Crushes on Fictional Characters

Guys, I never thought I'd get over my huge crush on Mac (which is weird enough as I am 15) but I think I have a much bigger crush on the original Spock. But then the new Spock and new Kirk. Let's just say I have a crush on the male Star Trek cast XD
Man, I feel so simple compared to the rest of y'all :lol: Greg Sanders and only Greg Sanders, although I used to like Ryan Wolfe a lot too. When I was younger, I went through crushes on just about every male Power Ranger too.

Glad I'm not alone :lol:
Yes Gregory Hojem Sanders is the ONE and ONLY fictional character I have a crush on. No one can blame me here.
Jack Shephard (Lost)
Ryan Wolfe (CSI Miami)
Edward Cullen (Twilight)
Just to name a few...
Noah Bennett (Heroes). it's a strange one, imo. but he grew on me.
James Bond (Casino Royale).
Bruce Wayne (The Dark Knight)
Gil Grissom (CSI)

can't think of more, really. boy, now when i look at it the average age of those guys is, like, double my age. lol
got some more. my guy and girl crushes are just gonna be mixed together:

- Jessica Angell: CSI:NY
- Aiden Burn: CSI:NY
- Adam Ross: CSI:NY
- Calleigh Duquesne: CSI:Miami
- Dexter Morgan: Dexter
- Deb Morgan: Dexter
- Ziva David: NCIS
- Tony DiNozzo: NCIS
- Sweets: Bones
- Delinda Deline: Las Vegas
- Danny McCoy: Las Vegas
- Sam Marques: Las Vegas
- Bill Compton: True Blood

- Edward Cullen: Twilight
- George/Fred Weasley: Harry Potter
- Ginny Weasley: Harry Potter
- Alice Cullen: Twilight

Movies (mostly old movies)
- Don Lockwood: Singin in the Rain
- any character Cary Grant has played the man was so handsome
- James T. Krik: Star Trek (new one)
- Sky: Mamma Mia (his shirtless scene in "Lay All Your Love on Me" anyone?)
*L.J Gibbs (ncis) i love those eyes, and hair(love grey sometimes :lol:)
*Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds) when he smiles he smiles good.
*Mac Taylor(csi ny) i love that man, his hair,eyes, body/ass every thing is good in shape.
*Adam Ross(csi ny) he is fun and nice, and good looking, beatyful eyes
*Horatio Caine(csi miami) his beatyful eyes and smile, i love him
*Scotty Valens(cold case) i love him, love that smile and eyes and body.
*doug ross(ER) his smile, his hair , i love him.
*dr. Shepard(Grey's) his eyes and smile, his body.

do we have a threat with chrushes on actors/actress or witch actor/actress do you like?
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I have three new crushes :lol:
Reid (criminal Minds)
Robert McCallister (brothers and Sisters)
Aaron Hotchner (criminal Minds)
Older generation here.

Former crush: Horatio Caine (don't ask why, lost the answer through the eps somewhere) :lol:
Rudy Jordach (Rich man, Poor man). Played by Peter Strauss
Ayrton Senna (God bless him). The one and only, Now there was one good looking Formula 1 driver).

Current flames:
Robert Redford, can't get him out of my mind since Out of Africa.
Mark Harmon (how good can a man look, he's like a good wine). Just as Gary Sinise.
I just started watching Torchwood :) Ok so I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon but I have to add on to my list of crushes

Captain Jack Harkness :drool: :devil:
Owen Harper :lol:
Ha i dont know where to start with mines

Riley from csi
greg from csi
wendy from csi
Mac from csi ny
Reid from criminal minds
Emily from criminal minds
JJ from criminal minds
Aaron from criminal minds
Rossi from criminal minds
(ok lol thats almost the full criminal minds cast but i cant help it)
gibbs from ncis (even named my lizard jethro after him)
jenny from ncis
nate from ncis legend
When I was younger, I was determined to marry the red ranger from Power Rangers. And I would have been the purple one. :lol:

But now I would say the one and only Detective Don Flack Jr. :lol:
Mine has gone from Nick Stokes, to Detective Flack, to Ryan Wolfe and now Tim Speedle. :lol: I love them all but right now Speed is the obsession (incase you couldn't tell)!