Crushes on Fictional Characters


Mac, Adam, Flack and Danny:NY
Ryan, and Eric : Miami
Greg , Archie, and Nick : Vegas
Jack Sparrow (P.O.T.C)

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I'm with Anna :D
Adam is unique, and it's all ours :devil:
Ok, I also have anothers, Ryan, Flack, Danny and Warrick, but Eric is far far far away from them :p
Marshall, Ted and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
Eric and Turtle (Entourage)
Sam and Dean (Supernatural)
Jack and Two-fer (30 Rock)
Sam, Dell and Cooper (Private Practice)
Kyle (Kyle XY)
Stabler and Fin (Law and Order: SVU)
Nick, Greg, and Warrick (CSI: )
Bob (The Unit)
Scotty (Cold Case)
Derek (Criminal Minds)
Danny and Martin (Without a Trace)
Lucas, Nathan, Skills, Dan, Keith, Owen, Julian, Andy, Jake and Chase (One Tree Hill)
Greg, Nick, Warrick, Grissom, heck even Hodges (CSI)
Shawn, Gus (Psych)
Michael (Burn Notice)
Wesley, Spike, Angel (Angel/Buffy)
Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks in the movie Untraceable)
Peter, Sylar, Hiro (Heroes)
Bobby, Zach (L&O: CI)
Ed, Mike, Rey, Cyrus (L&O)

I have a lot of anime crushes too. :D Won't deny it, haha.
Ryan - CSI: Miami
Jess - Gilmore Girls
Dr. Tony Gates - ER
Robert Goren - Criminal Intent
Danny - Without a Trace

and when I was younger:
Fireball - Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs :lol::lol::lol:
Oh wow, you serioualy want to know? I'll put them in order:

1:Gibbs (NCIS) Man those eyes and that hot smirk he has *dies*
1: Mac (CSI:NY) Again, those eyes and his neck. I don't know what it is about his neck but boy *g*

2:Greg House (House): - Again, eyes. I love men who have blue eyes :lol:
3: Fox Mulder(X-Files): Just because well it' Mulder!
4: Jack (WaT) - Well it's not a huge crush right now but back in the day :thud:
5: Keppler (CSI:LV) Don't ask.
6: Legolas (LotR) Elf, 'nough said.
7: Edward Cullen (Twilight) Okay, he should be up there with Mac and Gibbs.
8: Girl!crush on Stella B. (CSI:NY) I don't know why but she's gorgeous!
9: Dean winchester(Supernatural) Dude, come on now :D
10: Sam Winchester (Supernatural) Gushes.

I can't choose which one I'm crushing on more, so I put Gibbs and Mac as number one :D

Honorable mentions include, but not limited too: Eric Delko, Tim Speedle, Don Flack, Grissom, Greg, Nick, Warrick, a small tiny one on Horatio, but he needs to loose the shades, Genie from Aladdin, Aladdin himself, um...err... Dogget on X-Files.
Hello everybody:

I am a very faithful soul so there´s only one man in my life ( OK, only a fictional character) in my life:


1: Mac (CSI:NY) Again, those eyes and his neck. I don't know what it is about his neck but boy *g*

You have forgotten his arms, his chest and his wonderful smile:drool::drool::drool: and of course his personality:angel:

Man, I feel so simple compared to the rest of y'all :lol: Greg Sanders and only Greg Sanders, although I used to like Ryan Wolfe a lot too. When I was younger, I went through crushes on just about every male Power Ranger too.
Soo, Anyone got a Crush on a Fictional Character? Or If you Don't have a Crush on one now, have you ever? I tend To have Crushes on Fictional Characters more then Real People. At the Moment I Have a Crush on Master Chief from Halo :devil:. So tell uus about your Fictional Crushes :devil:
... who has never had a crush on someone (fictional or real)? ... :rolleyes:
i tend to like the characters i create on my stories, but as when building them i use to listen a lot of music and check some info about some series and all that, it is like taking a part of each one... (like make it be talkative or be introvert resembling some existing character...).
so yes i do have and had a crush on a fictional character.

but focusing on the csi series...
(that is like saying who are my fave characters)
ny : flack / danny
las vegas: grissom / greg
miami: delko

*points the characters only*
:guffaw: So there are people like me out there! :D I mean there's people who have favorite fictional characters, but crushes on fictional characters?! :D

I'm going to post only the ones I'm not ashamed of :guffaw:

Miami: Timothy Speedle :adore:, Ryan Wolfe, Eric Delko.
New York: Mac

BONES: Hodgypodge , Zackaroni :adore:, Sweets, Booth
X-Files: Mulder! :adore:
Cold Case: Lilly, Scott Valens.
Smallville: Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen (the one we've seen for two seasons!) :angryrazz:
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I have alot.

CSI - Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders.
CSI:NY - Adam Ross, Don Flack, Danny Messer, Mac Taylor & Sid Hammerback.
CSI:Miami - Tim Speedle & Ryan Wolfe.
Desperate Housewives - Mike Delfino, Tom Scavo, Carlos Solis, Karl Mayer, Orson Hodge, Rex Van de Kamp & John Rowland.
Brothers & Sisters - Robert McCallister & Justin Walker.
Casualty - Adam Truman, Toby de Silva & Charlie Fairhead.
Kingdom - Peter Kingdom.
Gilmore Girls - Luke Danes.
Friends - Mike Hannigan & Chandler Bing.
Dan Brown Books (Not the movies) - Robert Langdon.
My biggest fictional character crush these days is on Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives. Though I've also got a pretty big thing for Carlos Solis and Mike Delfino. I also have to admit that Karl Meyer was quite yummy in the s.5 finale.

Still, Tom Scavo wins. He's wonderful.