Crushes on Fictional Characters

Ryan Wolfe from CSI: Miami.
I have a tiny crush on Horatio Caine... my friends would argue and say I outright love him. :vulcan:
Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
Tony DiNozzo from NCIS
Jack Sparrow :lol:
James from Team Rocket on the original Pokemon. o_O I've been watching Pokemon a lot lately (don't ask) and that came back. My only cartoon crush, and my most embarassing. :lol:

James was always on my yummy list :)
^ I'm so glad I'm not the only one. :lol: Although, I always loved him and Jessie together. XD

Back on topic now. :D

Ooh I love Sweeney Todd. I like most of Johnny Depp's characters though.
as for womem crushes they would be and in this order, renee (24), stella (csi ny) and olivia(law and order svu)
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So in addition to my current list, which never changes and never will, I also have a cute crush on C.C. Baxter, from the movie The Apartment. He's just sooooo adorable! He makes spaghetti and uses a tennis racket to drain it :lol:. He's awesome!
i bet i never had a "crush" in a fictional character...
i sometimes like some characters more than others, but not that much that I'd say its a crush, lol.
i remember when i was really young, I used ti like that brown haired guy from saber riders very much...haha, i bet at that time it really was a crush...:D
Patrick Jane - The Mentalist :drool:
Tony DiNozzo - NCIS
Danny Messer - CSI:NY :drool:
Seeley Booth - Bones
Trevor St John - OLTL :drool:

There are others, but these are my main ones. They are all so hot and sexy.
Okay adding some more to my list now

Numbers-Don and Colby
Criminal Minds-Reid
Stargate SG1-Daniel
POTC-Will Turner

Then of course all the ones I mentioned in my previous post from oh so long ago including most of the men of CSI. :drool:

Okay now for some of the weird unusual ones. :p

Wolf's Rain-Hige and Kiba
Death Note-Light
How could I forget Dexter?! In the show it's not really his looks, since I don't find Michael C. Hall that great looking, but in the books Dexter is just plain old awesome, for a serial killer. :lol: I looove him.
Oh my I hadn't found this thread before!

Guilty of having a huge crush on Jack McCoy from Law and Order. Yes, Sam Waterston could be my dad, but Jack is played about 10 years younger:devil:.

Seely Booth from Bones, too. I love the boyish goofy charm. ;)

Mike Logan from L&O and L&O:CI. The sadness just makes you want to give him a big hug, and, er, some comfort. :evil:

Woody Hoyt from Crossing Jordan. Hot cops... hmmm... :p

Oops - totally forgot one - as a teen Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties was absolutely adorable. :D.
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Guilty of having a huge crush on Jack McCoy from Law and Order. Yes, Sam Waterston could be my dad, but Jack is played about 10 years younger:devil:.

When I lived elsewhere 5 yrs ago, we had busdriver that could have been Sam Waterston's twin. He looked EXACTLY like him... everytime he was driving a bus, I got confused :lol:
Well I guess it's no secret.

Rick Stetler (CSI Miami) is my guilty pleasure.
Used to be Horatio (CSI Miami), but when he started turning dark and distant, I sort of wandered away.

Hubby likes Lady Heather.

Maybe one day there'll be a fanfic out of that.
I'm totally head over heels in love with Stella Bonasera (CSI:NY) :adore: :drool: :adore:

I also used to have a big crush on Catherine Willows (CSI) and my very first one was Dana Scully (The X-Files). I loved her to death :adore: