Crushes on Fictional Characters

My list hasn't changed and probably never will. But I'm kinda getting a little itty bitty teeny tiny crush on Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights.
My biggest crush for now is Albus Dumbledore. Don't ask why. I just love him so much. He's a character you just want to know better (at least to me). It's a weird crush, I know :D
I have a rather large girl-crush on Olivia Benson. (SVU)

I'm also currently on an HP kick-- So just about all the guys from Hogwarts.

I used to be infatuated with Greggo&Ryan.... Although I'm coming down from that a little.

Oh, and Peter Bishop.(Fringe) :)
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Well on the CSIs alone I have gone from Greg, to Nick, to Flack, to Speedle, to Ryan.

Slightly embarrasing past ones include

-Tommy from power rangers (who going by the new ones hasnt bothered to age since the classic series).
-Tony Banta from Taxi.
-Derren Brown-not a fictional character but still it was a weird phase.
-Xander from buffy.
-Drake from drake and josh.
There are a few, as there isnt alot eye-candy at school.

Hmm.. csi Characters (past and present)...
*Grissiom (yes Mac and Grissom are deffinatley old enough to be my dad, but i can't help, they have a certain "je ne sais quoi" about them :lol:)

Not from csi..
*Patrick Jane - The Mentalist :drool:
*Special Agent Derek Morgan - Criminal minds
*Luke Danes - Gilmore Girls (not so much a crush, but please can i meet my very own Luke to marry :lol:) :adore:
*Adam Trueman - Casualty
I have a new one as well....

Eliot Spencer from Leverage played by Christian Kane Oh my goodness gracious.

He's actually featured in my icon currently.
I have a lot :D
Optimus Prime(CSI)
I would love to spend the rest of my life with one of them lol :)
I have a few more. They are not new but I have to add them to my list somewhere above :lol:

Nick Ryan - McLeod's Daughters
Dr. Simon Brenner - ER
Jimmy Mance - Harper's Island
Where do I start? lol

Mac Taylor (Just look at my username)
Nephlite from Sailor Moon always got my pulse racing
Captain Jack Harkness
The 10th Doctor

And the list goes on :)
Ryan Wolfe from CSI: Miami.
I have a tiny crush on Horatio Caine... my friends would argue and say I outright love him. :vulcan:
Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
Tony DiNozzo from NCIS
Jack Sparrow :lol:
James from Team Rocket on the original Pokemon. o_O I've been watching Pokemon a lot lately (don't ask) and that came back. My only cartoon crush, and my most embarassing. :lol: