speed: *opens laptop*

    Katie: Where'd you get a laptop?

    Speed: Found it in a box.

    Katie: That's interesting because I saw a couple of cameras outside of the warehouse pointed toward the airstrip. Looks like this place had a security system in place.

    Speed: Maybe it still does. *plugs in laptop, turns it on* Still has power.

    Katie: Well obviously someone's still paying the bills around here. Think we might be able to find out when our John Sage and company left?

    Speed: We'll see.

    Katie: *sits on table* Man I can't imagine being here for a day let alone a couple months. Poor Scott.

    Speed: *typing*

    Katie: I mean the guy's been through hell as it is and then this? *shakes head* Unimaginable. You know, they already found a new CEO for his company. Bill...something. There wasn't even a message left on their website or anything, it's like they don't even care that he's MIA. And Lori told me she hasn't heard a peep from his parents. How can no one care about him?

    Speed: Found it.

    Katie: *looks at computer*

    Speed: Security footage stockpiled on the hard drive.

    Katie: What's the most recent file?

    Speed: 4 days ago.

    Katie: Wow, really?

    Speed: Yeah. *clicks mouse*

    Katie: Okay, the airstrip out back...no activity.

    Speed: I'll fast-forward it. *presses button*

    Katie: Wait wait, there.

    Speed: What?

    Katie: There's a truck's fender in the corner of the video. Could be an SUV. Can you zoom in on that?

    Speed: I can try.

    Katie: *grabs chair, sits*

    Speed: This is about as good as it's going to get.

    Katie: There's a plate there...*squints* J4...something. I can't read the rest. Could we send this video to the lab?

    Speed: I'll e-mail it.

    Katie: Okay. Let's look at the rest of the video.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: Look look, that guy's going to the back of the truck, are you seeing this?

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *clears throat* Of course you are, you're watching the video too. Why wouldn't you be? *nervous laugh*

    Speed: It cuts off after that.

    Katie: They must have turned off the security system, probably because they were leaving. But to where...*taps chin*

    Speed: Could be to dispose of the body.

    Katie: *frowns* Excuse me?

    Speed: Why else would they leave?

    Katie: Maybe the cops were after them.

    Speed: Dallas PD didn't mention anything about finding any new leads.

    Katie: Yeah but why dispose of the body and leave the mess upstairs? Isn't that just as incriminating?

    Speed: Not really. All the room proves is torture, not murder. No body, no definite proof of murder.

    Katie: So we'll have to find that truck.

    Speed: Or the body.

    Katie: *stands* We know there was a truck, let's stick with that. *walks away*

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Out back

    Katie: *shines flashlight*

    Speed: *walks over*

    Katie: Gravitational blood drops on the floor leading out here. Dead people don't bleed which means he was alive when they dragged him out here.

    Speed: Doesn't really mean anything. Someone could have had his blood on their hands or an object and it dropped to the ground that way.

    Katie: *frowns* Why do you want to believe so badly that he's dead?

    Speed: I'm just looking at the evidence.

    Katie: So am I. And we have two different theories.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: *sigh* Okay well why don't we rent a motel room and look over everything else we have, maybe that'll help.

    Motel, 11pm

    Katie: *slams head on table* This sucks. There's dead-ends everywhere. Have you heard back from the lab yet?

    Speed: Not yet.

    Katie: Stupid Miami. I'm sick of this low priority garbage.

    Speed: It's not that it was a low priority, it's because Eric and Heather 'accidentally' tripped the breaker and caused a power outage.

    Katie: Remind me to kick their asses when we get back. *lifts head, leans back in chair*

    Speed: *hands over soda*

    Katie: Thanks. I noticed you were on the phone a little while ago. Who were you arguing with?

    Speed: I wasn't arguing.

    Katie: *nods slowly* Anni, I gather.

    Speed: Katie, leave it alone.

    Katie: I can't. I heard some of that phone conversation, it doesn't sound like you're the one with the problem. What's going on with her?

    Speed: She's sick again. Tests confirmed it.

    Katie: And she was yelling at you?

    Speed: She's just angry and scared. Although...telling me I'm useless was a bit of a low blow.

    Katie: Why would she think you're useless?

    Speed: According to her, we're not living in a city with the right hospitals, I'm not rich enough for her to live in a proper, clean home, I'm not supportive enough, I'm not there enough, I don't do enough...I know I'm not perfect but I do what I can. It's all starting again. The paranoia, the constant anger and if I try to help, it doesn't make a difference, it just gets worse...

    Katie: *nods*

    Speed: It's not her fault but *sigh* I don't know if I can go through that again. It probably sounds selfish but she's not the only one that needs reassurance, support and love. When am I going to have someone tell me it's going to be okay?

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: Anyway...we should put all of this stuff away until the morning. We won't be much help to Scott if we're falling asleep at the wheel trying to find him. *grabs papers*

    Katie: Right.

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    It's not sounding too keen for Scott, but I'm holding out. He just has to be okay...Lori couldn't suffer something like that.

    It's cool that Katie and Speed are working together, they seem to be able to do that without the bickering. Speed's reaching out for some love...a reunion of some sorts in the making? I can see his point, no one can really stand to go through what he went through once, let alone twice...It would seem rather crazy for me to vouch for breaking him and Anni up, but...what's left? She's sick and angry...he can't take it anymore.... :( are we seeing the end of them? *I hope not...* What a catch 22....

    Excellent job, Geni!
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    Poor Scott! What is he going to be like when they find him? OOOHHH Speed you need some love my man, and I have a feeling its about to hit the fan with you and Anni. Katie may be willing to give him some love! HHHHMMMM I don't know if I could share the bed with him and keep my hands to myself!
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    Speed, it's going to be okay. I promise... well, at least as much as I can promise while not writing the story :lol:

    I hope they find Scott alive! *fingers crossed*

    Great update!
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    Motel room, 10am

    Katie: *jumps out of bed, looks around* Huh. He must have gone and rented a separate room. *looks at table, narrows eyes* ...But left me coffee? *picks up pot* And it's warm.

    Knock on door is heard

    Katie: *places down pot, walks to door, opens it*

    Speed: Lab called.

    Katie: And?

    Speed: *walks in*

    Katie: *turns around, closes door*

    Speed: License plate was J46 RWL, it's a Yukon Denali registered to Barry Thompson.

    Katie: Erin's dead husband.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: So we found the right people, let's find Scott.

    Speed: I had the lab make a few calls to turn on their GPS system.

    Katie: The truck had a GPS system?

    Speed: *lifts cellphone* The truck's parked in Big Bend National Park. West Texas.

    Katie: *smiles* Then that's where we need to be.

    Speed: Not so fast, the park's about 801 000 acres of mountains, desert and rivers.

    Katie: *smile fades* So she could have dumped his body somewhere and we'd never find it.

    Speed: Where's that optimism from before?

    Katie: You butchered it when you mentioned the size of the park. GPS gives us the exact position though, right?

    Speed: Well actually-

    Katie: No. Don't tell me. They found the GPS and removed it.

    Speed: No. The GPS is starting to crap out. So we have an approximate location down to about a kilometer.

    Katie: Please tell me it's somewhere we can actually get to.

    Speed: Ready for some rock climbing?

    Katie: ...Why did it have to be mountains. *walks into bathroom*

    Speed: *smirks*

    Big Bend National Park, 4 hours later

    Katie: *looks up* Tim.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: I'm not climbing that mountain.

    Speed: It's not that big.

    Katie: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: Relax, you don't have to climb anything. Park Rangers have a helicopter for search and rescue. We're going to go with them.

    Katie: How the hell did Erin get up there?

    Speed: She might not even be up there. GPS puts her here but she could be a kilometer in any direction.

    Katie: *slaps Speed* Make me all worried about rock climbing. You know I had that recurring dream a while back about giant rocks.

    Speed: *smiles*

    Katie: So where's this chopper?

    Helicopter flies overhead

    Katie: Well that was almost poetic.

    Speed: *hands over camera*

    Katie: What's this for?

    Speed: Infra red device.

    Katie: You keep everything in that Hummer, don't you.

    Speed: *looks down at cellphone* Everything but the kitchen sink, if you will.

    Katie: You have a rifle in there?

    Speed: Yeah.

    Katie: Extra handcuffs?

    Speed: Yep.

    Katie: Condoms?

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: What? It's a typical male thing to own, I just thought maybe you had some in there. You said you had everything.

    Speed: In a Crime Scene Investigation vehicle funded by the City of Miami for professional use. What the hell would I have condoms for?

    Katie: What if they were evidence?

    Speed: ...You have a point.

    Katie: HA.

    Speed: Let's get going.

    Katie: Ladies first.

    Speed: Cute. *walks away*

    90 minutes later, helicopter lands

    Katie: *jumps out* Infra red places a vehicle 500 meters that way. It's large, like an SUV.

    Speed: *pulls out gun*

    Katie: We good to go?

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: *runs*

    500 meters away, near large wooded area & cliff

    Katie: *runs up to SUV*

    Speed: *jogs over*

    Katie: Right license plate.

    Speed: Check inside.

    Katie: *opens hatch* Blood. It's wet. I think we can safely say he was alive at this point.

    Screams are heard

    Katie: *looks around*

    Speed: Sounds like it's coming from over there.

    Katie: Near the cliff? *runs*

    Speed: *looks into truck*

    Near edge of cliff

    Katie: *leans over*

    Erin: *hanging from tree branch* HELP! AHHH!

    Katie: *lifts brow* Erin?

    Erin: HELP ME!

    Katie: Where's Scott?


    Branch rips slightly from cliff face

    Erin: AH! HELP ME!

    Katie: Uh...uh...try to take my hand! *reaches arm down*

    Erin: *grabs at Katie*

    Katie: OW damn woman those nails.

    Erin: *grabs Katie's arm, pulls*

    Katie: WAIT! WAIT! *slips over edge* AGH! *grabs onto branch*

    Erin: Get off my branch!

    Katie: I don't see your name on it!

    Erin: *pushing Katie* You're going to rip it out!

    Katie: *kicks Erin* Same to you, fat ass!

    Branch rips

    Katie: AH! AH! NO! *kicking at cliff face*

    Speed: *slides over, reaches down* Katie, grab my hand.


    Speed: You're going to need to let your one hand go for a second to grab mine.

    Katie: I can't, I'm too scared!

    Speed: I'm not going to let you fall but you have to hang onto me, not that branch.

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: Katie.

    Katie: *reaches up, grabs Speed's arm*

    Speed: *grips Katie's arm* Use your feet to climb.

    Katie: I can't, there's nothing to climb onto.

    Speed: *pulls Katie* Now would be a good time to pretend there is.

    Erin: WHAT ABOUT ME!

    Katie: *looks down* ONE PERSON AT A TIME! ACK! WE'RE REALLY HIGH UP! *closes eyes*

    Branch gives way

    Erin: *screams*

    Katie: *looks down*

    Erin falls, screaming

    Katie: ...Oh my God oh my God.

    Speed: Not a good time to freeze up, Katie!

    Katie: *looks up* Don't let me fall!

    Speed: I need your other hand!

    Katie: *reaches hand up*

    Speed: *grabs Katie's arm* Climb!

    Katie: I can't!

    Speed: Yes you can! *pulling Katie*

    Katie: TIM!

    Speed: *grabs Katie's shirt, pulls*

    Katie: I'm moving! YAY!

    Speed: *dragging Katie up*

    Katie: *kicks at cliff* YAY! I'M BEING SAVED!

    Katie lands on top of Speed

    Speed: Oof.

    Katie: *looks down* Hi there.

    Speed: *panting*

    Katie: Good thing you worked out.

    Speed: *staring at Katie*

    Katie: ...

    Speed: *blinks*

    Katie: Thank you.

    Speed: *nods* Anytime.

    Katie: *rolls over onto ground*

    Speed: She uh...she say where Scott was?

    Katie: No but I guess we can't ask her now.

    Guard: *walks over, lifts gun*

    Katie: ACK! *covers head*

    Scott: *elbows Guard in the face*

    Guard: AH! *staggers back*

    Scott: *grabs for gun*

    Guard: NO! *punches Scott*

    Scott: *frowns, slams knee into Guard's side*

    Guard: UGH! *falls backwards*

    Gun goes off

    Scott: *holds side, falls to knees*

    Guard: *stands, runs away*

    Speed: *runs over* Scott.


    Speed: *grabs Scott's face* Scott, look at me.

    Scott: *blinking*

    Speed: Katie, call for rescue.

    Katie: I'm on it. *runs away*

    Scott: *falls over onto ground*

    Speed: Scott, stay with me.

    Scott: *winces*

    Speed: You're going to be just fine, breathe.

    Scott: *wheezes*

    Speed: *presses on Scott's side*

    Scott: *kicks legs*

    Speed: It's okay, it's okay, calm down. You're fine.

    Medics run over

    Speed: Hold on a little longer, okay? *lets go*

    Scott: *grabs Speed's arm*

    Speed: *looks down*

    Scott: *coughs* Th...ank you.

    Speed: *nods*

    San Antonio, motel, 7pm

    Katie: Hey. How is he?

    Speed: *shuts door* He just got out of surgery, they were able to remove the bullet. He's stable. The doctors couldn't believe the amount of damage, I mean, when he took down that guard, he had a collapsed lung and 2 broken ribs.

    Katie: Yeah but how is he?

    Speed: *sits on bed* Hard to say.

    Katie: I wish we could have interrogated that bitch Erin. Although I'm glad at how it turned out for her, the nutbar.

    Speed: Maybe if her husband hadn't died, she wouldn't have done those things.

    Katie: *looks at Speed* You think an insanity defense would have held up in court?

    Speed: It's possible.

    Katie: ...You think if Anni wasn't sick, your marriage would be fine. She'd be the wife you want.

    Speed: *looks down at floor* I don't know what to think.

    Katie: *shrugs* You guys were happy at one point, right?

    Speed: We were happy at one point.

    Katie: ...Yeah but a sickness didn't break us up, we broke us up. There's a big difference there. Anni still loves you and you still love her. This is just a hurdle that can be overcome, you guys can work this out. You've worked everything out. I mean, compared to some other couples I've seen, you guys have the perfect relationship.

    Speed: We're far from perfect.

    Katie: Well you know what I mean. You guys are awesome together, it makes me jealous. Y'all are the prime example of a working relationship in the team.

    Speed: *lifts head* Working? Is what we're doing working? Anni won't let me within 2 feet of her. We haven't been happy for months...if we didn't share the same bed, we would probably never speak. I don't have my wife. Some tumor does.

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: *runs hand through hair*

    Katie: I'm sorry.

    Speed: *rubs eyes* It's not your problem, you don't have to apologize.

    Katie: *takes Speed's hand* Everything'll work out fine.

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *smirks*

    Speed: ...Goodnight.

    Katie: Already?

    Speed: I need to make some phone calls.

    Katie: Right. Lori.

    Speed: Mhm.

    Katie: You can't make those calls here?

    Speed: You want me to stay.

    Katie: Is that too much to ask?

    Speed: I already saved your life today you know.

    Katie: *smiles* I didn't ask you to.

    Speed: You weren't really in a position to ask.

    Katie: *smiling* True.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: ...You want to stay, don't you.

    Speed: I'll see you tomorrow. *stands*

    Katie: *stands* Wait.

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *gets to tippie toes, kisses Speed's cheek*

    Speed: *blinks*

    Katie: It's the least I can do since you saved my life and everything.

    Speed: ...A 'thank you' was good enough.

    Katie: It seemed to warrant more than a 'thank you'.

    Speed: *angry sigh*

    Katie: I didn't mean it to imply th-

    Speed: Have a good night, Katie. Don't fall off anymore cliffs. *walks away, shuts door*

    Katie: *looks at door* ...Smooth.

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  12. CSISDFlash

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Yeah!!! Scotts saved!!!! Scotts saved!!!!! Awww Lori will be happy again! YEAH Speed! For saving Katie & letting that bitch Erin fall to her death! Speed is Katie's hero now! Great update Gini!
  13. racefh853629

    racefh853629 Pathologist

    May 1, 2008
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    Yay! Scott's alive! And may make it! (hopefully...)

    Aww, Speed saved Katie. Too bad that makes her want to get back with him more... This could be really interesting... :lol:

    Great update!
  14. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Talk about action! Glad to see that Scott was found alive, but apparently, okay is a whole nother different story. There's no doubt that Scott's a changed man again, but hopefully, being around Lori and Stephanie will help him. I just hope he's not that much changed. I rather liked the Scott of old.

    Katie's pretty cool when she's acting all mature and stuff. Her insight into Anni and Speed's relationship was pretty well...insightful. Gives Speed something to think about, hopefully. It all remains to be seen...

    Can I be the first, or maybe one of many to say how glad I am to see the end of Erin, the fruitcake? Her insanity was just overwhelming, subjecting Scott to that...She met a grisly end, that's for sure.

    Awesome update, as always, Geni!

    ps let Anni and Speed work out their problems? Please...:angel:
  15. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Oooh...yay...they found Scott, and he's alive. Snuggles him carefully.:)

    Great job Geni...waits patiently for Scott and Lori to be reunited.:)

    I'm really happy you continued with this:cool:
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