Crushes on Fictional Characters


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Soo, Anyone got a Crush on a Fictional Character? Or If you Don't have a Crush on one now, have you ever? I tend To have Crushes on Fictional Characters more then Real People. At the Moment I Have a Crush on Master Chief from Halo :devil:. So tell uus about your Fictional Crushes :devil:
Oh yeah...I have a crush on Saint-H. Check out my banner. But wait...he's not fictional is he???
Hmm, I really had the hots for Valen Shadowbreath when I played Neverwinter Nights, I mean who wouldn't love an angsty, hot 1/4 demon??
my friend has a crush on shrek! i really dont have a crush on any fictional character!
I have a huge crush on Gil Grissom. Those blue eyes and his wicked grin. I think when I was a kid they would have called his eyes =Bedroom eyes or come hither and ravish me eyes. :lol: :D :devil:
Horatio Caine, John Kelly, Indiana Jones, Fox Mulder, Gregory House, both Mr Darcys and Shroeder from 'Peanuts'! :D
I'm going to go with Tim Speedle too ;)

i dunno, there are lots, but for some reason, my brain won't think of them
Agent Fox Mulder was my boyfriend for the majority of my teenage years. I had it bad. :eek:
oh geez, im terrible when it comes to fictional characters. i almost dont want to list all the ones ive had a crush on :lol:
nick stokes (duh)
tony dinozzo
max ballard (breaker high)
tommy dawkins (big wolf on campus)
captain sinbad (the adventures of sinbad, tackiest show ever but he was so cute!)
captain jack sparrow (yes, i have a thing for pirates)
shorty austin (george eads again, but this time as a cowboy)
hmmm, thats about all im going to admit too. even though its a lot :lol: